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Ceiling Fans With No Lights

Timber is one of the most common types of ceiling fan blades. They are known for their stylish appeal, particularly Ceiling Fan With No Lights — they are all about keeping up with the style of your home with the cutting-edge carving of the blades while allowing the space to feel fresh and cozy. These fans are typically found in modern and contemporary homes where classic meets sophistication. But wood is not only about following the concept of an abode. Timber has long been renowned for being the sturdiest and most reliable material to use for ceiling fans. Although they are often heavy, they are one of the highly-recommended types of blades for indoor use since they are significantly more silent as compared with steel blades.

That being said, timber ceiling fans are suggested to be placed in bedrooms, home offices, and anywhere around your home that requires silence for relaxation. However, its whisper-quiet performance is offset by the reduction in airflow. To atone for this issue, manufacturers began infusing metal or plastic into the timber blade to improve the airflow without compromising its quiet operation. In addition, the mixture of wood and metal draws a new advantage to the ceiling fan by preventing the timber from warping or being affected by the moisture found in the air to help the blade last longer. Merging of materials is no longer new to us. In fact, most homeowners these days are aware of the benefits of mixing one element from another, such as wood blades with metal housing, and prefer to add these to their homes.