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Interesting Facts About Chandeliers

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Chandelier Facts You Should be Aware of:

If you are new to them, there are a few fascinating facts about chandeliers. They are as follows:


* People think Chandeliers have originated in the Middle Ages

When there was no electricity in the 14th century, chandeliers used candles instead of lights. It was pretty challenging to keep these lighting fixtures lit back then. Users typically utilized them as aesthetic components rather than practical lighting sources in wealthy homes.


* There are 165,000 LED Lights in all

Consider a chandelier with more than 165,000 LED lights. Some chandeliers are far more extensive and more gorgeous than your wildest dreams. Reflective Flow is the name of the world's most enormous chandelier. It's currently on display in a Qatari office building. It is surprising to learn that it has 165,000 LEDs, enough to light up a large football stadium.


* Chandeliers have surpassed Electricity in terms of Power

Chandeliers predate the invention of electricity. It is not easy to discover something that can compete with electricity in today's environment. Chandeliers were once a lovely way for royal families to liven up their residences like crystal and alabaster chandeliers. The light fixtures dangling from the ceilings added a nice touch to the castles. However, they found it impossible to illuminate their surroundings with candles.


* Chandeliers and the Wealthy

Chandeliers were once considered a luxury item reserved for the wealthy. People used to believe that they could only adorn the mansions of the royal families at the time. However, lighting fixtures are currently one of the best choices for home decor. Suspending them from the ceiling gives any room a great look. In addition, they're available in various forms, sizes, and colours. As a result, you can be confident that you'll find a flawless design that complements your home.


* Chandeliers are more than just Crystals

Manufacturers made chandeliers of various materials. Other materials exist, but they aren't as well-known as crystal lights. Manufacturers previously made chandeliers of low-cost materials as well as metals. Over time, they invented Crystal chandeliers, and people couldn't stop employing them to liven up their homes. 


* Chandelier Market

Finding original chandeliers on the market is very hard. And even if they did exist, you wouldn't be able to afford them. Moreover, during the Reformation movements in the 1500s, they were completely demolished. As a result, modern chandeliers are ubiquitous, but that doesn't imply they've lost their significance or allure.


* Louis XIV and Chandeliers

On the grounds of his Versailles chateau, Louis XIV, a famous French ruler, has an extensive collection of authentic chandeliers.


* Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul and Chandeliers

One of the most magnificent chandeliers, weighing over 4,000 lb and including 750 lamps, may be found in Istanbul, Turkey's Dolmabahçe Palace.


* Chandeliers are more than common nowadays

You can find chandeliers in almost every home. However, this does not imply losing their significance or allure. They can be in any number and placed in any room, including the bathroom. They bring elegance to any environment in which you place them. Future generations will not appreciate them as highly as we do due to their widespread popularity, so take advantage of their sophistication and premium status while you still can.


BONITO 6-Light Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Chandelier - Chandeliers Australia


Basics About Chandelier Placements:

The entrance, foyer, dining room, and vanity room all have chandeliers that make a statement about you. In the bedroom and master bath, a chandelier with matching sconces adds beauty and drama while also providing warmth and security. Choosing a romantic or dramatic chandelier as the primary point increases the beauty of your exquisite furnishings and creates a gentle and glowing ambience akin. 

You might also go with a chandelier with a downlight to give task and accent chandeliers lighting. A chandelier can make a vast space appear comfortable and inviting while making a small room appear spacious and airy. It can create a lively environment for a night of fun or a peaceful sensation of relaxation after a long, exhausting day. 

Chandeliers are the most popular choice for a dining area because they provide a stunning centrepiece. Mainly operated by a dimmer switch, the chandelier sets the tone for evening meals and gives adequate light for crafts. Leave their bulbs exposed or cover them with shades for a more personalized effect, and change the colours to suit different occasions and seasons. Finally, dress them up for the holidays by draping garlands around their arms.

For best safety and beauty, you must set chandeliers in other rooms higher than 7 feet above the floor in the middle of the room or entrance. The ideal distance from the floor would be 8 or 9 feet. 


Available Products

BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier:


BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier


This solid metal lighting is one of the best chandeliers that you can install at your homes efficiently. The design of the chandeliers gives a contemporary essence to your home, enhancing its beauty. It has a 60w max bulb and E27 base bulbs that significantly improve lighting. Besides this, you can mount this chandelier on the wall as well. Make sure that you place this beautiful chandelier at dry locations within your house.


BONITO 3-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier:


BONITO 3-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Modern Chandelier Lights


Another beautiful chandelier, this light is perfect for brightening your entire house. Made from solid wood and polished stainless steel, the design of this chandelier is unique and beautiful. It has three 60 watt bulbs that can easily illuminate your entire living room and dining hall. The chandelier also provides a timeless look and enhances the overall beauty of your house elegantly.



The most effective way to create a dramatic effect and ambience in your home is to use lighting. There's something for everyone, from parties to professional projects to hot baths. Layering is the key to developing a lighting strategy that accentuates mood. Good lighting combines ambient, task, and accent lights that create zones inside a room and allow you to tailor the environment to your needs. You can use lamps, candles, and task lights with varying brightness levels or a dimmer switch to supplement overhead lights with multiple soft, low light sources.

Room lighting is just as crucial as furniture in your home. You can use the chandeliers you can buy by visiting 7Pandas as gorgeous centrepieces and make dramatic and elegant statements throughout your home. 7Pandas official website has many chandeliers that you can choose from and deliver to your doorstep.

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