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What should you know about Chandelier?

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Chandeliers are the most popular objects that you can use for decoration purposes. Chandeliers have been in use for centuries. It is a symbol of power, luxury and class. The word chandelier means candle and derives from a French word. Chandeliers we’re exclusive items and were first used in Europe in churches and royal castles. The typical households as well started using chandeliers mostly made of wood and tin. 

Lead Crystal was the most common by the 18th century and was transparent and easy to shape. 

With electricity, chandeliers in Australia became standard. Modern Chandeliers now act as a status symbol. They have taken art to a whole other level. Chandeliers are as popular as they were centuries ago. However, they have become affordable for everyone in recent times and you can see them at homes very commonly in different designs and styles. It is the perfect finishing touch for any home. 

Things you should consider before buying a chandelier:

The right size of Chandelier

It is imperative to get the right size of the chandelier according to the right spot. The height has a significant impact on how the chandelier will look. Experts advise not to purchase chandeliers that have a larger width than the table to avoid bumping. It is a rule of thumb that the chandelier should be narrower than a table and have space from the walls and their edges. If you have a ceiling that exceeds 8 feet, you can mount the chandelier and add more inches to each foot of the top. 


Some chandeliers have a round cage, while some come with elegant boxes that hang from the ceiling. There are chandeliers in Melbourne that are clustered and have a modern take on the traditional style of chandeliers. There are multiple styles of chandeliers available that fit in the room and are also subtle. It cannot be easy to select the kind of chandelier that you want. However, chandeliers that have empire designs and are crystal in shape are perfect for high-end homes. They add elegance as well as sophistication. Chandeliers that are lantern in style or drum chandeliers add the cosiness in homes. They are perfect for adding the vintage touch to a home. You can also match a chandelier with a chic interior. Before deciding on the chandelier, you should first be clear about the look that you want to go for.


Most people prefer putting chandeliers in dining areas and living rooms; however, it is more than that. Chandeliers are popular in bedrooms as well as staircases too. You can choose minimal or modern chandelier lights and include them in any space to add an aesthetic touch to the area. 


Kitchen and dining area

Chandeliers have the power to light up a kitchen as the kitchen has an open layout as well. Modern chandelier Australia that is hanging above the kitchen island will attract a lot of attention.


The bedroom chandeliers are the special ones that you can place there just for yourself. You can add a simple chandelier that will bring a sense of calmness to the room. 


You can hang a beautiful chandelier in the foyer, and it is sure to attract your guests. It would be best if you decided the height accordingly. The size of a chandelier should be further away from the ground. 

Chandelier Bulbs

It is best to avoid high wattage bulbs as they increase the heat. However, you can also keep these chandelier bulbs as centrepieces on dinner tables to add a visual attraction. 

Chandeliers Available in 7Pandas Australia

BONITO-1 Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Chandelier


BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Nature Wood E27 Chandelier


This chandelier will surely add a rustic taste to your home or office. You can see a mixture of some old charm and modern amenities that make it perfect for any space. It is handcrafted and has a teardrop-shaped pendant. The design of this chandelier comes from solid metal and is one of the best designs available. It has a cosy look and comes with an attractive sandal finish. Timber is the metal that experts use to make this chandelier, and it has adjustable rods as well. It can be mounted and is easy to install. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain as well. It is available in a dark brown shade as well.

ALVA 12 Light Antique Wagon Wheel


ALVA 12-Light Antique Wagon Wheel Chandelier Bronze E14 Farmhouse Light


This chandelier gives an old-school vibe but comes with modern capabilities. It has a wagon wheel sharpen and you can easily mount it wherever possible, making it versatile. Also, it has 12 lights that can easily add the required illumination. It also comes with an adjustable rod that helps you get the perfect length. The chandelier has a lot of versatility and is designed very precisely according to the customer’s needs. It also has a dimmer switch that helps you adjust the brightness according to your own needs. It will be the perfect fit for any home to add that elegance to your space.

Mellisa 8 Light Luxury French Style


MELLISA 8-Light Luxury French Style Chandelier Fabric Shade Brass E14 Solid Copper


The Melissa 8 light luxury French-style chandelier is brass and will be a great addition to any space. It is made of high-quality metal and comes with existing wiring that provides a very seamless look. It will add a western touch to your home.


You can choose the best chandeliers from these options. There are multiple chandeliers available that are made of different materials like wood, crystal, and timber. These chandeliers are also quite versatile and can be adjusted according to your needs. They are all designed keeping in mind the customer’s taste. Some chandeliers provide a vintage look as well as chandeliers that give your home a modern look. You can choose the same according to your requirements. They are all made of high-quality materials and are durable as well as easy to maintain. With the above considerations in mind, you can now go ahead and select a beautiful chandelier online to bring to your homes to add that aesthetic touch to your space. A wide variety of options are available, allowing you to choose the best ones for your homes. 

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