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Looking for an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solar-powered light and cost-efficient way to light up your outdoor space? Look no further than our solar lights! 7Pandas Lighting Shop features our bestselling warm white LED solar lights Full Moon Solar Garden Light in Australia. Check back often for more outdoor solar lights that we will be adding to our collection. Our Full Moon and Cube LED Outdoor Solar Light come in 16 RGB colours in different modes. The perfect solution for garden party lights or for garden decoration to light up the evening atmosphere. Beautify your garden, front yard and backyards with these beautiful and durable high-quality LED Lights solar panel lighting and floodlighting solutions.

These lights are powered by solar energy, so you'll never have to worry about your electricity bill again. And because they're lights with motion sensors activated, they're perfect for providing lighting solutions in areas where traditional lights wouldn't be practical, like decks and patios. 

Our solar ball lights are more than just functional; they're also stylish! The solar cube light series is also available at our online store. We are looking to offer a variety of other different styles soon, from outdoor wall solar wall lights, and solar flood lights to solar deck lighting, so you can find the perfect look for your space. 

From rechargeable batteries to fairy lights for your living room or spotlight on the path outside - there's something here perfect no matter what look you're going for this season. If you're looking for outdoor lighting that's both attractive and functional, consider bollard lighting. Bollard lights can be powered by rechargeable batteries, solar panels, or the electrical grid. They are available in various styles, including fairy lights, spot light, and Christmas lights. These sleek posts can be placed at the edge or in front of your property to create an ambience with their motion-sensitive light feature while also providing security by illuminating dark areas around them during nighttime hours! 


7Pandas Australia: We are a Lighting Store based with our main office and warehouse based in Melbourne, Victoria. However, we deliver extensively Australia wide.  

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