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What Is Industrial Chandelier Lighting Design?

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The industrial chandelier is a trend that celebrates the simple and sturdy aesthetic of old factories and any other industrial space. Lighting within these spaces was built using strong yet unfinished materials, making it a trend that looks eye-catching and uncomplicated. While some industrial fixtures can look edgy, this style pairs beautifully with many other interior designs, including modern, national, and even nautical.


Characteristics of Industrial Lighting

Designers originally designed industrial-style lighting for its functional benefits. But over time, it became popular because it adds variety and an exciting style to any room. Typically, they made them of unfinished or distressed steel and wood panels. Standard features of modern chandeliers include exposed bulbs, metal shades, and wire cages. Anyone can see the connection points between different pieces, which are emphasised without decoration, further enhancing the age of these lights. You can see the history of every vintage industrial lighting piece preserved from the machine age.


Form and Style

Industrial-style modern chandelier in Australia showcases a sleek, functional look in the form of a warehouse. Because of its flexibility, you can use industrial lighting in any décor, including home and office. In addition, it allows you to modify it for style and function. Here are some trends that you can try:

Modern Decor Gives Your Home a Unique and Fun Accent Colour 

Modern chandelier lights are a natural choice for any modern decor. If you are tired of plain-old white, adding this element to your space will also add life and colour. Plus, industrial lamps can have shiny antique finishes or polished nickel, matte black, or even unusual colours. So your options regarding industrial chandeliers lighting up your work environment in many unexpected ways are endless!


A Traditional Accent

Want to renovate a classic business space to keep up with the current trends? Try transforming it into an industrial-inspired office with a burst of modern black chandelier light. Suspend large brass barrel-shaped pendants over conference tables, separate your conversation area from other areas with Edison-style lights, and mix and match classic pieces with modern lighting for the perfect trendy look.


Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse-style wooden chandelier in Australia is part rustic and part modern and it is chic. It is excellent for any business, from real estate to restaurants to everything between them. Industrial lighting design is perfect for this style; combine an old piece with a new one in various materials like metal or wood. Highlight architectural features by hanging unique industrial lamps from an exposed beam or suspending three black metal barn lights over a reclaimed wood table. Use a metal vintage-style gooseneck wall lamp to illuminate your entry door and accent your space with plants, vases, and flowers.



Steampunk combines technology-infused science fiction/fantasy, 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery, and reclaimed pipe. Steampunk is the perfect progressive trend for innovative designers to add drama and function to their space by reclaiming old pipes and turning them into aesthetic pieces in a home decor scheme.



You need to pay attention to the details when making a design decision to buy a wooden chandelier. Consider adding industrial-style lights leading up to your building and illuminating outdoor spaces with larger-sized ground lamps or stringing Edison bulbs. Because safety is essential, outdoor lighting is such an important feature. Let visitors know you care about detail and style when you add it to your home.


CANOVA 8-Light Circular large Contemporary Chandelier Bronze E14 base


What Makes an Industrial Light Fixture?

An industrial light fixture is designed for commercial or industrial purposes and needs a specific set of features, such as high/low-level inputs, on/off capability, and environmental sensors.

Industrial lights are installed in warehouses, factories, buildings and more and have different types of bulbs for several purposes and brightness levels. These allow for increased output from the workers, better safety, improved security, and more reliability. 

Now it is time to find the perfect one for your conditions. The areas where you install industrial light fixtures have harsh conditions like dirty power, corrosive atmospheres, high temperatures, and even bad weather conditions. Industrial lighting needs to be able to withstand these vibrations. 

Manufacturers designed industrial lights to be durable and versatile for outdoor and indoor uses. When choosing them, you need to know the balance of lighting they provide and their performance needs.


Focusing on the Quality

The quality of industrial lighting is vital. You need to look at the fixtures and consider how well they will stand up to all the conditions in factory settings. Upgrading commercial lighting is only worth it if you have thought about what features you will need for longevity. 

When considering the best industrial lighting, there are a few factors to remember. These guidelines ensure you get the perfect product for your needs at an optimal price. A couple of these factors include:

High-Grade Components

Rigorous activity in an industry can hamper the success of a product. That is why you need to ensure that your lighting components are strong enough to withstand the conditions in industrial applications.


Aluminium in Large Levels

If you need durable and long-lasting lighting fixtures, it is essential to find ones with a high aluminium content. As a result, they will have a lower risk of corrosion, which is ideal when your industry has a high humidity level. 

Light fixtures made of aluminium are usually better than light fixtures made of other materials. That is because aluminium has superior heat dissipation and weight levels compared to other materials that are very similar in function and purpose.  

Aluminium can also be used for lights because it can last a long time, which is essential. On the other hand, plastic, steel and ceramic have many problems with lifespan compared to aluminium, mainly when used for lighting fixtures.


Tempered Glass

Bending devices, and any other fragile materials, are a hassle in hot environments because they do not take up as much space as they should. That can lead to material-damaging strain lines, which break the surfaces of mounts that keep devices suspended or visors that bring light into workstations. A type of glass called tempered borosilicate will not expand when it heats up, making it great for preparing workspaces with high temperatures. 

Many use optics in many different applications ranging from glass to acrylic, and high-end products offer a variety of benefits. You should choose a product with a good brand name and quality performance.


Excellent Finish

As long as you have manufacturing facilities with high-quality employees and assembly, it is crucial to ensure your chandelier light fixtures are perfect. In addition, it can improve workers' morale by installing or working near the light fixtures.


Available Products

BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier


BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier


Give your home a sophisticated ambience with this elegant pear-shaped chandelier from BONITO. Its warm glow is cast over the sandalwood and provides an atmosphere suitable for various occasions. 

The BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier is a vintage-inspired pendant light with a classical timber-look frame. Designers have designed it to give a contemporary twist to an age-old material. Inspiration for the design came from the designers' worldwide travels, searching through our favourite looks and styles they found in places they stopped along the way! From two floors up to basement level 3, there is something for everyone, primarily because of its classic colour and timeless wood accents.


ALVA 12-Light Antique Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Australia Bronze E14


ALVA 12-Light Antique Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Chandelier Australia Bronze E14


The perfect farmhouse lighting includes moving parts like wreaths and candelabras. It offers versatility in the form of customisable rod length and smooth dimming capabilities while featuring a beautiful shape with its twelve lighting fixtures that provide enough illumination to light up any room and its gorgeous bronze wagon wheel design on any ceiling. 

A modern take on the classic wagon wheel, the ALVA chandelier is a minimalist design with a sleek metal body and oblong lights. It has delicate details that accent its clean design, from small hooks extruded from the centrepiece to its gold underlines.

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