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Solid Copper Exterior Wall Light

Since we are talking about wall lights, we should also consider the materials used in making the lighting fixtures we want for our home. There are several materials ideal for exterior lighting because of their benefits. For instance, copper outdoor wall light fixtures made from solid copper have a few advantages, such as the longevity of outdoor fixtures since copper is known to resist corrosion, rust and temperature fluctuation. Take a look at 7Pandas' Up & Down Exterior Wall Light 2XGU10 IP54 Solid Copper GU10. It is made from solid copper with a modern glossy finish. This cylinder-shaped lighting provides warmth and luminosity at night with an aesthetic appeal. Apart from copper, the Up & Down Exterior Wall Light is rated IP54, which makes it even more suitable for outdoor spaces because it prevents dust and other airborne particulates from damaging the screen and components inside this fixture.

If you are into a more rustic and traditional vibe, the Florence Antique Wall Lamp Aged Solid Copper fits your taste. It is another masterpiece from 7Pandas made from solid copper with a bell-like shape in an antique finish. However, unlike the Up & Down Exterior Wall Light, this one is designed indoors, such as in the kitchen, where illumination is more needed while preserving the aesthetic look of the space without adding overly empowering pieces. This light also has dimming capabilities so that you can adjust it depending on your need during day time while setting the mood at night.

So the next time you will go on wall light hunting, make it a point to consider trying copper-based lighting fixtures. It is an excellent material for lighting, and the colour accentuates dull spaces at home. 

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