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Buying Chandeliers For Sale - Chandeliers Online From 7Pandas

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7Pandas is one of the leading and most trusted sources when looking for a reliable chandelier provider with the best prices. The company began with the simple philosophy of "Live Easy" by bringing joy to every elegant piece they craft. In addition, they are renowned for bringing innovative home appliances like lighting fixtures, LED chandeliers, ceiling fans and any other elegant illumination. At 7Pandas, designers uniquely design each piece to reflect the needs of the consumers. Indeed, from staircase chandeliers and modern chandeliers to dining room lighting fixtures, you will easily spot the perfect design for your home.


Why Buy From 7Pandas?

There are tons of reasons why you should switch to 7Pandas rather than any other brand like lexi lighting. You are not just getting a lovely new modern chandelier when shopping at 7Pandas; you are bringing home a family with you. 7Pandas with great customer service team, treat their customers as their family by providing them with the comfort of "Live Easy." Our manufacturers make every product from high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, so you can get the best product you deserve.

In addition to living easy, you will also experience hassle-free transactions and buy lighting products with a better price. 7Pandas offers versatile payment options so you can enjoy shopping seamlessly. Included in that payment are a 30 days return and 100% aftersale satisfaction.

Do you have any questions in mind? Feel free to ask at 7Pandas. They attentively listen to your needs and answer any questions you have in mind so you will feel at ease all the time.

There are no dull moments when you choose 7Pandas as your home partner. And no flat room is too hard to transform with our innovative and inspiring designs that will uplift the overall aesthetic feature of your home.


How Do Chandeliers from 7Pandas Stand Out?

7Panda is very keen on details. That is why most of their contemporary lighting fixtures come with unique designs that scream elegance and class. They are made from labour-intensive processes and imported materials to ensure the quality of the product. It is only at 7Pandas that you can find chandeliers that are indeed one of a kind.


Types of Chandeliers Available

There are several types of chandeliers available at 7Pandas to choose from including the featured best selling ones. Let us get to know them individually and see which one suits your lovely abode the best. 


1. Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers are timeless pieces widely used all over the world. It is so popular and common that once you see one, you can easily distinguish it. Most crystal chandeliers are typically elaborative and employ incandescent lights adorned with a glittery accent that adds elegance and subtleness to any room at home. At the same time, the latest models integrate fluorescent fixtures and LEDs like CARLO Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9 Lamp base. This crystal chandelier comes with a myriad of designs for a variety of options to choose from. Manufacturers make some with smoked glass prisms and a metal frame with crystal, brass, or clear glass. In contrast, they polish others in chrome finish with roof or ceiling exhaust fans.



Contrary to what most people believe, Crystal chandeliers are not only made from crystals. There are different types of glasses used in making crystal chandeliers, as follows: 

K9 Crystal (Chinese)

K9 Crystal is the preferable type of glass used for crystals in a chandelier. It is a Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal that is significantly lighter and more durable than leaded crystal. In addition, cutting this type of glass does not take many scratches and is extensively recognized for its low dispersion characteristics.


Swarovski Crystals (Austrian)

You can go all out with the Austrian Swarovski Crystals if you have the budget. This type of crystal is more on the pricey side but definitely worth its regular price. It is the favourite form of glass used in high ceilings chandeliers. It is manufactured in the Austrian Alps and contains more than 30 per cent of lead, known for its sturdiness and razor-sharp faceting. Swarovski Crystals are the best choice in seeking crystals in various hues.


Gem Cut Crystals (Egyptian)

Gem Cut Crystal, also called Egyptian Crystal and Moroccan Crystal, is highly credited for its brilliance and glitter. It comes with a significant proportion of lead oxide. However, Gem Cut Crystals are high maintenance. They need a thorough cleaning every two months to preserve their sparkling and glossy look.


Hand-Cut Crystals (Turkish)

Hand-Cut Crystals are one of the earliest glass varieties, often called Turkish or Regal Crystal. True to its name, this type of glass is carved with hands-on iron and sandstone rollers and burnished with marble dust. And just like the Swarovski Crystals, Turkish Crystal is undeniably beautiful but comes with hefty prices.


Venetian Crystal (Italian)

When talking about elegance and purity, Venetian Crystal always comes to mind. It is not only used in making magnificent chandeliers but also in making dinnerware, vases, and even jewellery. Contrary to the conventional way of carving glass, Venetian crystals are sculpted and polished using fire.


2. Alabaster Chandeliers

Manufacturers typically make alabaster Chandeliers from Alabaster. It is a natural translucent stone imported from the North of Spain. This designer chandelier casts a soft and flattering glow built by expert craftsmanship. Making the Alabaster Chandelier is detailed and requires an arduous process to produce the most elegant soft natural light like ALLYSON 520mm Circular Round Alabaster Chandelier 6*E14 Lamp base perfect for intimate dinners, cozy nights, and family gatherings.


ALLYSON 520mm Circular Round Alabaster Chandelier 6*E14 Lamp base


3. Timber Chandeliers

As the name suggests, Timber Chandeliers are Wood Chandeliers. An example of this type of chandelier is BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier. These are wooden lights suspended on rods or chains suitable for traditional and modern homes. This unique modern chandelier is an idyllic display in big and light spaces. Designers and homeowners usually add this as a centrepiece in the dining area above dining table, living room, lounge room, workplace lobby, or foyer to greet guests with warmth and coziness. In addition, most Timber Chandeliers come with artful carvings with crystal parts to make them look more pleasing to the eye.


BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier


4. Farmhouse Chandeliers

Farmhouse Chandeliers are a timeless and vintage type of light fixture inspired by the countryside. It usually comes in different styles, such as wrought iron, sturdy thick or thin metal, and other types of materials designed to give a rustic appeal. At 7Pandas, Farmhouse Chandeliers, some have a traditional candle-style bulb, while others have self-ballasted bulbs for easy installation. An example of these farmhouse chandeliers is ALVA 12-Light Antique Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Australia Bronze E14.


ALVA 12-Light Antique Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Australia Bronze E14

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