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Light Fixtures Styling For Home and Office

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Light Fixtures Styling For Home and Office


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Lighting Design for home and office plays an integral role in every household and work space. Not only does it set the tone and ambience for your home or workplace, but lighting especially smart lighting can also greatly impact the mood of the occupants. Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Meeting Rooms, Working Desk Area, Study Rooms, Bedroom - every room has a different function that demands a different kind of Lighting to achieve the perfect ambience. 

That is why in this article, we have rounded up some tips and guides for your and interior designers on choosing the perfect lights like pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lights and any other light fittings which are both pleasing to the eyes and incredibly functional.

Just to give you a hint, many types of lights can be used in your home like indoor and outdoor lighting, including floor lamps, LED downlights, ceiling lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers, etc. However, there are certain things that we need to take into consideration, such as the budget and the style. Therefore, we hope this article can give you a clearer vision and thoughts when selecting suitable lighting.


Different Rooms Require Different Lights 

Different rooms require different lights. Before placing the right lights, ensure you have a lucid idea of what environment you would like to bring out. There are many artificial lighting methods that can greatly impact each nook and cranny of your home. It is recommended that you try to strike a balance between the functional and aesthetic aspects of lights.

For instance, the living and study rooms require a light fixture that provides adequate illumination to brighten the whole space while avoiding eye strain like a floor lamp. Meanwhile, bathrooms and dressing tables often necessitate translucent lighting since they are used to magnify our images in the mirror. In the bedroom, however, you should consider fitting a light switch to control the brightness levels, to create a soothing atmosphere. That is why it is important to think about different lighting options to enhance your space in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


Noteworthy Lighting Tips and Tricks 

  • Make sure to emphasize that your prominent lighting fixture should be radiant enough with appropriate wattage to illuminate your space and set the right mood. Although we want to make the place gleam, let's also remember to choose lighting that provides sufficient glow and comfort to the eye — something that dabbles between congenial and brilliance.
  • Consider your ceiling height before hanging a chandelier light. Most experts follow the golden rule of placing the chandelier at least seven to eight ft above the floor.
  • On a workstation, place the lamp at a correct angle, to ensure that no shadow falls on the working area.
  • A side table with a lamp, not only has its own charm but is also useful as a reading light.
  • Lamps in the bedroom need to be at a convenient distance from the bed, making it easy to operate.
  • While selecting light fixtures, ensure that it complements the overall theme of the house and furniture design. Because sometimes, putting contrasting things in one place uproots class and beauty.
  • Choose fixtures that are easy to maintain, especially if you are a busy person with a hectic schedule. It makes cleaning easy, and the fixtures last long. In addition, it would be best to choose lighting with spares and accessories readily available for future replacement.


Introducing Our 2023 Most Beloved Top Picks

1. Pendant Lights

A pendant light is an exceptional fixture often used for general lighting. Most of these lights are designed to light up to the ceiling which many find as its best quality. It is often used as a porch light to provide great lighting to the portico.

Our Pick: Mort 1 Light Contemporary Modern Pendant Light 

The sleek design of MORT Pendant Light, with its 1-Light and black finish, is a welcome addition to any home. Made of steel and timber, the cord is covered in transparent fabric. 

Lending a fusion of contemporary design with industrial, the Mort does a good job of blending these two styles into one very flexible and versatile design suitable for different spaces for the creative minds.

Choose from our wide range of Pendant Lights from our shop's Collection. 


2. Table Lamps

Table lamps may not be the primary source of light but plays an integral part in setting the tone for each room. It has that vibrant ability to impact significantly different sections of your space.

Our Pick is SEABROOK Nordic Style Stylish Table lamp with wood Base E27 Black White

Elevate your existing decor with the decadent SEABROOK table lamp. Perfect for study rooms, living rooms, studio, or your special little enclave. The industry fixture goes well to give an airy and industry look. The lamp is constructed of solid metal with a beautiful wooden base finish to complete the industrial wood-metal package. The light is rated for one 60W Bulb maximum (any higher bulb may overheat the lamp). It uses E27 base bulbs (not included). Just plug in and enjoy.

For many more different styles of Table Lights, please go to our Table Lights collection page. 


3. Chandeliers

Chandelier lighting is often the center of attraction to one's abode. Who would dare to miss out on such a head-turner work of art adorned in pristine fine jewels? There is no arguing that chandeliers are a staple statement piece at home.

Nowadays, most chandeliers are made of glass, wood, metal, or crystal. You can consider many types of chandeliers to enhance your space's ambience.

Our Pick: ALVA 12-Light Antique Chandelier Round Farmhouse Chrome E14 

The exquisite design of the ALVA Chandelier, with its twelve candelabra lights and distinctive chrome wagon wheel silhouette, is a welcome addition to any home.

Constructed of solid metal, the Chandelier is rated for 12 bulbs of 20W max. Bulb type: E14 base bulbs (not included). An adjustable rod comes in connectable segments to allow for an easy customisable length upon set up. The Chandelier light can be mounted on a vaulted ceiling.

For more information such as construction, weight and other information please go to the chandelier's product page here: ALVA 12-Light Antique Chandelier Round Farmhouse Chrome E14

While if you are looking for a more traditional approach you may consider: AlVA 12-Light Antique Chandelier Round Farmhouse Rustic Grey E14

For other types of Chandelier Light designs, check out our Chandeliers collection page.


In Summary

Lighting does, in fact, play an inherent role in providing the right ambience to a home or workplace. Not only does it set the tone and aura for your home or office, but lighting can also significantly impact the mood of the people in your space.

It is vital to incorporate the best lighting design to enhance the spirit and atmosphere of your home and place. As a last tip, if you can find a fixture with a programmable switch, the better! Dimmer switches play a big part in allowing adjustment of lighting to suit the ambience and activity at home. This is also ideal when guests come over to your house who prefer faint illumination over scintillating lights as a means of warmth and comfort. 

7Pandas Australia offers a great range of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans at special deals and prices. Fast shipping Australia nationwide.


Let's Get Straight to the Facts

1. What is the general process for hanging Pendant Lights?

First, make sure you call a professional electrician! If you want to know more, below is detailed process that you can follow:

  • Select the fixtures: A pendant light often hangs by its own electrical cord, making the fixture itself more convenient, and oftentimes distinguished mostly by color and size. The style of simple light lies in the shade, which can be chosen to match any decor, space or use. A flared shape or transparent shade will throw more light into a room, whereas an opaque or solid shade may focus light on a task surface.
  • Prepare the junction box: Locate your electrical panel and turn off power to the junction box and confirm no power is flowing. A previously mounted light should be removed with care to avoid damage to wiring. Three wires should be visible; two for power and a third wire is used as an electrical ground. Remove any previously used mounting bracket.
  • Select a bulb: Consult the manufacturer’s instructions when selecting a bulb for your fixture. Wattage, shape and “light appearance” can all have a significant impact on the look and functionality of your ceiling fixture. If using a dimmer switch, make sure the bulb is dimmable and look for warmer colors for living spaces. Although a single pendant light is not usually the best choice for large spaces.


2. How can I use Pendant lights to make my house look elegant?

Pendant lighting is a good choice for magnifying the unique beauty of your home.

One of the best features of crystal pendant lighting is its ability to add a subtle style to space. At the same time, it provides a focal point especially if there is a notable piece of furniture or décor in the vicinity. You can choose between traditional crystal chandeliers to modern in-built crystal pendants or anywhere in between depending on the theme you select for your room.


[Last updated on January 11, 2023]

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