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Timber And Modern Design Styles Of Chandeliers: Timber Chandelier

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A successful home makeover lies within your lights especially indoor and outdoor lighting. Although adding different decors can enhance the style of your home, with proper illumination, things will work out the way you planned them in your mind. Little did you know, the secret among styling professionals is choosing the perfect home chandelier like timber and wooden chandeliers. They use striking chandeliers to add glamour and style to every space they design whether dark or small spaces. Chandeliers act as a symbol of elegance hanging in the living room and dining area and have many benefits. If you want to have high ceilings with a sophisticated look, chandeliers are your way to go. 

These days, there are numerous sites offering chandelier online, Unfortunately, selecting the design is not our only concern. There are a lot of things that we need to think about thoroughly. For instance, the type of chandelier lights in Australia depends on the style, shape, material and functions. 

Let’s say you would like to change things and go for a rustic design. When going rustic, the design should be natural and casual with a touch of classic aged. For this, you should consider a wood chandelier. It speaks of simplicity and gives a very natural look. It is usually made of wood, iron, solid brass and bulbs. Just the perfect match for your rustic home revamp.



How Timber Design Stands Different From Others?

Timber Chandeliers provide a timeless look and can dwell in any design and setting. From being used as a decorative furnishing to simple pendant light. This wooden chandelier is such a versatile light fixture that comes in many shapes like a dome and cone. If designed properly, Timber chandelier can provide a resplendent beautiful look by casting the shadows after absorbing light. As these wooden hanging lights are made out of wood, unlike metal, they are built to be sturdy and long-lasting. Meanwhile, the expensive lights are made of real Oak. Even so, the design varies based on the quality and cost of the materials. One common material used in making timber pendant lights is plywood since this type of material is known for its strength and durability.


Why Must you Opt for BONITO Model Timber Design Styles?

The Bonito Model with a timber wood frame has a wooden impression with a solid steel finishing. It gives a refreshing glimpse and furnishes a classic look. This wood chandelier is constructed with timber and can fit 1 to 6 bulbs. The rod is adjustable according to the area you wish to fit it in. This way, it is ideal in both large and compact places as the rod can be adjusted quickly. At the same time, the wood chandelier is best suited to fit on ceilings and will light up the indoors of your house. It is suitable for dry areas, and cleaning should be done using dry clothes to avoid blemishing the sleek wood finish. The BONITO Model is best known for its quality and longevity. It comes in different sizes based on how many bulbs you would like to use. To give you an idea on how many bulbs you will be needing for your place, the single bulb fits best in enclosed areas, while the six bulbs is ideal in places where more light is needed such as the living room and the dining area. On top of that, it forms a dark brown and natural woody texture made from light timber. It is stylish and natural and should meet all your needs when looking for a decent timber and low maintenance chandelier to position into a room that has a more neutral palette.


What Makes Modern Style Chandeliers Unique and so Attractive?

Modern Style Chandeliers give a more futuristic look. Whatever be the design, it will be made in a very geometrical way. They fit well in most big and light spaces and are ideally used to light up the entrances or the living room as they are known to leave an impression. It perfectly complements the digital age with its crisp edges and geometric designs.



Modern chandeliers for living room have the power to light up and change the look of a dim area to something lively and exciting. A single chandelier in the living space will provide such aesthetics while still helping you make the room bright. In closed rooms, the chandeliers’ small bulbs and subtle glow reflect light on the walls giving it a sultry look. And if you are planning on getting one, you can find the best chandeliers online by visiting our 7Pandas lighting store.


Types of Modern Chandeliers

There are different types of Modern Chandelier Australia you can find nowadays. To help you distinguish each type of chandelier, we have made a list below of some of the modern lighting fixtures you can add to your home.

  • Modern LED chandelier: This modern fixture is ideal for spaces around your house that require excellent illumination, such as dining and living rooms. The frame usually comes in bold designs equipped with LED lights, which make it a total head-turner decor for a home.

  • Modern Sputnik Chandelier: A contemporary and trendy modern chandelier Australia with a sleek yet elegant design is best suited to complement the modern furniture at your home. It is a great addition to your dining area as it provides a lot of light. It will even go well in entrances and living rooms. 

  • Modern Candle Style Chandelier: Influenced by the Medieval style candle stands, these chandeliers use electric candles or bulbs in place of real candles as the electric version is safe from fire hazard. These chandelier lights Australia provide a modern look with a hint of traditional twist in them creating a subtle and warm ambiance in the room.


The dining room chandeliers online Australia add charm while providing an ample amount of light. While the modern style chandeliers are perfect for the dining area as they capture the right blend of style and light, proffering coziness while setting the mood at night. Today, there are numerous styles of Chandeliers that can be perfect for a dining room. From Vintage Style chandeliers often inspired by the Victorian era to modern Sputnik chandeliers, a statement piece satellite-esque style with a mid-century appeal, and let's not forget the all-time favourite Crystal chandelier for class and elegance. At the same time, the Minimalist Pendants, Ring Lights and Simple Pendants are also types of chandeliers that you can add to your dining table beside your table lamps at home, providing light and elegance altogether. The different shapes will also work well in attracting attention. It is an outstanding area to make a style statement. And to score the best deals for your next chandelier, do not hesitate to visit our website to buy chandeliers online Australia at affordable prices with the best quality.



How Can you Make your Rooms Decorative with Chandeliers?

The truth is chandeliers lights can make or break your space. It can transform your place in the most beautiful way possible, but it can also do the other way around. How is this even possible? Are not chandeliers supposed to elevate your home? YES. Indeed. However, in order to do this, you must find the perfect piece for your home. And when we say perfect, it needs to be the right size, colour, and design to blend with the atmosphere you are creating in your home.

To give you a clearer idea, the modern chandeliers for the living room are too big compared to the space it needs to fit in and can be overpowering. And if you place a small chandelier in a large area such as the entertainment and living room, it can look inappropriate and dull. Hence, for your chandelier to provide the look you desire, it is always important to work out the proportion. In determining the diameter of a chandelier that will fit perfectly in a space, measure the length and the width in feet, then sum them up to get the estimated diameter for the chandelier in inches. Let's say your room length is 17 feet while the width is 10 feet. Adding the two will result in 27 feet, so your chandelier should be about 27 inches in diameter. For pendant style chandeliers, there is a rule that most professionals use to get the height of the chandelier. The rule measures the distance between the floor and ceiling, and multiplied by 2.5 will be the estimated height for the chandelier in inches. For instance, if your room height is 14 feet multiplied by 2.5, the result would be 35, so the height of the chandelier should be at least 35 inches. The chandelier's placement decides the look it gives away, be it traditional, modern or with a hint of both. How you hang your dining room chandeliers also matters greatly, as a high ceiling would require a taller chandelier. Aside from the proportion, the chandelier should also complement the furniture and the room's colours; else, even a great piece can seem out of place.

Chandeliers always attract the eye, and doing everything right can add the wow factor to your home. There are several designs and types of chandeliers available for you at 7Pandas lighting store, and you have a wide range of collection to choose from to make the perfect decision!


[Last updated on January 5, 2023]

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