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What is a Wood Chandelier - Timber Chandelier?

Wood chandeliers are wooden hanging lights that provide outstanding accent lighting and are suspended on rods or chains, just like traditional or modern chandeliers. Still, they are made of wood and mixed with solid brass. Wood or timber chandeliers in Australia, like any other light and ceiling fixtures, are composed of the following parts: the body, which is made of timber or wood; the lampshade, the metal structure connecting the body to the electrical wire or lamp holder attached to the metal structure. Then there is the chain or rod, made of either wrought iron or metal, which is used to suspend such a chandelier from the ceiling. 

Wooden chandeliers are best to display in big and light spaces, but they are suitable to open areas too. You can put them over the dining table, on top of the kitchen island, or foyer, as a centrepiece in a ballroom, living space, and even in a workplace lobby if you want to. These pendant lights are generally decorated with ornate pieces of cut glass. Some have artful carvings, and others might have crystal parts, making them even more attractive. Furthermore, modern wood chandeliers do not reflect light, unlike metal or glass, so using them in dark or small spaces is not advisable as they may make the room look darker and smaller. Hence, if you want a low-maintenance chandelier to put in a dark and gloomy area, a wooden chandelier in Australia might not be your best choice.


What are the Features to Look for in a Wood Chandelier?

When choosing a wood chandelier, there are many things to consider. The main feature you should be looking for in a wood ceiling chandelier will be the design because it varies. It could be retro, lantern, circular, ornate, candelabra, spiral, bent wood, folded and many other styles. It would be best to consider the style according to the space you will mount them in, like minimalist, industrial, French country, traditional, rustic, mid-century modern and coastal. Other features are the type of wood or timber they are made of, the colours and how to fits into the space where they will be mounted like outdoor lighting and table lamps, the number of lights and how they work correctly in the chosen room, and the height of the wooden chandelier and the ceiling, the suitable size whether a large chandelier or a small one for the space dimension and finally the aesthetic value and the vintage look of the wooden chandelier final finish.


What are the Benefits of a Wood Chandelier?

Wooden chandeliers have many benefits more than being attractive and decorative. They are a more exciting alternative than any other pendant light, like glass or crystal chandeliers, since wood is natural, eco-friendly and appealing to any décor. The unique feature of this chandelier is that it can have a variety of styles and designs. When it comes to prices, they are affordable and come at no additional cost when you buy them. You can easily mount them anywhere, as their body structure is flexible and reliable with the hanging metal robs. Finally, they add elegance where you put them, and you can easily change or modify their design or style according to your preference.

Wood chandeliers are highly desirable among today's homeowners eager to make their interiors more exquisite and fashionable. They are an excellent addition to a room with an unusual, unique, luxurious look. But before you buy one, you should know which wood is the most appropriate for such a decoration. These fantastic light fixtures can be made of oak, cherry and other varieties of timber. They are durable, inexpensive and give a rustic, charming look where they will be mounted.

7Pandas Australia offers an extensive collection of the latest designs and styles, e.g. round wood chandeliers suitable for your space, and all come with a special price. At 7Pandas, we prefer to deliver the items using the supplier or manufacturer's original packaging to reduce waste caused by re-packaging. If an item arrives that is faulty, missing parts, defective or damaged during manufacturing, please take photos or video illustrating the problem and contact us as soon as possible. Also, please review our total Faults & Warranty Policy. We do have fast shipping in Australia nationwide.


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