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What are Exterior Wall Lights with Sensors? 

Outdoor wall lights with a motion sensor are designed to be used outdoors and can be placed on the wall as wall sconces or attached to a post. They are one of the most efficient, convenient, and cost-saving ways to illuminate your home and yard. These brilliant lighting lamps can also illuminate walkways, pathways and driveways. In addition, they are a great way to add extra security and safety to your home by keeping your property well-lit at night, making it more difficult for criminals or trespassers to hide from view. An outdoor wall lighting with a motion sensor will react to the movement of your dog, an approaching person, a passing car, or sometimes even wind-blown leaves. That means that when walking up to your front door at night, you'll never have to worry about finding the right keyhole because your outdoor wall light will automatically turn on when it senses you're nearby.


Types of Outdoor Lighting 


Spotlights are wall lights and fixtures that focus a concentrated light beam onto a specific area or object. They are typically used for highlighting particular features or aspects of a room or outdoor space, such as artwork, architectural details, or landscaping.


Flood Lights 

A flood light is an outdoor fixture that provides bright, wide-angle illumination over a large area. Flood lights are typically used for outdoor security lighting, sports lighting, or for illuminating large areas such as parking lots, driveways, or construction sites. Overall, flood lights are a versatile and effective lighting solution for various outdoor applications. Whether looking to improve security at your home or business or need to illuminate an ample outdoor space, flood lights can provide the bright, even lighting you need.


Outdoor Ceiling Lights 

Outdoor ceiling lights are fixtures mounted to the ceiling or underside of a roof overhang outside a building. They are designed to illuminate outdoor areas such as porches, patios, and entryways. These lights come in various styles, sizes, and shapes to suit different needs and preferences. They are typically made with durable, weather-resistant materials such as metal or plastic and are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as rain, wind, and snow. In addition, many of these lights are rated for wet locations, which means they can be directly exposed to the elements without damage.


Deck Lights 

These exterior lighting fixtures are designed to be installed on a deck or other outdoor structure. They are intended to provide illumination, enhance the safety and ambience of the outdoor space, and highlight the deck's features or surrounding landscape. They can be a great addition to any outdoor living space, providing practical and aesthetic benefits. In addition, they can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, enhance the safety and security of the area, and highlight the unique features of the deck and surrounding landscape.  


Types of Sensors

These outdoor lights come in many different types, as follows:

Motion Sensors

These are the most common type of sensors, usually used to detect movement in a room. When you walk past them, they will automatically turn on the light.


Light Sensors

These sensors detect changes in light levels, which can be helpful if your outdoor wall light is located near windows or doors that let in lots of sun during the day but not much at night. They'll turn on when it gets dark outside so that you don't have to worry about turning them on manually every time you go out at night (and vice versa).


Dual Technology Sensors

These combine motion and light detection technology into one device; this allows them to respond quickly when someone passes by them while also knowing when there aren't any people nearby so they won't waste energy unnecessarily.


Exterior Wall Sconce with Sensor

Your outdoors also needs lighting! And there is no better way to illuminate your exteriors than adding outdoor wall light with a motion sensor. This kind of lighting is the new favourite amongst homeowners. Apart from its bedazzling luminescence, it also provides safety and security. Indeed, it is an excellent investment to add to your place.

Coming home late will never be an issue when you have exterior wall scones with motion sensors. This fixture will automatically turn on the light when it detects motion or movement from its surroundings. Take the Bruce Classic Outdoor Exterior Wall Light Motion Sensor, for example. This genius lighting is made from durable aluminium in a sleek matt black finish equipped with an LED or incandescent bulb compatible with up to 100 watts of power. In addition, it is designed using advanced PIR technology and photocell sensors to allow the light to produce 30% dim light during sunset while activating 100% high light once motion is detected.

On top of that, it will revert to 30% brightness if it does not perceive any movement within 2 minutes and will automatically turn off at dawn. How clever, right? It saves the hassle of turning the light on and off, and not to mention the luxurious design adds glamour to your walls. It also comes with an IP44 rating, which makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions and even corrosion and rust!

For Victorian-vibe exterior lights, you can try Rosen Exterior Wall Light With Motion Sensor. But if you are into blending modernity with a hint of traditional, check out IKO Motion Sensor Outdoor Light Wall Mount Dusk to Dawn Exterior Light Fixture

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How to clean outdoor wall lights?

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