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Types And Tips For Choosing The Right Exterior Wall Lights And Sconces

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Planning to give your exteriors a glorious makeover? If so, adding outdoor wall lights and sconces to your walls is a MUST. These bring a luminous glow at night and concurrently deliver amazing views for your home.

Outdoor wall lights are sometimes synonymously defined as outdoor wall sconces and it nearly means the same thing. These are luminescence mounted on a wall. But if we will dig down into the technicality between the two, sconces are light, usually covered by a glass. However, we rarely categorized fixtures based on their differences in terms of technicality, so it is safe to use these words interchangeably. 

If you are planning to get your hands on these luminescences, there are things that you should keep in mind like IP rating, colour temperature, ambience and others. We do not just browse in stores and see which one favors our tastes. Several things have to be considered when looking for outdoor wall lighting and sconces. First, outdoor lighting can improve the curb appeal and help create a safer walkway for the members of the family and guests. In the backyard as well, outdoor lighting and sconces provide similar features that help make an enjoyable patio. And all of these depend on the outdoor wall lights you will be getting.

Here are a handful of tips to help you find the ideal outdoor wall lighting that perfectly fits your home:

  • Match the outdoor lighting fixtures with the existing fixtures at home. Blending is always the key. It is better to choose a fixture that resembles the ornaments present around your place to ensure that it will complement the design.
  • Second, make sure that the outdoor piece’s complement those that are in the house. Your exteriors are the windows to your interiors. Therefore, it is vital to keep everything infused to go with the design flow inside your abode.
  • Finally, pair the outdoor lights with the furniture and other accessories outside. Again, blending is the key. Find one or two elements with the same shade as the light you are eyeing to set a harmonious look.


On top of these, here are other things that we should keep in mind when getting a wall light.


Tips and Tricks: Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Lighting for Your Home


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Front Door and Entry Area

Your front door says a lot about you. It is the first thing your guests see as they approach your home. Greet them with a bright luminescence that is subtle to the eye to give your guests a warm welcome. Consider placing lights on the side of your door for an entryway with overhead lighting to embrace a distinctive style with different fixtures.

Based on the front door measurements, find a fixture that will be 1/3rd or 1/4th of the height measured. This site will be perfect for the light as it would not look too big for the house. 

The position of the light should be eye level for most people. For example, in most front door areas, the wall light and sconces should be placed in the centre point above the floor.

In addition to these tips, make sure that the outdoor wall lights you will be getting matche the style of your abode. So let us say you have a traditional home, find a fixture such as the Carlos Aluminium Outdoor Exterior Wall Light Fixture Matt Black IP44 Weather Proof since it embodies a vintage style. While for a more modern approach with a touch of minimalism, a wall sconce like the Gloria Large Modern Exterior Wall Light T300 Tube E27 Matt Black IP44 would suffice.


Garage Area Light 

It is time to reinvent the fixture around your garage by keeping things bright and friendly! Lighting the garage area will help add ambient light to the entire area, as in many setups, the garage is very close to the front door. 

Illuminating the garage depends on the placement and area of the garage. 

A single side lantern should be chosen if the garage is for one car and small. You can opt for an LED COB 15W Security Garage Light With Motion Sensor Matt Black IP56. This single LED wall light with hydro-reflective coating for optimal 360° protection from water and corrosion is sufficient to illuminate a one-car garage with its wide beam angle design. It even comes with a motion sensor for extra security to automatically deliver light as soon as it detects movement. However, if it is a bigger garage, a two side lantern can be chosen like the LED 2-Lights Outdoor Security Light Matt Black 2x15W 2100LM IP56. The bigger the garage, the more lighting you need. Providing twice as much light as you need with its 180-degree beam angle creates a perfect balance between warmth and design. The contemporary design emits ample illumination without a blinding experience. This one is also equipped with a motion sensor feature that beams a white hue as soon as it detects motion to keep you at ease and your home safe, especially at night.

To keep your garage in style when adding a wall light, on both the sides of the garage and in the centre, you can place each lantern evenly. In addition, you can set the lights directly above the entrance so it will not prevent the door from moving.

The Motion sensing lights will be a good choice as they will get switched on every time someone approaches the garage. It provides a sense of extra protection to shoo unwanted visitors at night since you can easily spot them with the help of these lighting fixtures. You can also look for DIY outdoor wall lights and lighting ideas for a front house to decorate your home beautifully. Meanwhile, if you do not have the time to be creative or are not gifted with a hand for crafts, there are now aesthetically pleasing outdoor wall lights you can add to your garage to style your home the way you like. 7Pandas offers all kinds of wall and ceiling lights with exceptional designs that exude wow-factor features to give your home a glam revamp.


Source: Pinterest


Outdoor Patio and Pool Area

The outdoor dining area, deck and pool areas are meant for relaxing and spending time with friends and family. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that these areas are inviting with the correct lighting scheme. When picking outdoor wall lights for these spaces of your home, go for the ones that are equally useful as beautiful. It should be a mixture of both to ensure your patio becomes a relaxing retreat.

It is better to use multiple outdoor wall lights to illuminate the area. The dining area can have around three to four fixtures. Create a luxurious, lavish feel around this outdoor corner of your abode, by placing a Gloria Large Modern Exterior Wall Lights T300 Tube E27 Matt Black IP44 on each column of your patio will set a romantic tone at night for a fancy dinner. This glorious wall sconce can turn any dull spaces alive with its magnificent demure glow. For any door that is present outside, you can fix a single light like attaching the BRUCE Classic Outdoor Exterior Wall Lights Motion Sensor Matt Black IP44 2 Pack on each side of the door; having good lighting beside your door creates a classic look where you can eliminate other decors since it has all the things you need — beauty, elegance, illumination, and practicality. Nowadays, minimalism goes a long way. Hence, investing in classic design fixtures will bear great benefits. Also, you can use a combination of outdoor wall lights and wall sconces for the pool to give a room for plenty of illumination, especially if you or your kids are a fan of dipping in the pool at night. However, we need to be careful when choosing a light to place around the pool area because this area is prone to water. Therefore, we need to use lighting that can withstand dampness and moisture, such as by placing 2X LED Brown Outdoor Garage Security Light Adjustable Floodlight IP44 Battery DC 4.5V, which you can place on walls or poles encircling your pool area. As the name implies, it can withstand water splashes, but that is not the only reason we recommend this light as your pool luminaire. Apart from its resistance to water and moisture, it showcases an elegant, comforting light that emanates within full range to contour your pool. It is also subtle, avoiding forcing your eyes to adjust to a flaming glow.

Make sure to completely illuminate the outdoor space to make it look safe and welcoming!


Different Types of Outdoor Wall Lights Best Suited For Your Home

Below are some of the fixtures that you can rely on to transform your outdoor areas. Each has its function and distinction as to where to place them the best so you can fully enjoy their benefits.  

Flush mount sconceWhen we say flush mount sconce, this is a lighting fixture closely adjacent to the wall leaving almost no available space between the luminaire and the wall. This form of lighting comes in various designs, LED Cement Exterior Rectangle Wall Light 240V 10W 800LM WarmWhite 3000K - IP65, CUBIC200 LED 6W 3000K WarmWhite Aluminium Modern Design Wall Light IP44, and 2PACK Aluminium UP & Down Exterior Wall Light Fixtures GU10 Base IP44 to name some of the most sought-after flush mount sconces available in the market these days. Because of its peculiar style, flush mount sconce keeps dust and debris away from the bulb and shade. Indeed, an ideal partner for homeowners with a busy schedule.  

Wall Lantern: If you have been walking around your neighborhood and see a phenomenal vintage-style lighting fixture fixed on their walls or beside their doors, it is a wall lantern. This luminaire design dwells on different eras but gives more emphasis to the traditional approach by bringing elegance wrapped in ages in modern times with its unique handcrafted casing. They offer more of a traditional style, although they are available in various styles. These modern outdoor wall lights are an attractive option and are mainly used for outdoor accent lighting. Wall lanterns are usually available in many finishes, including iron, bronze, copper that helps them fit any home including the UP & Down Exterior Wall Light 2XGU10 IP54 Solid Copper GU10, Florence Antique Wall Lamp Aged Solid Copper E2, and the Grande Outdoor Exterior Lighting Fixture Matt Black Copper IP44 Weather Proof Lantern are great examples of wall lanterns.  

Barn LightBarn Light is a lighting fixture that dramatically affects your walls. It is often a minimalist wall light displaying downward lighting with a wide shade and an arm or pendant. They give a more casual look as compared to lantern lights. Since the metal shade casing is pointed downward, the direction of the light is descending. They are available in numerous styles to suit different homes, Doblin 2Pack Traditional Outdoor Exterior Wall Sconce Glass Matt Black E27 IP44, Stella Exterior Wall Light Motion Sensor Matt Black 2Pack IP44 Weather Proof, and Bianci Large Outdoor Exterior Wall Light Fixture Matt Black IP44 E27 are the best-selling barn lights available at 7Pandas providing you with traditional meets modern ambiance. They work well in modern and industrial-style homes.  

SpotlightAs the name suggests, these exterior wall lights direct light only in a limited area, but the light is still very bright. Spotlights are adjustable luminaires fixed on a wall, often used for highlighting particular features on your exteriors for the reason that they can produce intense illumination in a well-defined space. On the other hand, it can also be used as a soft luminescence without a particular focus. They work well in front of doors or to illuminate stairs. All sites that require extra light can get a spotlight fixed. In outdoor kitchens, this is recommended as it will be easier to see what is being done clearly. You can also use them to light up any showcases that are present in the outdoor living area. The Pillar 3-Light Adjustable Spotlights Outdoor Wall Light Garage Stainless Steel IP44 GU10 Base and 2X15W 5000K LED Outdoor Security Light With Motion Sensor Garage Spotlight Light Matt Black IP56 are perfect to bring glow to your spaces that craves for an extent of illumination. And one of these spotlights is designed with motion sensors, a handy feature to detect motions to the dark corners of your abode for safety and protection during cold nights.



    You are probably aware of what kind of outdoor wall lights your exteriors need, but what about the luminaire design you will be getting? First, we should choose the one with a taste for the latest trends that will blend precisely into our interiors. Remember? Blending is always the key. And secondly, read below to be inspired by the wall light designs that will match your home.  

    Modern Lighting FixturesThey give a very minimal feel. It features a dignified style defined by clean aesthetic, minimalist curves, and horizontal lights. Modern lighting fixtures are more on natural materials and outlined to be functional and anything but fancy. They are the best option if you want a contemporary look for the house and would like to make your space look more vibrant than it usually is. This timeless piece of illumination can be beneficial in terms of style and longevity.  

      Traditional Light Fixtures: As the name suggests, they will give a classic look to the house. This luminaire features a vintage appearance and is typically designed with intricate details inspired by a quintessential architectural style that exudes sophistication and warmth all at once. Traditional wall light is the right one for you if you have a taste for formal interior design. Lantern-style lights or barn lights will suit the home.  

        Coastal LookIf the house is near a beach, then coastal decor will look very elegant. Nevertheless, if your home dwells in a tropical manner, you will also rock this look. Coastal light fixture give importance to bright hues and neutral tones to communicate a relaxed feeling. They tend to be casual and very clean. Choosing a fixture for this interior design is tricky to pin down since it should complement the present decor around your home. Your best option for a wall light fixture if you own a coastal home is the CUBIC100 LED 3W 3000K WarmWhite Aluminium Modern Design Wall Light IP44, which displays a white finish and a cool shade of illumination.  

          RusticThe essence of rustic interior design is to allow natural beauty in your home by highlighting elements such as wood, stone, and metals to create a strikingly alluring scene. Outdoor wall-mounted light will suit the style of the home if it requires a rustic look. Even lanterns can fit well when looking for a rustic light fixture. An unorthodox modern light such as the BIANCI Large Outdoor Exterior Wall Light Fixture will give your rustic facade a stylish transformation that suits the country's style.  

            Industrial: True to its name, industrial design is inspired by the noble look of industrial spaces with bare bricks, metals, and wood decor. Bulkhead lights work well in giving a nice industrial look to the outdoor area. Even barn lights will go well with the theme and metal lighting like the Stella Exterior Wall Light Motion Sensor Matt Black 2 Pack IP44 Weather Proof fixture. Its sleek finish gives off an industrial visage to mix with your current style.


              Features of The Outdoor Wall Lights

              Last but definitely not least, the features of the light. On top of the tips, as mentioned earlier, the luminaire's characteristics will define the wall sconce's practicality. A light fixture with a creative design is not enough. It should be functional and will serve us with a whole lot of advantages to get the most out of what we pay for.  

              Dusk to Dawn LightsThey are a practical choice as they will gradually dim and shut off when there is sun and reach the whole brightness during darkness. These outdoor wall lights do it all, and you can get light that is best customized to the required conditions.  

              LED Lights: These lights are convenient and energy-efficient. They are even available as dimmable lights. LED lights have a smaller range of light and are a good option for numerous reasons, they are known for their long lifespan, flexible designs, and even environmental-friendly as some LED fixtures do not heat or emit UV rays.  

              Motion Sensor LightsIf you want additional protection at night without spending a hefty amount of cash, go for wall lights built with motion sensors. It is one of the best options as they work well as security lights. It will automatically shed light as soon as it detects movement, which is an effective way to guard you at night. You may also add motion sensor lights to narrow corners around your exteriors to guide you with illumination as you step in. There are limited styling options and other limitations, though they make amazing lights for outdoor areas.




              Creating a statement look for your exteriors is now easy with outdoor wall lights. The lighting used plays an important role in deciding the house's look, and everything above has to be considered to make the right choice. Narrowing the style can make it easier to look for the outdoor wall lights. By using the tips provided, it will be easier to find the perfect fit for your home. The first step will be to understand all the available options and later to select the best option that complements the designs of the house perfectly. Do not forget to clean your exterior wall lights to make them always shinny and well maintained. If you follow the tips we have provided, there is no doubt that you will ace the search for the best wall sconce for your home. And where is the trusted place to get wall lights? No other than 7Pandas to buy outdoor wall lights from! Unlike cla lighting, domus lighting and seaside lighting, 7Pandas has the latets designs and types of outdoor wall lights that fit any of your outdoor spaces. Check out our latest designs to bring home a majestic luminaire that delivers a wow factor every time!


              [Last updated on March 16, 2023]

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