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How To Descale and Clean Your Coffee Machine Step by Step?

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Coffee machines often need deep cleaning. Commonly, we use filtered water and mineral water to make coffee, but they contain enough minerals to block your device. The more you delay harder it will be to get rid of the accumulation of minerals. That is when you need to descale your coffee machine. 


What is Descaling?

Descaling is the process of cleaning your coffee machine and coffee grinder. Over an extended usage period, accumulates minerals that create a build-up of calcium, magnesium and such minerals. After using your device, you should descale your coffee machine to keep it functioning correctly. This process requires a chemical to descale, which is also called descaler. 


Why Do You Need to Descale?

If you don't descale your coffee machine, it will keep getting minerals build-up. As a result, it will clog the pathway, and your coffee will not be strained or boiled correctly. That means that it will hamper the overall process. In addition, not descaling your coffee machine will cost more electricity usage, less productivity and poor-quality performance. Therefore, you must descale your drip coffee machine regularly to avoid all of the hustle.


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Points to Notice Before Descaling

The descaling process comes with pros and cons, so you must check these points before initiating the process.

* Does Your Coffee Machine Brand Offer a Specific Descaler for Your Machine?

Most of the popular coffee brands offer a descaler liquid or tablet. They suggest not using any third party descaler to protect the machine from unwanted harm. But, of course, the best coffee grinder will have its descaler.


* Is Your Machine Under Warranty?

If the appliance is under Warranty, you might get a free or discounted descaling service. The Warranty will help you better service and guidance for the entire process. Descaling is not a complicated process but using the right product is necessary. The brand will be your best guide for the procedure. If you are facing any issues with boiling the coffee or anything else in the preparation process, consult the provider first before doing anything yourself. The best coffee grinder in Australia often offers a long-age Warranty.


Steps to Descale Your Coffee Machine

* Step 1

Prepare a solution of the descaler with water. If you are using the DIY method, take two spoons of acid and 4 cups of water to make a solution. For commercial descalers, please follow the guidelines provided in the pack.


* Step 2

Run the entire solution through the machine. If needed, do it twice and then run clean water through the coffee machine for a better canvas for further use. 


* Step 3

Keep repeating the process when you feel the need. The entire process is pretty simple. First, you need to get the right product and use it in the perfect ratio to descale the coffee machine.


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Benefits of Descaling Your Coffee Machine

The descaling process will help crack all the build-up of minerals and clear the path to making a perfect cup of coffee. To reduce the frequency of descaling, use purified water to make your coffee. That will eliminate the mineral from entering the machine and create less build-up. It will also save time and energy as the coffee machine will run as smoothly as the new one.


How Often Should You Descale Your Coffee Machine?

It depends on your usage. If the machine is commercially used and makes hundred cups of coffee a day, then doing the process every week or fortnight will be ideal. If you use the coffee machine at home, then descaling it every one or two months will be perfect. But the frequency will depend on the use of the coffee machine and the water you use to make coffee.


Which Descaling Product is Ideal for Your Machine?

Descaling product comes in tablet or liquid form. Most of the coffee machine brands offer their descaling product. If you want to use a DIY method, two products will help you describe your coffee machine. Using the DIY approach is safe until you do it more frequently. If you don't want to risk it, go with available commercial descalers.


15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine with Milk Frother Stainless Steel 1050W


How to DIY Descaler for Your Coffee Machine?

Take citric acid or white vinegar to make the descaling solution as DIY. Citric acid is preferred. Now run the entire solution through your machine and rinse with purified water. Using white vinegar might leave residue, which can build up, causing damage to the coffee machine. It is better to use citric acid for DIY descaling. But it would be best if you aren't doing it very frequently.


Pros and Cons of Using DIY Descaler:

* Pros

It is affordable and effortlessly available. You can get citric acid in any drug store or grocery store. It is much cheaper than commercial descalers. If you are unwilling to invest that much money in descaling your coffee machine, then the DIY method will be your saviour.

* Cons

Sometimes DIY method can cause a problem in the machine if not rinsed properly. For example, if you don't rinse the entire solution properly, the coffee machine will be affected.

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