Airy places filled with lights, minimalist, clean, and a mixture of textures and soft hues are just some of the characteristics a Scandinavian home feels like. Its approach focuses on coziness and emphasizes simple furnishings that are equally functional, like the Scandinavian-inspired chandeliers you can find at 7Pandas.

Most Scandinavian houses dwell on wood accents infused with neutral colours to get that unspoiled clean, decent look. And if you browse our Scandinavian collection, you will notice that most of our lights are made from wood infused with metal in a polished manner showcasing the immaculate, sleek frame casing, which is the classic concept and centre of attraction in a Scandinavian home.

Take the Macy aluminium Nordic Style Timer Pendant Light and the Mort Nordic Style Contemporary Pendant. They are both made from timber and metal, unveiling the divine pristine white finish providing a welcoming and comfy ambience at home. These designs are often found in high-end places such as hotels and shopping malls, but you can now bring them home with you with the help of 7Pandas!

And if you want to take a step up a notch and add a balance of light and crepuscular to your place, Felix Timer Modern Pendant Light and Nico Nordic Style Pendant are great options. They come in a nordic lustrous black finish, ideal in balancing the mood for kitchens with a scintillating atmosphere.

For your Scandinavian home needs, you are in the right hand with 7Pandas! We offer the best qualities of Scandinavian lighting fixtures that will complete the look of your home.

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