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The Best Crystal Chandelier in Australia

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Chandeliers are fixtures that have multiple tiers and lamps to provide proper lighting in the space. Chandeliers were first used as a status symbol. However, you can commonly find them at home and has become quite popular for everyone. You can use a crystal chandelier in any space to enhance the looks of your house. Chandeliers are made of various materials like bronze, crystal, brass and rustic iron. Multiple layers come in according to the height that you want. 

Style of Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers

These chandeliers are made of lead oxide that gives them a colourful look. They are the most beautiful light fixtures that you can get. It will give a dramatic statement to any area. Crystal chandeliers were famous for holding candles as the crystals magnified the light. However, you can now replace the candles with bulbs that will help in spreading illumination in the entire room. 

Modern Chandeliers

These are aesthetically pleasing Chandeliers that provide an elegant look to your space. A modern crystal chandelier is available in multiple shapes and embellishments. 

Contemporary Chandeliers

They are the opposite of modern chandeliers and are available in various textures, details and shapes. They are also trendy as the ideas are derived from the styles of different eras. 

Drum Chandeliers

As the name suggests, these chandeliers are in the shape of drums and have a series of bulbs and lights that can light up an entire room. 

Mini Chandeliers

These are perfect for small spaces that require lighting. It is also a great option when you are unable to pay for large chandeliers.

Hybrid Chandeliers

Hybrid chandeliers are combinations of all the styles in one. It will give you a variety of styles in one hybrid version. 

Five things to know about Crystal chandeliers:

They add a jeweller factor to your homes

Crystal chandelier Australia adds a glittery factor to your rooms. It has more to do than just providing light as it acts as “jewellery” to your home and will add drama and glam to any room. 

They are the perfect centrepiece for dining areas

A chandelier makes a style statement and will look perfect in a dining room. These will surely add a very formal as well as rich look to any room. They’ll give the perfect finishing touch as well.

Crystal Grades

Crystal is available in a variety of grads that have their unique properties. Some crystals are available in a wide price range. The expensive crystals are hand-cut and are more reflective. They are of high quality and add a wonderful sparkle to any space. You can also get antique crystal chandelier parts online at affordable prices.

Finishing of crystals will make a difference

The frame of any Crystal chandelier is very important and available in various types of finishing. The traditional finishes include gold and brass, whereas silver and other clear frames add a contemporary touch. 

Always hang a chandelier a few inches above a table-top

The hanging height is significant to get the best look. Experts advise hanging the chandelier around 32 to 34 inches above the table to get the maximum illumination. If it goes higher than this, then the look of a crystal chandelier won’t be up to the mark. On the other hand, if it goes any lower than this, then it has the chance of blocking the light from across the table. Hence, it is vital to do all the calculations beforehand to get the perfect fit.

The Best Crystal Chandeliers in 7Pandas Australia

IVANKA K9 Crystal 6-Light Chandelier Mount Flush Peacock Eye Chrome Finish 

This chandelier has peacock eye crystals and provides a mesmerizing look that will transform the space into an extraordinary setting. Even when the room appears dimly lit, this chandelier will stand out and provide soft lighting as well as a visual accent. This will surely attract the attention of all the guests that come over. It is perfect for indoor use, and the installation is effortless to do. However, bringing it together can be a task and hence you might need professional help. It has space for six bulbs and is made of steel and canine crystal. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a dry cloth.


NEOSA 3-Light Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier Light E14 Chrome

This is a pendant lighting that is perfect for any home. You can hang them on the wall, and they will make a great style statement. They will add a touch of grace in any space. It is made of polished chrome, which acts as a great contrast to the around eight crystals. Moreover, it comes with a long cord that makes it very practical to use. It has mounting capabilities that make it versatile for installation. Also, it is a three-light pendant chandelier and will attract many eyes. It requires professional installation and is easy to maintain.


TULIM 12-Light Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9 

This chandelier will surely add a lot of warmth to any room. You can choose from the chandelier shades available and get a modern look that will never get out of style. It will provide an exquisite look and is sure to illuminate any space perfectly. You can hang this chandelier on your living room or your bedroom to add that extra glitter. It is made of solid brass with K9 crystals. It can be mounted and will need professional installation.


With the above information regarding chandeliers and specifically crystal chandeliers, it is clear that they will be the perfect choice for any home. Do you have the power to elevate the look of any room and are also available in different designs that leave you with many options? The products mentioned are some of the most beautiful chandeliers available that will surely attract attention. There are other products available, and you can go through the same to make the perfect choice for your home.

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