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Creating A Grand Entry With Crystal Chandeliers

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When stepping inside a new home, the first thing you will notice as soon as you walk in is the foyer or the entryway. It is ironic how vital this space is, yet many homeowners tend to overlook its importance. The foyer welcomes your guests. Therefore, giving it significance and the same treatment as your living spaces is also fair. However, if it lacks both substance and style, it will surely leave a wrong impression on your guests and may affect your mood every time you step inside your home.

Adding artwork, mirrors, and furniture may upgrade the look of your entryway, but good lighting will elevate the whole room. Especially when you are living in a home with a narrow foyer, all you need is one Chandelier Brisbane that will change how you look at your home.

If you are now planning to get your entryway a new light fixture, there are several things that we need to fonder and take into consideration to find the perfect chandelier for your home.


The Height of the Chandelier Above the Floor

Professionals suggest your lighting fixture be at least 7 feet above the floor. It is a ratio commonly used by design professionals, and the same rule applies to entryway chandeliers. So, for instance, if you have a foyer with a standard 8 feet high ceiling, you should choose a bijou large entry chandelier such as 7Panda's TULIM 12 - Light Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9 or the NEOSA 3-Light Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier Light E14 Chrome with adjustable strap. The compact sizes of these light fixtures and the exceptionally crafted designs follow the classic rule for measuring the height of the chandelier above the floor and add elegance and substance to your entryway.

But for those with high-ceiling foyers, you can opt for more enormous chandeliers such as an IVANKA K9 Crystal 6-Light Chandelier Mount Flush Peacock Eye Chrome Finish E14 or the TERRY 1200mm Round Large Modern Style K9 Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass 16 * E14 base, as long as you elevate these light fixtures accordingly. Hence, their bottom is at least 7 to 6 feet above the floor.

While for a two stories high entryway, the rule of thumb that we need to follow is to place the chandelier where the bottom levels with the second story. This rule would make your lightning fixture 8 feet above the floor or even higher. In this case, a BILL Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier Angular Glass Aged Brass E14 Lamp Base would be a great example since it comes with an adjustable strap.


TULIM 12-Light Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9


The Height of the Chandelier Fixture

 The height of your room also influences the size of your chandelier fixture. The general rule that we follow is that the chandelier should have 2 to 3 inches for each foot of ceiling height. That means that if you have a 10-foot-high entryway ceiling, your chandelier should be 20 to 30 inches in height. While for a two-story foyer with 16 feet high ceiling, a chandelier with 32 to 48 inches in height is perfect. One good example is the CANOVA 8-Light Circular Modern contemporary Chandelier Aged Brass 8*E14 base. The chandelier is a modern foyer chandelier that features a rustic wagon wheel with a tight yet elegant finish. It is a great piece to add sophistication and warmth to your dull entryway.


Levels of Illumination

Depending on the size of your entryway, a chandelier requires different illumination levels. The simple formula for getting the right amount of lighting your foyer needs is multiplying the room length by the width and that total by 1.5. That will help you determine the wattage required by the combined bulbs in your ceiling fixture. So if you have a ten by a ten-foot foyer with an area of 100 square feet, multiplied by 1.5, the suitable lighting fixture should be 150 watts. For instance, manufacturers equipped a NEOSA 3-Light Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier Light E14 Chrome with three bulbs with 40 watts, which is suitable for a narrow foyer than 100 square feet.

To brighten up a large entryway, you may need a chandelier with higher wattage, such as the CARLO 32-Lights Rectangle Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9. It comes with an adjustable rod in connectable segments for a customizable length. Carlo chandelier features thirty-two light bulbs with 20 watts max for each bulb, ideal for illuminating your whole large entryway.


Match the Overall Feel of the Space

Besides calculating the entryway chandelier size and distance for your entryway, we should also consider the design to blend with the overall ambience. For example, a western lodge-style home or a rustic home muddled a crystal chandelier, but it would make a remarkable statement for a contemporary French home.

The CANOVA 8-Light Circular Modern Contemporary Chandelier Aged Brass 8*14 base would perfectly compliment your rustic home with its modern wagon wheel-inspired design gracing a flat or vaulted ceiling. In addition, it provides a purified overhead accent to your classic country-style home.

When talking about grace and sophistication, 7Pandas has a wide range of chandeliers you can look up to. The BILL Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier Angular Glass Aged Bras E14 Lamp Base multi-ring frame built from iron speaks elegance and class in every way. It is a perfect approach for your French home.


BILL Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier Angular Glass Aged Brass E14 lamp base


Other Guidelines for Your Entryway Chandelier

Professionals suggest positioning the chandelier at the vertical centre of the window space for a two-story foyer. This design provides a welcoming feel for the guests entering your home from the outside. Choosing a ceiling-mounted light fixture for a small hall with low ceilings is also advisable. At the same time, a two-story foyer requires a chandelier with two or three tiers to be visually attractive.

When choosing the perfect chandelier for your abode, always consider the scale of your entryway and the furniture around it to get the best illumination your foyer needs. Now that you have the guide, you are ready to pick the right chandelier for your foyer by visiting 7Pandas today.

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