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What are Chandeliers?

A chandelier refers to a candelabra lamp, girandole, and suspended lights. Chandeliers are branching, decorative lighting fixtures that you may fix on the ceiling or the wall.

Modern crystal chandeliers are typically elaborate and employ incandescent lights; however, some contemporary designs incorporate fluorescent fixtures and, more subsequently, LEDs. Chandeliers have many styles and designs, like a round design with smoked glass prisms, a metal frame with crystal, brass or clear glass; some lead crystal chandeliers come in polished chrome finish, and some come with roof or ceiling exhaust fans.



Chandeliers developed from candlesticks; people had even used them in the Middle Ages. However, they employed candles as the predominant illumination source even after the 18th century, when gaslighting, which electric lights overtook, was introduced.

Girandoles differ from pendant lights because they typically have various lights suspended from branching frameworks. In contrast, pendant lights are suspended from a single cable and have either one or two lamps with more minor ornamental components.

People commonly use pendant lights in corridors, living areas, stairs, lobbies, and dining halls significantly in size. On the other hand, they may use compact chandeliers in smaller places, including dining rooms or living rooms.

Crystal chandeliers are the most commonly available type that is used all over the world. For more information, here is what you should know about chandeliers.


History of Crystal Chandeliers

The evolution of the room chandelier is intertwined with the history of crystal glass. Chandeliers originated as candle holders suspended from the ceilings to brighten a space while reducing the risk of accidents.



The Allure of Crystal Pendant Lights

 Modern crystal pendant lights blend contemporary design and timeless elegance, transforming any space into a haven of illumination and style. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these fixtures exude an air of exclusivity, making them the focal point of any room. They not only dazzle with their visual appeal but also illuminate with unparalleled brilliance, casting a mesmerizing glow that bathes the surroundings in a warm, inviting light. With LED technology for energy efficiency and dimmable o[options, these fixtures are a timeless investment in both style and functionality.



Elegance and Illumination with Crystal Chandeliers in Australia


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Types of Crystals Used for Construction of Chandeliers

You want to make sure you can get the appropriate item. For example, if you install magnificent crystal chandeliers in your dining hall, find the proper illumination for your stairway or foyer, or brighten up some other area in your house. But which crystal type and form are ideal for you among the different shapes and styles, and how should you maintain your chandelier? Finally, where do you go for a gemstone that will give you the radiance you deserve above everything else? Here are some popular types of glass used for chandelier construction:


K9 Crystal (Chinese)

The K9 crystal also referred to as K9 glass, is among the most commonly used crystals in chandelier production. It's a Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal, and cutting it down to the appropriate shape does not take many scratches. It also is recognised for its low dispersion characteristics.

It has a glassy borosilicate crown and an optical crystal power over lead oxide since the optical crystal is virtually devoid of air bubbles and scratches, so it is significantly more visible than leaded crystal or glass.

Its clarity stems from the method of production. First, it is overheated to record-breaking large amounts of heat and then gradually cooled to lower levels To minimise discrepancies.

K9 crystal is preferable for chandelier-making because it is significantly lighter and more durable than leaded crystal.


Swarovski Crystals (Austrian)

Although K9 is perhaps the most common form of glass used in high ceilings chandeliers, it is by no means the only choice. You've probably heard of Austrian Swarovski crystals, which are machine-cut crystal bits that Austrians have treated in a solution for further sturdiness.

Austrians noted these crystals for having razor-sharp faceting, but they're also rather pricey. They're manufactured in the Austrian Alps and contain more than 30 per cent lead. Nevertheless, these are great choices if you're seeking crystals in various hues.

They are, nevertheless, on the pricey side, so be willing to make a modest investment. The price is most likely related to the house's history. Daniel Swarovski, the company's creator, was the first to employ machinery to cut and polish crystal.

Manufacturers utilised Swarovski crystals to produce exquisite items of jewellery in contrast to being used in lighting.


Gem Cut Crystals (Egyptian)

Another option is Egyptian crystal, also called Gem-cut and Moroccan crystal.

This sort of glass has a lot of brilliance and glitter, but it also needs much maintenance. On the plus side, these crystallites are perfect and contain a significant proportion of lead oxide.

To keep the gem-cut crystals sparkling and glossy, cleanse them roughly once every two months.


Hand-Cut Crystals (Turkish)

One of the earliest glass varieties is hand-cut crystal, often Turkish or Regal crystal.

As the name suggests, their makers carved them with hands-on iron and sandstone rollers and burnished them with marble dust.

Hand-cut glass is not only beautiful but also very pricey, and the markings left by the wheels may be apparent in some situations. Hand-blown crystals are also available, ideal for people who want their crystals to have more acceptable corners.


Venetian Crystal (Italian)

Venetian glass is renowned for its elegance as well as purity all over the world.

For centuries, Venice, Italy, has been recognised for its magnificent Venetian crystal. People can also use this crystal to build beautiful lights, in addition to dinnerware, vases, and jewellery. So, what distinguishes it from the competition?

Rather than being mechanically polished or carved by hand, manufacturers sculpted it and polished it by fire. Venetian crystal's signature sheen is due to this.


What's Preferable?

It's also a cost-effective solution compared to other cut glass forms.


Different Types of Chandelier Cuts

Now that you've learned more about the many sorts of crystals accessible let's look at the various cuts obtainable.

The reality is that the cutting of diamonds and many other expensive gemstones is quite similar to the forms of crystals. So rather than decorating your hand, you can hang them from the ceiling.

The first is the typical octagonal form, with eight sides and much projection. Next, check snowflake cutting for more extended, pointy, and straight crystals. Next, are you on the lookout for flower-shaped crystals? Finally, request a light fixture with rosette glass embellishments or a rosette-shaped crystal.

Swedish or pear crystals have a droplet appearance and therefore are broader than other cuts. Manufacturers elevated the flattened side of a baguette or colony cut on the other side.


How to Maintain and Clean your Crystal Chandelier?

Cleaning a chandelier every 2 to 6 months is usually recommended. Regular cleaning of your chandelier is vital to keep its lustre and beauty. The dry technique as well as the wet technique are the two basic procedures for cleaning crystal chandeliers.



1. The Dry Technique

Since it is the most straightforward alternative, users frequently prefer the dry technique for cleaning chandelier hung. Only a towel and window cleaner is required.

  • Before you begin, turn off the installed chandelier lights, and all the bulbs are cold.
  • Assemble the climber such that it is stable. Make sure it's tall enough to reach the ceiling properly.
  • Work from the beginning to end and from the inside out.
  • Begin at the top and work your way around the fixture.
  • One towel should be sprayed with Windex and used to clean each sheet of glass.
  • Polish the treated glass with the second towel.
  • When microfiber cloths become soiled, cleanse or replace them.


2. The Wet Technique

You will need a ladder, plastic bags, rubber bands, chandelier cleaner, and a plastic sheet for this method.

  • Before you begin, turn out all chandelier lights, and the room is cool.
  • To catch drips, use a sheet or tarp under the chandelier.
  • Place the climber in a stable position.
  • Move up the ladder and tie an elastic band all around, fitting underneath each light bulb to attach a plastic bag over the bulb.
  • You should spray Chandelier Cleaner all over the chandelier and ensure its full saturation from every angle.
  • Allow for a drip-drying period for the chandelier.
  • Remove the tarp with care.


Benefits of Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers must have a myriad of benefits above other light sources. However, if you assume that the modern crystal chandelier is too ornate or will not complement the layout or aesthetic of their residence, think again—this elegant chandelier is designed to make a statement in traditional or classic style interiors.

You never considered hanging a light fixture in your house since you had never considered it before.

Nothing could ever stop you from purchasing a crystal ceiling chandelier for your house once you've made that decision.

You may decorate your home with the best outstanding chandelier design and make it the stylish focal point. Mounting crystal chandeliers in your house has various advantages. The following are only a few of them:



1. Enhancement of Beauty

There is no other fixture that can rival the splendour of crystal chandeliers when it comes to aesthetics. Lampshades come close, but crystal chandeliers remain the clear winner. The lampshades have some lovely colours and tones added by the designers. However, they only look good when you turn them on. They seem dull and lifeless in the absence of light.

On the other hand, a Crystal chandelier is a work of art that seems beautiful even when you turn the lights out to make a stylish focal point. As a result, it can serve as an opulent feature piece for your contemporary, modern and luxury interiors.

With a beautiful large chandelier, you may transform your dull environment into a work of beauty. You could use that as the central element so that everyone who arrives will be stunned by such a magnificent work of art.


2. Save Up Space

Other lighting systems, such as lamps, take up much space and might even detract from the area's overall appearance. Chandeliers do not have this effect since they are suspended from the ceilings and out of the way.

With these, you can obtain much light without taking up a lot of dining tables and floor space. In addition, your dining table and island bench will look amazing with chandeliers.

When it comes to decorating your room, having little space might be a difficulty. On the other hand, a chandelier might make your area appear smaller by adding aesthetic appeal and flair.

In reality, chandeliers may be installed in remote locations such as closets, leaving plenty of room for your shoes and clothing.


3. Versatile

Crystal chandeliers did not fit every area and location when they came out on the market. They were only suitable for a few designs. It didn't blend well with the trendy, urban style of the houses and apartments.

However, as time passed, producers began to provide them in various styles and shapes, allowing users to use them in multiple settings.

They also employ a variety of materials to make crystal chandeliers that are more adaptable. As a result, Crystal chandeliers may be anything nowadays, from exquisite to bizarre.

Many design, form, style, and size options are available for your house. In addition, you can select anything that goes well with the rest of your room's decor.


4. Save the House Walls

In our rooms, we've all employed wall lights. We understand that they will require drilling holes in the wall to install. You must refill these whenever you renovate your room or want to modify things.

This type of behaviour might undermine your barriers. On the other hand, Chandeliers do not require drywall because they are suspended from the ceilings and do not occupy any wall space.

You don't even have to restore adjustments when you wish to make adjustments. That indicates that they won't harm your walls. It's merely about the ceiling, which is already stunning thanks to the incredible chandelier that hangs from it.


5. Impact

There are many different kinds of chandeliers on the market. Traditional chandeliers are available in many styles, from modern to formal and informal. You can buy crystal chandelier lights today you choose for your dining room, and these will undoubtedly draw notice. The chandeliers create a focal point in any area and illuminate it, giving it vitality.

There is a chandelier for every dining room, no matter which one you hang in or how much the ceiling height is. Chandeliers have gone a long way in terms of design and aesthetics. But, if you recall, users used chandeliers primarily for ceremonial occasions in the past.

However, they are now accessible for any accommodation. You may choose the sort of modern crystal chandeliers you want to buy. Selecting the proper chandelier for your space will not detract from the overall appearance. It will, in reality, improve the look of your room.

To ensure you have the quality chandeliers that perfectly fit your ceiling fans and high ceiling, buy chandelier lights today from 7pandas. At 7Pandas, we have popular chandelier lights, whether you bring them for decorative preference or the sake of lighting. There are many brands in every style that you are looking around to suit your choice.


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