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What is Alabaster? 

Alabaster is a soft mineral, rock or stone often used for carving and processing plaster powder. It has been used for centuries in the art world and artifacts, particularly in decorative buildings, jewellery and sculptures because of its soft stone quality that makes carving easy. In addition, it has a long history as a gemstone in many old cultures, including Egypt, China, Greece and medieval churches.

The real alabaster is a smooth material that can be polished to a glossy white finish and carved into almost any shape. Many people today use it as an alternative to marble because it's easier to work with and cheaper than marble. Its translucency has attracted lighting designers who aim for a soft organic glow when designing alabaster chandeliers. It has a natural beauty that appears in its glamour, whether illuminated or not, because of its organic natural veining.


Alabaster Chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures

With the constant demand for new and innovative lighting designs, it's no surprise that lighting designers are finding new ways to incorporate alabaster and brushed brass into their work. Generally speaking, alabaster is white and often polished to create an opaque finish. These qualities make it an ideal material that work correctly for decorative chandeliers and other lighting fixtures.

Lighting designers polish alabaster using similar technologies to the ones used in polishing other stones to create an alabaster chandelier and pendant lights like a wall sconce and wall lights. They can use the alabaster to create unique pieces that complement any interior design style. That makes various styles of alabaster light fixtures unique and can be used in many different rooms of any home. Also, the versatile material allows house owners to match any decorating style easily.


Alabaster Chandelier Ceiling Lights

There are many styles of alabaster ceiling lights, such as traditional or contemporary. In addition, alabaster ceiling lights and fixtures are available in various sizes and shapes, so you can find exactly what you're looking for without compromising style. Whether you want something small enough to fit into a small corner or large enough to light up an entire room, like a modern alabaster chandelier, an option will perfectly meet your needs.


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