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All About K9 Crystal Chandelier

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Whether you are moving to a new house or would like to transform the look of your home, a chandelier is always an excellent investment. From being a candelabra to a status symbol, chandeliers are a favourite among homeowners and designers. If you are planning to find the perfect chandelier for your home, there are now many designs you can find online. You will never run out of options, from modern crystal chandeliers to vintage ones. However, the pattern is one of many things that you need to consider. You should also check the alluring sparkling crystals that make up your chandelier. 

Chandeliers are the crown jewel of our home. These pieces are usually the focal point of our house, which is why it is only a must to find the best crystal chandelier for your place. However, suppose you need an idea and wonder what type of crystal chandelier produces an alluring beam of light whose crystals are intricately crafted by manufacturers yet unblemished and unparalleled. In that case, you are looking for our K9 crystal chandelier. It is one of our best-selling crystal chandeliers, highly acclaimed for its distinct beauty and subtle glow. The crystals are refined with excellent quality with a luxurious beauty yet modestly priced. To know more about K9 crystal, we made a list for you of the things you should know about it and why you should consider it the next addition to your lovely home.


What is K9 Crystal? 

K9 crystals, also called K9 glass, are one of the most popular types of crystal used in making crystal chandeliers. It comes originally from the German word Krone which means "crown", and the number 9 symbolizes the glass's lead content, which is 9%. It is an optical borosilicate crown glass crystal manufactured in China that does not require many incisions when shaping. In addition, it features exceptional physical properties; hence, this kind of glass is famous for many reasons.  

K9 crystals are relatively affordable compared to other types of crystals. Albeit it is reasonable, these crystals can be polished as pristine as premium crystals can be. It is also cleverly known for its low dispersal properties and relatively high refractive index. If you did not know, K9 crystals are the same optical crystal used in making NASA's renowned Hubble Telescope lenses since the optical crystal is more pristine and more precise than other glass and leaded crystals. Apart from the striking beauty of this crystal, the overall visage is flawless, free from any bubbles and scratches. 

Interestingly, K9 crystals are 15% lighter than leaded crystals, which is the material that matches any ceiling as it will never cause any damage or break apart. It is also surprisingly highly durable, lasts long, and you will never have to worry about accidentally cracking the crystal when cleaning. It may be too good to be accurate, but it is real. So for a fraction of the price of a genuine crystal, you can get a high-quality chandelier whose glow shimmers for years without dimming. 

Gladly, K9 crystals are available at 7Pandas. In addition, we offer the best quality crystal chandeliers in the most elegant style possible, adorned with the finest quality K9 crystals. So do not hesitate to browse our site and check out some of our fabulous pieces in store for you.


TERRY Rectangle Modern Style K9 Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass 7* E14 base


How are K9 Crystals Different From Other Types of Crystals?

But, of course, there are other types of crystals that make up a chandelier. As we all know, K9 crystals are widely known as favourites around the globe, although other crystals are available in the market these days. These types of crystals are renowned for several reasons. First, it is more budget-friendly than Swarovski, yet it also produces a glimmering glow that typically shines on expensive crystals. 

Meanwhile, Gem-Cut crystals are closely related to genuine crystals; however, they contain a lead oxide ranging between 24% to 34% per cent, higher than K9 crystals ranging from 5% to 9%. The higher the percentage of lead oxide in a glass, the more it reflects vibrant colours. However, this can also lead to a greater density. Therefore, gem-cut may be close to the authentic crystal, but K9 crystals are lighter to place on your ceiling. Another thing is that Gemcut crystals are high maintenance. It takes much effort to keep it in excellent shine and shimmer, unlike K9 crystals, which are easy to maintain and clean. 

Venetian Crystals are truly eye-catching. Everyone adores the beauty and clarity of these pieces, especially the Murano glass exported from Venice. It is considered one of the finest chandeliers in the world, but technically speaking, Murano glass is not a form of crystal. Instead, it is blown glass from Murano, Italy. Instead of using a machine, it is moulded and polished by fire resulting in a beautifully subtle luminosity. Regardless, the glass is extremely thin and, therefore, fragile, unlike the K9 crystals, which are lightweight and substantial. 

And if we will go back to the oldest types of crystal to ensure that what you are getting is legitimate, Hand Cut crystals, also known as Turkish or Regal crystals, are what you are looking for. Since Turkish crystals use the traditional way of cutting the crystals using iron and sandstone wheels, the marks from the wheels are somewhat visible. As a result, you can see the traces over the crystals, unlike with K9 crystals that customarily have an impressive flawless countenance.


Is K9 Crystals Better Compared to K5 Crystals?

Honestly speaking, YES. These two types of crystals are Borosilicate and have a lead content below 10%. In terms of quality, K9 is considered higher and has a better degree of colour and lustre. It is the perfect bedroom crystal chandelier and a great addition to your living spaces and dining room since it showcases a dignified beauty and durability.


Available Products

CARLO 32-Lights Rectangle Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9


CARLO 32-Lights Rectangle Modern Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9


The CARLO crystal chandelier is a stunning showpiece for any interior or open living space. Its delicate, aged brass body hangs from two slender arms on its frame of dozens of glass panes, creating an elegant and dramatic light spread that can evoke the glamour of European glass lighting with it.  

The soft, diffused glow of this modern chandelier provides a warm ambience to any room at its perfect angle, while its adjustable rods allow you to brighten your space at the touch of a switch. Able to be mounted on a vaulted ceiling, this exquisite crystal piece creates an elegant skyward accent in any home.


TULIM 18-Light Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9


TULIM 18-Light Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass G9


The TULIM crystal chandelier with an aged brass finish is the perfect addition to any space, offering elegant and industrial design with round drops that drip down from a circular frame that will tie your room together. Thanks to the fixture's eighteen slender arms and delicate metal strands, you will have enough light to get anything done. The scalloped arms offer an enveloping brightness during the day or night without highlighting any single light source, providing interesting reflections on all of your accessories, from furniture to paintings. 

This remarkable fixture is perfect for those who want to enjoy stylish lighting without sacrificing functionality - at night when the lights are dimmed low or during daylight hours when everyone is home and ready for quality time together in the living room.

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