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How to Decorate Your House with The Beautiful Chandelier?

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Chandeliers have become an integral part of home décor that you must be planning on using it. Different designs of chandeliers are available for every style of the house. 

Having your own space is fun; the next step would be decorating your house. If you want to include chandeliers lighting as a part of your home décor, we have some great suggestions on the same.


Type of Chandeliers

However, designers made different types of chandeliers for other house interiors. Choosing the right chandelier is always vital. If you want a low-key home décor, you might add some glam with crystal chandeliers. If you want to keep your home décor earthy, wood chandeliers would be the best choice. The material of the chandeliers is vital when it comes to decorating your house. Here are some common materials that you can use for chandeliers, and you must know about them. 


* Metal Chandeliers 

Every chandelier has a base of metal. No matter what, manufacturers made up the outer cover of the basic structure with metal. They made up some chandeliers only of metal and some light bulbs. Those are minimal and elegant. Most of the contemporary home interior would have one all-metal chandelier.


* Crystal Chandeliers

It was a luxury before the minimal chandeliers came to crystal chandeliers. The primary beauty of the chandelier depended on crystal lights. But now, with so much variety of chandeliers, you can choose a minimal chandelier with crystals. It will look gorgeous yet won’t be heavy on your pocket.


* Wood Chandeliers

This type of chandelier is pretty new. Modern interior designers add earthier tones to the home interior with wood chandeliers. They are simple, muted, elegant.


BONITO 1-Light Timber Round Dark Brown E27 Chandelier


How Can You Decorate Your Home with Chandeliers?

Before the 20th-century, wealthy households were the only ones to use chandeliers. But now, every home can afford a chandelier. That is why the usage of the chandelier has increased. Currently, chandeliers are not limited to your living room; decorate your kitchen, foyer, bedroom, study with chandeliers.

We are not used to decorating our bedroom with chandeliers but have you tried to keep two wooden chandeliers on both front corners of the room? They will change the entire vibe to elevate how your bedroom looks. It can bring in the exciting factor of the room and add additional lighting. You can change the colours of the light with your mood as well.

Similarly, modern kitchens would look great if you add a metal modern chandelier, maybe with a chrome finish. Though different finishes make it easy to match the interior, the design matters the most. People and interior designers equip modern kitchens with all appliances and all the concealed. A minimal metal chandelier would be ideal in your kitchen to match the vibe. You can also opt for crystal chandeliers but maintaining them would be easy.


Why Crystal Chandeliers are the Best to Decorate Your Home?

Crystal chandeliers are best suited in the living room, maybe a family room in the staircase, foyer and lobby. Interior designs decorate all these spaces with minimal objects. Placing a crystal chandelier there would change how the area looks. Crystal chandeliers need not be big and bulky. It will make the space look elongated and elevate the look. You can go with a long crystal chandelier at the staircase as a simple staircase can be elegant with a chandelier.

However, you can also use crystal chandeliers in the dining space. It makes the room look gorgeous. You can add a white crystal chandelier on top of your dining table, which will elevate the look. You can go for a rectangle chandelier to match the dining table shape anytime.


Choosing the Right Chandelier is Important

When it comes to maintaining a chandelier, you must consider your situation and how you can carry it forward. If you can afford to hire a professional to clean it, that is fine. Otherwise, you will have to clean it yourself, which might be tricky. Choose chandeliers that are easy to clean for you and does not require much maintenance. Sometimes the design might be attractive, but cleaning is a hassle. That is why consider every aspect before choosing a chandelier. Every home is different, and so is the use of chandeliers.


Other Styles of Chandeliers You Might Consider

* Glass Chandelier

You can use a glass chandelier to increase light play in your house. These are among the most beautiful yet delicate chandeliers you can have in your home. They make the entire space dazzle every time.


* Shaded Chandelier

Another muted version of the chandelier is the shaded chandelierShaded chandeliers allow the lights to defuse with a shade on them. Such chandeliers are perfect for study rooms and spaces where you don’t want the chandelier to grab the most attention.


Available Products

ALVA 12-Light Antique Rectangular Farmhouse Bronze E14 Chandelier Light


ALVA 12-Light Antique Rectangular Farmhouse Bronze E14 Chandelier Light


Alva is a modern rectangular chandelier with an antique look. It comes with a bronze finish that makes it look elegant. It is ideal for every new, contemporary home. The lights are antique, bringing in more spaces in the option to have it. Even traditional homes would also blend in with this chandelier.


MONTE 12-Lights Modern Style 1.39m Length Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass E27


MONTE 12-Lights Modern Style 1.39m Length Crystal Chandelier Aged Brass E27


When you want crystals but not too much yet want a unique chandelier, then this is for you. The aged brass finish makes it more attractive. It is ideal for every elegant home. If you are looking for something elegant yet straightforward, grab this chandelier now.



Decorating the home with chandeliers is pretty subjective. Every home is different, and so is the owner’s choice. But some styles are evergreen and go perfect with every home. Knowing the right place like 7Pandas AU to acquire the chandeliers is essential. Maintenance of the chandelier is also necessary. When it comes to maintaining, many beautiful chandeliers would not fit right according to your requirement. Please find the best chandelier for your home and decorate it beautifully.

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