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The Best Crystal Chandelier in Australia

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A lavish living is never complete without an exceptional chandelier mounted on the ceiling beaming with a sophisticated glow.

The term chandelier is an adaptation of the French word "chandelle," which means a (hanging) candle holder—typically adorned with sparkling crystals that exudes a magnanimous beauty serving as a masterpiece at home. Chandeliers are fixtures that have multiple tiers and lamps to provide proper decorative lighting in the space. Chandeliers were first used as a status symbol. However, you can commonly find them at home and has become quite popular for everyone. You can use a crystal chandelier in any space to enhance the looks of your house. This luminaire can bring wonders to the kitchen, bedroom, living rooms, home office, and even to intimate corners like a reading nook. Chandeliers are made of various materials like bronze, crystal, brass and rustic iron. Multiple layers come in according to the height that you want—you can even find a lighting fixture boosting a 5-tier!

However, if you are a first-time homeowner or an enthusiast searching for a luster to transform your home, things can get demanding and frustrating if you are still deciding what to get. One luminaire can make or break the look of your home. Thence, most people seek professional advice to help elevate their precious abode's style. Good thing we are here to help you find the best chandelier for your house, check our tips on choosing the right chandelier type for your home. We also have laid down below a gratuitous list of the things that will serve as your guide when shopping for a chandelier.

Style of Chandeliers

Chandeliers come in many forms. They are designed to complement any home with their demure glow that accentuates an abode. To help you quickly spot a chandelier once you see one, we have rounded up below the different kinds of chandeliers available these days and found out which style is best for your place: 

Crystal Chandeliers

We know a crystal chandelier when we see one—timeless pieces wrapped with majestic gems that shimmer an alluring illumination creating a scent of sophistication and class. Crystal chandelier is indeed the most beautiful and elegant luminaire you can get for your home. This luster is not just a light; it is the crown jewel of your home that elevates the mood with a lavish feel. It is bound to deliver a dramatic statement with its captivating glow that attracts anyone who lays eyes on it. This fixture was first known as a candelabra that holds a candle as the crystal magnifies the light. Soon after, from candles, crystal chandeliers are now equipped with bulbs and some with flameless candles to mimic the beauty of candles without actually using one. While other designs of crystal chandeliers these days are made out of lead oxide that gives a colorful shade of tone to the light, to stick with class and ritz, a crystal chandelier that embeds a classic design is still the best option for clean aesthetic and graceful luminescence.


Modern Chandeliers

As the name suggests, these are timely light fixtures that exude charm infused with current trends. Modern Designer Chandeliers are aesthetically pleasing chandeliers that provide an elegant look to your space. It is available in multiple and different shapes and embellishments, while some are outlined with numerous layers of lights, usually between numbers one to five. Brass, bronze, wood grain, rustic iron, glass, and crystal are the most common elements found with these light fixtures. Still, since these luminaires embody modernity, more and more present-day designs have incorporated LEDs for better illumination.


Contemporary Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are often mistaken for Contemporary chandeliers, and vice versa. The two are coined interchangeably, but they are different in many ways. Contemporary chandeliers emanate eclectic design with inspo derived from different eras. It uses elements such as cedar wood or stone for a stylistic impact and unparalleled visuals. To spot a luminaire of this kind dwells more on minimalism, with the absence of prisms providing a direct translucent to a room. Meanwhile, other contemporary chandeliers are made with glass coverings to soften the illumination the natural flare of lights gives.


Drum Chandeliers

If you are looking for a peculiar chandelier that transcends charm and sophistication in a quirky look, drum chandeliers are the fixtures to be. These luminaires are easy to spot with their particular design feature that bears a resemblance to a drum. Though the shape of this light is constant, it is always on the beat with the latest trends by magnificently integrating new materials and metal frames to give its look a revolutionary twist to go on with other lighting fixtures.


Mini Chandeliers

A mini chandelier is equally as graceful and beautiful as a full-size crystal chandelier. There is not much difference between a bijou luminaire and a traditional crystal chandelier except for the size. It is also adorned with precious gems and a sturdy, sleek frame. This lighting fixture's compact design is ideal for those with limited spaces at home. Since it is minimal in size, it will not take up a lot of space and even avoid certain dangers, such as accidentally bumping your head into it or shattering your ceiling with its weight. Although it may not be able to cover a vast space, this is still a perfect choice for rooms and other tiny corners at home that require illumination with a touch of glamor. And as we know, the bigger the luminaire, the more expensive they get. So if you are dealing with a tight budget, investing in a mini chandelier is a wise choice. However, please take into consideration the area where you plan to place it — a miniature luster in an open space will not create much of a difference, and more so, it may look dull and inappropriate even to have.


Hybrid Chandeliers

A hybrid chandelier is a lighting fixture that combines all the designs and styles of the other luminaires to create a one-of-a-kind statement look in one light. Moreover, even the materials used for this luminescence are inspired by the elements on other chandeliers, such as wood and metal. To know if a chandelier is a hybrid one, give the design a thorough look. For example, if it incorporates two or more outlines from the previous chandelier, such as a mixture of cage and sphere frame, it is a hybrid chandelier. It may sound unconventional, but it will provide you with a variety of styles in one luster.


Five Things to Know about Crystal chandeliers:

1. They Add a Jeweller Factor to your Homes

What do you usually use when you want to look presentable and sophisticated? Complete your style together with a set of jewelry, right? If we prefer using luxury items for ourselves, the same thing applies to our abode in the form of grandeur lighting fixtures. Crystal chandelier Australia is our crown jewel at home. Luminaires are more than just a source of lighting; they are designed prestigiously to create a bedazzling glow around your precious abode. Its impact leaves unparalleled beauty while bestowing a comforting warmth through captivating illumination.


2. They are the Perfect Centrepiece for Dining Areas

A chandelier makes a style statement and will look perfect in a dining room. These will surely add a very formal as well as rich look. They will give the perfect finishing touch as well. However, refrain from placing your chandelier in the middle of your space but somewhat above the dining table. Design professionals and enthusiasts follow this rule of thumb to create a gorgeous statement during your dinner. On top of that, pick a suitable luminaire fit for the size of your table to ensure that it will deem a remarkable luminosity.


3. Crystal Grades

Crystal is available in a variety of grads that have their unique properties. Some crystals are available in a wide price range. The expensive crystals are hand-cut and are more reflective. They are of high quality and add a wonderful sparkle to any space. You can also get antique crystal chandelier parts online at affordable prices. To give you a glimpse, here are some of the most sought-after crystals used in creating any modern designer chandelier, including the pendeloques, or the usual cuts of these gems.


4. Crystals that Make up a Chandelier

  • K9 Crystal - this crystal is widely acclaimed for many reasons. It is a Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal that does not usually require a series of incisions when cutting. Since it is an optical crystal, it is far more evident than other leaded crystals or glass, and it is even made entirely free from any bubbles and scratches. On top of that, this is the most affordable type of gem used for chandeliers. Hence, most luminaires made out of K9 Crystals are relatively inexpensive.
  • Swarovski - if you have an extensive budget, we do not see any reason not to go for a Swarovski crystal, right? The finest crystal in the world and the most expensive form of gem to add to a lighting fixture. It delivers perfect optic clarity with peculiar purity and captivating brilliance.
  • Gem Cut - this one may not be as perfect as the Swarovski, but its appearance is almost close to the genuine crystal, which displays flawless mien known for its prismatic brilliance and special polishing.
  • Turkish Crystal - also known as Handcut or Regal crystal, is cut by hand using iron and sandstone wheels and then polished using marble dust—Turkish crystal lines with Swarovski crystal as an expensive gem to add to a chandelier.


5. Different Crystal Cuts

  • Octagon: True to its name, an octagon is a traditional cut with eight distinct sides and a high amount of reflection.
  • Rosette: This intricately crafted flower-shaped cut gem brings a classic and sophisticated glow to a light fixture.
  • Icicle: Otherwise known as u-drop pendants, when you see a long, thin, and straight crystal, that is an icicle cut crystal. If you are looking for a more extended cut, go for the Spear one. It resembles the Icicle cut but is lengthy.
  • Finial: Customarily found at the edge of a luminaire that looks small and circular with triangular facets.


Finishing of Crystals Will Make a Difference

The chandelier's finish is equally as crucial as the luminaire itself. It underpins the impact the light fixture will bring as well as how long it can serve you. The frame of any Crystal type chandelier is very important and available in various types of finishing. The traditional finishes include gold and brass, whereas silver and other clear frames add a contemporary touch. Nevertheless, pick a finish that will complement the tone of your home to ensure it blends perfectly. So, for instance, if your home features traditional interiors, antique brass will look splendid on your living corners. Meanwhile, a polished chrome finish will be ideal for those who are into contemporary design. If these colors will not blend the hues around your home, look for metal accents or other decors around your place and match them to the chandelier. Mixing always goes a long way.


Always Hang a Chandelier a Few Inches above a Table-top

The hanging height is significant to get the best look. Experts advise hanging the chandelier around 32 to 34 inches above the table to get the maximum illumination. If it goes higher than this, then the look of a crystal chandelier will not be up to the mark. On the other hand, if it goes any lower than this, then it has the chance of blocking the light from across the table. Hence, it is vital to do all the calculations beforehand to get the perfect fit. On the other hand, adjust the size of your chandelier with your table. It would be best if you would go for a light fixture that is one-half or two-thirds the width of your table to make it look promising.


Crystal Chandelier Do's & Don'ts

To wrap things up, here are a few things you should and should not do when you own a crystal chandelier to ensure it lasts a lifetime and keep it looking as glorious as the first time you laid eyes on it:

1. Do Turn Your Chandelier as the Focal Point

The luminaire speaks for itself. It serves a captivating attention-grabbing look, so allow it to shine as it is and remove unnecessary decors to make it stand out. These days, less is more. So having a single light fixture such as a crystal chandelier will be sufficient to turn your home into a sanctuary of beauty and relaxation.

2. Do Not Cover Your Luminaire

I mean, why cover it? What is the point of enveloping something designed to be showcased? There is no need to cover a chandelier to protect it from being a dust magnet when not in use. Though it can help you prevent cleaning your luster from time to time, it is a hassle to endure, and chandeliers are meant to be exposed and seen. Furthermore, flipping the switch when a chandelier is covered can lead to unwanted accidents.

3. Do Get the Correct Size for Your Room

Size matters, always. Determine the size of the chandelier and your room to ensure the two will work fine. We can follow a simple equation to determine if the luminaire is destined for your place. Just get the dimensions of your room in feet and convert the answer into inches. Let us say your space measures 15 x 19. Adding these figures and you will get a sum of 34. So your fixture should be around 34 inches.

4. Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals

Using a solid cleaning solution can lead to your worst nightmare. Some crystal chandeliers, like the ones available at 7Pandas, do not even require the use of solutions when polishing them. Instead, consult your provider to clean your luster the right way. You can also look for the specifications and instructions to avoid tarnishing your chandelier. The safest method we can use if you are unsure, dampen the fixture with a soft towel and remove the dirt and dust.

5. Do Browse Different Websites

Do not limit your choices by just visiting one store. Whilst you find a peculiar fixture, there are a lot of manufacturers these days that sell unique chandeliers that display exceptional glows. To give you an example, look at 7Pandas. It is one of Australia's most trusted and reliable chandelier providers that delivers spectacular luminaires at very affordable prices; despite the fact that fixtures like crystal chandeliers are usually tagged with hefty fees, 7Pandas ensure to bring their customers topnotch illumination made from the finest material at the best prices. And the cherry on top? Excellent customer service where you will be at home and in the right place!

The Best Crystal Chandeliers in 7Pandas Australia

Let's take a walk at some of the best crystal chandeliers found at 7Pandas. Be captivated by their charm and lured by their warmth.  

NEOSA 3-Light Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier Light E14 Chrome


A glamourous dinner table is one step away with the bewitching accent of the NEOSA 3-Light Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier Light E14 Chrome. This is a pendant lighting that is perfect for any corner of your home. You can hang them on the wall, and they will make a great style statement. Place it above your dining table and will add a touch of grace. It is made of polished chrome, which acts as a great contrast to the eight crystals. Moreover, it comes with a long cord that makes it very practical to use. It has mounting capabilities that make it versatile for installation. Also, it is a three-light pendant chandelier and will attract many eyes. It requires professional installation and is easy to maintain.


TULIM 12-Light Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9 


Calling this luminaire elegant is an understatement as it beholds a minimalist winning allure like no other luminaire can furnish! This large chandelier will surely add a lot of warmth to any room. It can serve as an opulent feature piece for your contemporary, modern and luxury interiors. You can choose from the chandelier shades available and get a modern look that will never get out of style. It will provide an exquisite appearance and is sure to illuminate any space perfectly. You can hang this chandelier on your living space or your bedroom to add that extra glitter. It is made of solid brass with K9 crystals. It can be mounted and will need professional installation.


Crystal chandeliers are an exciting piece to level up the features of our home. Though things can get rough when shopping for a new luminaire, given all the tips above, you will surely get the best fit for your abode. The products mentioned are some of the most beautiful chandeliers available that will surely attract attention. There are other products available at 7Pandas ideal for any type of home. Be sure to check these out and together, let us make your home a beautiful one!


[Last updated on March 19, 2023]

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