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WINER 1-Light Modern Glass Pendant Light E27

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Pendant Lights Melbourne

Enhance your Space with Pendant Lights. Your home decor will benefit significantly from the functionality and different styles that the pendant lights can bring. The trendy 3-ball pendant lights, the modern 3-light glass pendant, and the alluring 5-light pendant chandelier are just a few options we'll look into.

Pendant Lights are the latest must-have kitchen island lights for living spaces, including office workplaces. Kitchen bench pendant lights provide concentrated illumination, perfect for cooking and food preparation. Bar lights for the kitchen also produce a cozy ambiance ideal for hosting guests or having a casual meal.

Designer ceiling lights are the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a dash of sophistication and designer flair. These exquisite fixtures enhance any room's aesthetic appeal by fusing artistry and functional purpose. Designer ceiling lighting fixture leaves a lasting impression thanks to their distinctive shapes, elaborate designs, and premium materials.

The 3-ball pendant lights are a popular choice for pendant lighting. Its contemporary designs give your space a modern look. The three spherical shapes add attention while enhancing the ambiance of your room with soft, diffused light. Its glass shapes let the light shine through, casting a cozy glow.

The 5-light pendant chandelier is the perfect choice for those who yearn for grandeur and elegance. This gorgeous fixture gives any room a dash of glitz and luxury. It becomes the center of attraction to your room thanks to its decorative element, design, and numerous lights that produce an enthralling visual display.

Pendant lights offer a flexible and fashionable lighting solution whether you want to brighten your kitchen, add a designer touch to your ceiling, or create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom or foyer. With its natural materials and a general lighting fixture, you can find the ideal pendant lights to suit your taste and improve your home's beauty from various options.

At 7Pandas Australia, we stock the latest trendy Pendant Light designs, including modern rattan and timber pendant lights, satisfying all Australian customers. These lights offer both a focus sight and a stylish statement with various designs available lighting products from our extensive collection are available worldwide, including in the United States of America, Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia. 

Given the growing success of our glorious luminaires, we have recently made our way to Australia and New Zealand to serve our customers in the Southern Atmosphere.

We pride ourselves in stocking only the latest in-trend products, offering our signature lights designed to be functional, high in quality, and affordable to fill our customers' homes.

When applied artistically, our products sit beautifully on expensive lighting projects, which are hard to miss. Check out our modern pendant lighting and modern chandeliers for commercial projects to draw inspiration for your beloved abode. Choose pendant lights here at 7Pandas Australia!

Our Pendant Lights Melbourne warehouse despatches orders as efficiently as possible. For shipping and delivery times, please refer to our Shipping page. We ship Australia-wide!

What are Pendant Lights?


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A pendant light refers to a suspender or drop. A pendant lamp is a single light fixture hanging from the ceiling by a string, rope, or metal rod. Pendant lights are commonly used in clusters, hanging linearly above kitchen worktops, chairs, and tables, or in the bathroom. 

Manufacturers made luminaires of various materials, including metals, crystals, concrete, and plastic.

Many contemporary pendant lights are low-voltage and employ incandescent or fluorescent lamps for energy efficiency. It is crucial to comprehend architectural lighting design and is linked to interior design. Check out our latest blog post for tips on choosing the perfect pendant light for your home.


Types of Pendant Lighting for Home Decor


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Regarding lighting options for your house, we have compiled seven of the most popular searches from our diverse range and varieties of lights for you to pick to match your home design style.


 1. Drum Pendant

Drum pendant lights got their name from manufacturers creating shades like drums by stretching the fabric or another material over a round metal structure. Users may utilize these lights for tasks and ambient lighting based on whether the bottom of the shadow is open or closed.

These attractive light fixtures are available in various colours and sizes, or you may build your own. However, when choosing this type of luster, remember that dark colours allow less light to get through.


 2. Globe Pendant

Whether you call them floating orbs, spheres, or blobs, this pendant style is easy to distinguish, given its spherical shape. The globe pendant should be your choice if you're aiming for modernism. The captivating spherical beauty of this luster gained popularity in the late 1950s and 1960s, yet its unparalleled views are still a favourite to this day.

You can attach a couple of them simultaneously (we'll go over numerous overhanging pendants in more detail later). Alternatively, if you're feeling very daring, try grouping a few of these beauties to create a big statement, but for the most profound effect, consider varying the dropping length.


 3. Bowl Pendant

Bowls are undoubtedly the most popular pendant light form for essential yet equally gorgeous lights. The bowl lamp is a widely used type of task light. Nevertheless, an upturned bowl, which reflects light upward rather than down, occasionally uses pendant lighting. The good news is that a bowl-style pendant will fit the bill no matter what form, size, colour, or texture you're searching for in a light fixture.


 4. Exposed Belt Pendant

The exposed bulb pendant craze exploded a few years ago and showed no signs of slowing down. This would look great in minimalist, industrial fixtures, or rustic settings. These pendants are inexpensive; you only need to install them and add a light bulb.

These tiny fellows are perfect for task lighting since they don't have any shade. Exposed bulb pendants come in many forms, styles, and colours and are far from dull.


 5. Multiple Pendants

You may design your lighting system by hanging multiple pendant lights such as concrete or glass, similar to the fifties globe setup we discussed. In foyers centered over tables and chairs or the kitchen island, artistic groupings of several pendants appear incredibly chic. The purpose of hanging many light fixtures is always to balance your light and the elements in your space. That is especially true for kitchen islands and any other task-oriented location that gains from even lighting dispersion.


 6. Mini Pendant

As the fifties globe luminaire mentioned, you can construct your lighting system by hanging multiple mini pendant lights. Artistic arrangements of multiple black pendant lights look particularly elegant in foyers, over tables and chairs, or on the kitchen island.


 7. Abstract Pendant

Lighting designers continuously push their edge to create new and innovative light fixtures.

Every material capable of adequately holding a lightbulb and being suspended from the ceiling has been sculpted into a unique pendant light.

Depending on the fixture, the distinctive architecture of an abstract pendant may give a different illumination for wide spaces.

Instead, think about using this option to create more decorative lighting effects. This ceiling light is also an excellent choice for corridors, foyers, and any other space where it may be the focal point, such as a hanging light installation.


Factors to Consider when Choosing a Pendant Light


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As you've already noticed, pendant lighting come in various styles. As you search for one for your home living room, dining room or workplace ceiling lighting, the combination of techniques and applications may appear limitless.

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Here are a few key considerations to remember while you peruse your alternatives to help you limit your choices even more.

1. Style

When you place your pendant lighting or pendant lights in a dining room that you designed in a specific style, you'll want to narrow your search to light fixtures that match the outlines.

Recommendations to check out: Ruby Industrial Concrete Vintage Style Pendant Light 


This fixture, fortunately, is accessible in practically every décor style imaginable. Whether you have been trying for a contemporary, industrial, or farmhouse aesthetic, you will have no trouble finding a lamp that fits your needs. Pendant light fixtures are also available in a broad range of colours and finishes and coverings or designs that complement the overall look of your place.

Remember to choose the best pendant light for your home that will bring out the essence of your style through glorious illumination while creating a balance between each element of your space. Your style is more on the clean lines with Scandinavian pieces; a Nordic pendant light would be a great choice as your prominent light fixture.

Before buying a pendant light, picture it in your desired location to tell if it will blend with your current style; this will also help you achieve your dream look.


2. Cost & free shipping

Pendant lighting is available at various prices, depending on the styles and varieties offered. Several criteria will undoubtedly determine the price range, including the fixture's kind and design and the brand that makes it.


Consider the fixtures you'll need and any possible installation expenses to help you pick the most delicate pendant hanging within your range.

If you need to pay somebody to install it, consider that cost in the total price. You'll discover that purchasing a pendant is much easier if you can set a reasonable budget before looking at the possibilities. Moreover, free shipping can also help in this matter.


3. Size of the fixture for the right lights

This part is also crucial. You wouldn't want a pendant lighting that is either too big or too little for the dining room or hangs too high or too low. Before you go out and get something, check the space to see how large of a pendant you'll need and how long the string should be.

Determined by the size of the room or a dining room and the sort of pendant lighting you choose, you'll consider buying just one or several to hang together.

Consider how much light you want them to provide, how much illumination each of the fixtures you're contemplating will emit, and if one or multiple pendants hang will look way better in their designated place when making this decision.


4. Place and room for your right lights

A modern pendant lamp that looks great in one dining room could look terrible as cabinet lighting, so you must decide on the right lights for your space. The fixture you will install should be a significant consideration when choosing which one to purchase.

If the pendant light must offer a large amount of light on its own, you must choose between a more extensive modern pendant lighting, one with many lights, and perhaps several mini-pendants.

If you see the lamp as an accessory or additional light in an already well-lit room, choose one designed for artificial light.

You may narrow your search to only style in some areas of the house. Sometimes, you'll need to pay attention to its functioning.

Many light fixtures and lighting options can suffice for both purposes; however, you should ensure that you get one that delivers the quantity of light you require while complementing your home's design.

Our lamps will light up your home and your life. Our selection of lamps will light up your home and your life. Come on over to our website and start browsing today. We know you will be satisfied!


7Pandas Australia: We are a Lighting Store Melbourne based with our main office and warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria. However, we deliver extensively Australia-wide. 

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