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What should you know about Chandelier Light?

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Never underestimate the power a chandelier holds. Placing one kind of this luminaire can drastically change the mood around your home and create a bold impact that captivates the essence of sophistication — and it does not end there!

Chandeliers are the most popular objects you can use to serve two decoration purposes — to bring light to a dark place while furnishing its look by elevating the style and ambience. Chandeliers have been in use for centuries. They are omnipresent, to say the least. It is a symbol of power, luxury and class. The word “chandelier” derives from a French word chandelle which means candle. Chandeliers were exclusive items and were first used in Europe in churches and royal castles. They were once introduced as a frame that holds a candle to illuminate places at night. Soon, it became a statement piece and a must-have for every abode, not only in European houses but across the globe. Typical households started using luster mostly made of wood and tin. Later on, lead Crystal was the most common by the 18th century and was transparent and easy to shape.

With electricity, chandeliers in Australia became standard. Nowadays, luminaires are equipped with flameless candles and brilliant bulbs, while some are more advanced and use LED lights like LED chandeliers.
 Modern Chandeliers now act as a status symbol. They have taken art to a whole other level. Providing homeowners with a one-of-a-kind comfort through phenomenal masterpieces meticulously crafted to exude divine beauty.

Chandeliers are as popular as they were centuries ago. However, they have become affordable and better than traditional ceiling lights for everyone in recent times and you can see them at homes very commonly in different designs and styles. It is the perfect finishing touch for any home. Since lighting fixtures are so common now, people are now busy getting one from their homes without realizing that the one they thought would deliver exceptional elegance to their place turns out to be the opposite. We want to help you find the perfect chandelier for your home to avoid unexpected disheartenment. So in today's article, we will be walking you through all things chandeliers and some pointers to note before buying one.


Things you should consider before buying a chandelier:

What are the things that we should consider before buying a chandelier? Lighting fixtures are works of art with certain limitations; being unmindful of these restrictions can turn even an alluring chandelier into an unpleasant one. By knowing these things, you will undoubtedly find the one destined for your home and take advantage of a chandelier's benefits. 

The right size of Chandelier

It is imperative to get the right size of the chandelier according to the right spot. The height has a significant impact on how the chandelier will look. Experts advise not to purchase chandeliers that have a larger width than the table to avoid bumping. It is a rule of thumb that the chandelier should be narrower than a table and have space from the walls and their edges. If you have a ceiling that exceeds 8 feet, you can mount the chandelier and add more inches to each foot of the top. 

More so, there are two other things to consider in determining if the luminaire is ideal for your place. If you will put a chandelier in your living space or any room, measure the length and the width of the area in feet. Then, add those two numbers; the sum will reveal the size that fits your place perfectly. For example, let's say you own a room that is 15 x 21; the sum of these figures equals 36. So it can be deduced that a 36" wide chandelier would be sufficient. While if you are planning to put the luminaire above your dining table, the golden rule is to estimate the dimension to be one-third of the table's width.



Some chandeliers have a round cage, while some come with elegant boxes that hang from the ceiling. There are chandeliers in Melbourne that are clustered and have a modern take on the traditional style of chandeliers. There are multiple styles of chandeliers available that fit in the room and are also subtle. It cannot be easy to select the kind of chandelier that you want. However, chandeliers that have empire designs and are crystal in shape are perfect for high-end homes. They add elegance as well as sophistication. Chandeliers that are lantern in style or drum chandeliers add the cosiness in homes. They are perfect for adding the vintage touch to a home. You can also match a chandelier with a chic interior. Before deciding on the chandelier, you should first be clear about the look that you want to go for.


Where you will be placing your chandelier is an essential part of the decision-making process, as this will determine the solid visual presence of the luminaire. Most people prefer putting chandeliers in dining areas and living rooms since this is the most used part of the home that also needs ample illumination; however, it is more than that. Chandeliers are popular in bedrooms as well as staircases too. You can choose minimal or modern chandelier lights and include them in any space to add an aesthetic touch to the area. 


Kitchen and dining area

The kitchen is where the magic happens. Compared to other parts of our home, this is where we usually spend most of our time prepping hearty meals and sometimes just enjoying a casual evening with friends. Hence, it requires graceful task lighting to craft a welcoming accent while helping us prepare hearty meals. Chandeliers have the power to light up a whole kitchen especially if it is an open floor concept. Modern chandelier Australia that is hanging above the kitchen island will attract a lot of attention. As for the dining room, we do not usually mount a luminaire in the middle of the dining room but somewhat above the dining table to transform it into the focal point. The safest choice in choosing the shape of the hanging chandeliers to be placed over your table is the round one, but it is also adequate to allow your lustre to reflect your dining table in terms of style, shape, and even size. For example, if you own a rectangular table, a linear light fixture will best fit compared to sphere-shaped lights.



The most intimate space in our house is none other than our bedroom. It is our private sanctuary where we relax and get cozy in bed after a long tiring day. The bedroom chandeliers are the special ones that you can place there just for yourself. Having a luxurious chandelier in the bedroom transcends us to a five-star hotel feeling while at home. You can add a simple chandelier that will bring a sense of calmness to the room. Apart from it setting a romantic tone at night, luminaire has the power to soften the look in the bedroom with its ambient lighting effect. However, when you are adding a chandelier to your bedroom, as much as possible, attach it at the bottom of the bed or in the middle of the room. In addition, refrain on using vast chandeliers in the bedroom as it may look overpowering to the place. Stick with the standard size light fixture to keep it classy and cool.


Welcome your guests with spectacular luminescence by mounting a chandelier in your entryway. You can hang a beautiful chandelier in the foyer, and it is sure to attract your guests. These days, a fixture in a foyer has become a standard part of a home since it is one of those areas with a high ceiling ideal for placing a magnificent luminaire. It would be best if you decide the height accordingly. The size of a chandelier should be further away from the ground. Your luminaire should have at least 2 to 3 inches of height for each foot of your ceiling. If your home is designed with a 10 feet high entryway, your lighting fixture should be approximately 20 to 30 inches tall. Typically, the chandelier for an entrance should be mounted at least 7 feet off the floor for a 10 feet high ceiling. If yours is lower, you need to look for a more miniature chandelier to ensure it will look ideal for your place and safety precautions.

Chandelier Bulbs

When buying a chandelier, we often do not pay attention to the bulb present in the luminaire. Instead, we put all our efforts and focus on the outline, not realizing that selecting a light for the fixture would make or break the look of the lustre. When choosing the bulb for your chandelier, it is highly suggested to dwell between soft white or warm white to get the best glow, especially if you own a crystal chandelier. These bulbs display warm tones while bringing out their full potential. Knowing the right light to equip your lighting fixture like your crystal chandelier delivers a whole lot of benefits. Aside from the sparkling brilliance it gives off, it turns the space cozier, and some are energy efficient, which will help you cope with your monthly budget. It is best to avoid high wattage bulbs as they increase the heat. However, you can also keep these chandelier bulbs as centrepieces on dinner tables to add a visual attraction.

There are three main bulbs used in chandeliers. And these are:

  • Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are mainstream lights present in almost every household. First things first, incandescent lights are not energy-efficient, so if you are keen on your expenses, there may be a better bulb for you. Nevertheless, incandescent lights are the healthiest type of light for your eyes and can be used indoors and outdoors, and they are highly compatible with dimmers, timers, and photo sensors. Incandescent lights also generate high output as long as they come with a good quality filament that can withstand extremely high heat temperatures to display the bright hues your place requires.

  • LED Lights

LED lights are now the apple of the eye in the fixture world. Modern chandeliers designed these days are almost made out of LED bulbs since they come in a wide range of choices. They are known to be energy-efficient and environment-friendly. It saves homeowners with their electricity bills and, at the same time, keeps their abode looking upscale and stunning. Research suggests LED lights use 70% less energy as compared to other mainstream bulbs. On top of that, LED bulbs are highly durable and made to last long since they are resistant to breakage and other impacts. So if you plan on creating a relaxed environment, LEDs are the perfect option because these lights do not emit heat, which makes them suitable even for commercial establishments.


  • Halogen Bulbs

Incandescent light and halogen bulbs are identical in many ways, except that halogens are more energy-efficient and last longer compared to other light. A typical incandescent light lasts up to 1000 hours, while a halogen bulb lasts twice as long. So if you are planning to get your hands on crystal chandeliers and wall lights, clear halogen bulbs will be perfect. In addition, halogen bulbs are not only small but also lightweight and produce a colour temperature closer to that of the Sun.

Since we are now aware of the distinction between each bulb, we must also determine the required lumen for our space to ensure proper lighting will be thrown in our area. But, again, there is a simple mathematical formula we can use when shopping. All you need to do is multiply your square room footage by your room foot-candle requirement. For instance, you own a 100-square-foot dining room that requires 30 to 40-foot candles, so you need 3,000 to 4,000 lumens for ample illumination.

Chandeliers Available in 7Pandas Australia

Ready to shop? Be wowed with some of the best chandeliers available at 7Pandas, waiting for you to bring to your home!


BONITO-1 Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Chandelier


Country charm never disappoints, and here is BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Chandelier with its alluring and sophisticated glow to prove you wise. The enigmatic appeal of this wooden luminaire resembles a chic drop of water encapsulating a bright light of luminescence. This chandelier will surely add a rustic taste to your home or office. You can see a mixture of some old charm and modern amenities that make it perfect for any space. It is handcrafted and has a teardrop-shaped pendant. The design of this chandelier comes from solid metal and is one of the best designs available. It has a cosy look and comes with an attractive sandal finish. Timber is the metal that experts use to make this chandelier, and it has adjustable rods as well. It can be mounted and is easy to install. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain as well. It is available in a dark brown shade as well.

Styling Tip 101: When mounting a BONTIO-1 Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Chandelier, one is not enough. It is three times the charm if you place three of these pendant lights above your dinner table to create a contrasting appeal by mounting them on different heights or in a linear pattern. Meanwhile, getting a single BONITO light will look good beside your reading nook to accompany your reading with a touch of the countryside. It gives off a homey feeling, especially when it is raining at night and you are reading your favourite novel while illuminated by this raindrop fixture in wooden texture.


ALVA 12 Light Antique Wagon Wheel


Enigmatic beauty at its finest with the mystifying beauty of the ALVA 12 Light Antique Wagon Wheel in a matt black finish. This chandelier gives an old-school vibe but comes with modern capabilities. It has a wagon wheel sharpen and you can easily mount it wherever possible, making it versatile. Also, it has 12 lights that can easily add the required illumination. It also comes with an adjustable rod that helps you get the perfect length. The chandelier has a lot of versatility and is designed very precisely according to the customer’s needs. It also has a dimmer switch that helps you adjust the brightness according to your own needs. It will be the perfect fit for any home interior design style to add that elegance to your space.

Looking at it, you will see for yourself that the ALVA lighting fixture is not playing jokes when it says beauty with a charm of mystery. It features a modern revamp to the vintage banquet with its flameless candle and flawless matt finish. This luminaire is made for those with a penchant for unconventional glamour, which is pleased to set their home apart.

Styling Tip 101: Where will a glorious and stunning fixture as the ALVA 12 Light Antique Wagon Wheel be fitted? A chandelier like this one will create an unparalleled appeal above your dinner table, where the 12 flameless candles can show off their vivid luminescence as you delight yourself with a sumptuous buffet. Nevertheless, this will also look exquisitely fine under your sofa and serve as a talking piece as you entertain your guests. It is quirky and peculiar but chic to look at that will undoubtedly captivate the eyes of your visitors.

FRENCISCO Provincial Style K9 Crystal Kitchen Island Chandelier Antique Brass 3*E14 base


There is no better way to describe glamour than having a FRENCISCO Provincial Style K9 Crystal Kitchen Island Chandelier Antique Brass 3*E14 base. A classic and sophisticated look of a French-inspired chandelier adorned with precious gems that illuminate a bedazzling glow at night. It is a timeless piece ideal for contemporary and luxury homes with its shimmering antique gold finish. The pristine crystals that wrap this luminaire are not only hand-cut but also exude flawless visage without the presence of any scratch. It is an elegant light fixture to accompany your dinner tables.

Styling Tip 101: What a great way to celebrate a feast by having FRENCISCO Provincial Style K9 Crystal Kitchen Island Chandelier Antique Brass 3*E14 base as your primary source of lighting at night. As its name suggests, this excellent luminaire will look exceptional in your kitchen, casting a graceful shade of illumination throughout the whole place. Moreover, it can make any typical dinner into a five-star rated restaurant with its luxurious essence. Indeed, it adds a dramatic accent to your dining room while keeping everything ritz without having to place any other decor since this light can be the star of the night.


Are you now excited to shop for your newest chandelier at home? You can choose the best chandeliers from these options. There are multiple chandelier lights available that are made of different materials like wood, crystal, and timber. These chandeliers are also quite versatile and can be adjusted according to your needs. They are all designed keeping in mind the customer’s taste. Some chandeliers provide a vintage look as well as chandeliers that give your home a modern look. You can choose the same according to your requirements. They are all made of high-quality materials and are durable as well as easy to maintain. With the above considerations in mind, you can now go ahead and select a beautiful chandelier online to bring to your homes to add that aesthetic touch to your space. A wide variety of options are available, allowing you to choose the best chandeliers for your homes.

Planning and buying a chandelier is a tedious task for first-time shoppers or those looking for an excuse to change their light fixture at home. Light is light, but not when it comes to a chandelier, as there are a lot of considerations to make. After reading this article, feel free to browse our store for the best chandelier deals and get in touch with us if you are perplexed about what chandelier suits your abode. We have almost all kinds of light fixtures including ceiling lights, LED light globes and table lamps, so you will surely get the right one for your place!


[Last updated on March 19, 2023]

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