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What Is the Purpose of a Chandelier?

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chandelier has been a statement piece always. People love them because they are grandeur and light up the entire space. However, the journey of a chandelier is pretty ancient and progressive. In recent times chandelier is just a piece of décor. The limited budget audience can also go for contemporary or modern minimal chandeliers. Now the question is whether we need a chandelier in our life or not. Because chandeliers are more expensive than regular lights, they add beauty, but the purpose and mindset of people about the chandelier are different. 


Let's Dig into the History of Chandeliers

Well, they were in the wealthy household to light up the room. Wax candles are pretty ancient and made a prominent presence in every space. With time, designers improved the quality of the wax, but chandeliers used to have slots for candles for many centuries. Initially, the chandeliers used to have candles as a lighting agent, but now we have electric bulbs.

After the invention of electricity and the electric bulb, switching to the electric bulb occurred. Though the demand for chandeliers should have decreased after the innovation of electric bulbs, it became a sign of royalty. It became a statement piece of any interior décor. Even now also, people don't use chandeliers just for lighting purposes but primarily for decorating the space beautifully. Chandelier lights have become a luxury but not a necessity.


Chandelier Concerning Women

Some people believe that chandeliers bring good luck for women because women are considered earth elements, and chandeliers can light up the earth element with its light. That is why they symbolize good luck for women and their loved ones. It brings prosperity to the household and improves relationships.


BONITO 3-Light Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Modern Ceiling Chandelier


Purpose of the Chandelier Before the Invention of the Electric Bulb

It is true that before the invention of electricity and electric bulbs, chandeliers were one of the primary sources of light at night. Though only rich people could afford luxurious chandeliers, inexpensive chandeliers were available for the rest of the people. Before the electric bulb came, chandeliers with candles were necessary and exciting. Globally it had a good presence for centuries. If you read something about the ancient royal families, you will know about different styles of chandeliers. Even religious places started having chandeliers. Now you can still find antique chandeliers used with candles to light up the space. Even the first chandelier of Buckingham Palace royals lit it with candles.


Purpose of the Chandelier After the Invention of the Electric Bulb

After the invention of electric bulbs, people were primarily not focusing on having chandeliers as the single bulb could light up the entire room. It became pretty affordable for the mass. But the craze about chandeliers was still there. People who could afford them were investing in new chandeliers with electric bulbs. It was still lighting up the room but brighter and better. Even the maintenance of such a chandelier is pretty inexpensive than the previous one. The purpose was the same, but the product got some improvisations.


What Does Chandelier Mean Nowadays?

In recent times chandelier has become a unit of interior décor. It is a statement piece of wealthy people. Still, some brands make luxurious chandeliers without crystals for the mass. It is affordable yet beautiful. But the craze of chandeliers decorated with crystal is still there, and people will invest in them.


Chandelier with Architecture

Many researchers say that chandelier does not go in sync with architecture. But in some constructions, it is also synchronized with architecture to enhance the beauty of the space. Glass palaces or palaces made with lots of mirrors or crystals had beautiful chandeliers that would reflect the light and dazzle.


What Matters More is the Metal or the Crystal Used in Chandeliers?

There are different types of crystals used to make chandeliers, and each of them has specific quality and value. One of the popular crystals used in making chandeliers are the Swarovski crystal. There are multiple variants of Swarovski Crystals as well. Apart from that, there are Egyptian crystals, Italian Crystals, Moroccan Crystals, and Turkish Crystals. Designers used heritage hand-cut crystals also in making chandeliers.


The Best Chandelier in Australia

To find the best chandelier in Australia, you need to know your requirements. Look for chandeliers that match your requirement and budget. You can go with a metal chandelier or a wooden chandelier as well. There are plenty of options, and you will find the best chandelier in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia.


Available Products

BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Chandelier


BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Chandelier


A beautiful, lightweight chandelier will be a perfect match if you like to keep earthy objects in your home. They are also an excellent choice for office spaces. Planning on a lovely yet not traditional interior is easy with such chandeliers. Choose from multiple designs and finishes to make it perfect for your area.


CARLO Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9 Lamp base


CARLO Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9 Lamp base


If you want a chandelier with both crystals and a touch of metal and not the traditional style, this is the ideal chandelier for you. The aged brass finish makes it look elegant. It is suitable for any living room or the space at your office. You can also light up the staircase with an elevating chandelier. It has the perfect metal, crystal, and modernistic ratio, in any case.



Chandelier has been an essential part of interior décor for centuries like modern and alabaster chandeliers. Still, the craze continues, and people invest in exemplary quality chandeliers. Chandeliers are the best pick if you invest in good décor pieces. Get your hands on some modern chandeliers by visiting the official website of 7Pandas AU. They hold the tradition yet are suitable for every home. Nowadays, you can also find many affordable chandelier options to make your space gorgeous. Chandeliers can change how your home interior or office interior looks. It brings in a drastic change.

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