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Types and tips for choosing the right outdoor wall lights and sconces

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Several things have to be considered when looking for outdoor wall lighting and sconces. First, outdoor lighting can improve the curb appeal and help create a safer walkway for the members of the family and guests. In the backyard as well, outdoor lighting and sconces provide similar features that help make an enjoyable patio. 

A few tips that can help the ideal wall lighting finally for your home:

  • Match the outdoor lighting fixtures with the existing fixtures at home.
  • Second, make sure that the outdoor piece’s complement those that are in the house. 
  • Finally, pair the lights with the furniture and other accessories outside. 


Tips for choosing the lights


Outdoor Wall Lightings

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Front door and entry area: 

Based on the front door measurements, find a fixture that will be 1/3rd or 1/4th of the height measured. This site will be perfect for the light as it won’t look too big for the house. 

The position of the light should be eye level for most people. For example, in most front door areas, the wall light and sconces should be placed in the centre point above the floor.


Garage area light: 

Lighting the garage area will help add ambient light to the entire area, as in many setups, the garage is very close to the front door. 

Illuminating the garage depends on the placement and area of the garage. 

A single side lantern should be chosen if the garage is for one car and small. However, if it is a bigger garage, a two side lantern can be chosen. 

On both the sides of the garage and in the centre, you can place each lantern evenly. In addition, you can set the lights directly above the entrance so it will not prevent the door from moving. 

The Motion sensing lights will be a good choice as they will get switched on every time someone approaches the garage. You can also look for DIY outdoor lighting ideas for a front house to decorate your home beautifully.


Exterior Wall Lights


Outdoor patio and pool area: 

The outdoor dining area, deck and pool areas are meant for relaxing and spending time with friends and family. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that these areas are inviting with the correct lighting scheme.

It is better to use multiple outdoor wall lights to illuminate the area. The dining area can have around three to four fixtures. For any door that is present outside, you can fix a single light. Also, you can use a combination of wall light and wall sconce for the pool. 

Make sure to completely illuminate the outdoors to make it look safe and welcoming!


Types of light that you can choose from: 

Flush mount sconceSimple types of light mounted flush with the exterior well, unlike the barn lights. There are several styles of wall sconce available that can add some style to the home.


Wall lantern: They offer more of a traditional style, although they are available in various styles. These modern outdoor wall lights are an attractive option and are mainly used for outdoor accent lighting. Wall lanterns are usually available in many finishes, including iron, bronze, copper that helps them fit any home.


Barn LightThey give a more casual look as compared to lantern lights. The direction of light is downwards. They are available in numerous styles to suit different homes. They work well in modern and industrial-style homes.


SpotlightAs the name suggests, they direct light only in a limited area, but the light is still very bright. They work well in front of doors or to illuminate stairs. All sites that require extra light can get a spotlight fixed. In outdoor kitchens, this is recommended as it will be easier to see what is being done clearly. You can also use them to light up any showcases that are present in the outdoor living area.


    Exterior Lights


    Design Options

    Modern lighting FixturesThey give a very minimal feel. They are the best option if you want a contemporary look for the house. 

      Traditional Light FixturesAs the name suggests, they will give a classic look to the house. Lantern-style lights or barn lights will suit the home. 

        Coastal LookIf the house is near a beach, then coastal decor will look very elegant. They tend to be casual and very clean. 

          RusticOutdoor wall-mounted light will suit the style of the home if it requires a rustic look. Even lanterns can fit well when looking for a rustic light fixture. 

            IndustrialBulkhead lights work well in giving a nice industrial look to the outdoor area. Even barn lights will go well with the theme. 


              Features of the light 

              Dusk to dawn lightsThey are a practical choice as they will gradually dim and shut off when there’s sun and reach the whole brightness during darkness. These outdoor wall light fixtures lights do it all, and you can get light that is best customized to the required conditions.


              LED Lights: These lights are convenient and energy-efficient. They are even available as dimmable lights now. These LED lights have a smaller range of light and are a good option for numerous reasons.


              Motion Sensor LightsIt is one of the best options as they work well as security lights. The light brightly when movement is detected and will work in an effective way to prevent any thefts. There are limited styling options and other limitations, though they make amazing lights for outdoor areas.



                Outdoor Ball Lights




                The lighting used plays an important role in deciding the house's look, and everything above has to be considered to make the right choice. Narrowing the style can make it easier to look for lights. By using the tips provided, it will be easier to make the right choice. The first step will be to understand all the available options and later to select the best option that complements the designs of the house perfectly. 

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