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Introducing an exciting new range of modern chandeliers that perfectly fits your home! Our collection includes a wide variety of styles and designs, from large statement-making pieces to stairwells and living room lighting. We have something perfect to add a touch of class to any space.

Our modern chandelier collection has been carefully curated to ensure you find the perfect piece for your space. All the luminaires at 7Pandas are sourced with an emphasis on contemporary design and quality craftsmanship. Each piece features unique details like crystal decorations and art deco shapes, giving any room a luxurious look.

With our wide range of modern chandelier styles, sizes and shapes, you will surely find something that will light up your home in a new way, from delicate designs to grand artistic statements – to extra-large outlines suitable for grand staircases including stair light to smaller models which are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. So whatever your lighting needs, we have it covered!

For those who need extra help with selecting the ideal luminaire for their space, our experienced team can provide professional advice. So don’t hesitate to contact us today. We offer fast shipping Australia-wide so you can enjoy your new lighting feature quickly and easily. With 7pandas Lighting, you’ll surely find the perfect chandelier for your staircase or any other room in your home!


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Illuminate Your Space with Modern Chandeliers - A Guide for Australian Customers


Crystal Chandelier Dining Room


A chandelier can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space. Whether you're looking for a centrepiece for your staircase or a statement piece for your living room, a chandelier can elevate the look and feel of your home. 


What is a Chandelier?

A chandelier is an ornamental light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling. Historically, chandeliers were used in grand homes and public spaces, but they have since become popular in modern homes. They can be made from various materials such as crystal, glass, metal, or plastic.


Chandelier Lights

Here is what you should know about chandeliers. Stunning chandeliers are a great fixture that will brighten up any room in your home. Whether it is an empty lobby, dining room, large bathrooms, the main bedroom, a kitchen island, above your dining table, living room, business space, a significant area, or any other area, a unique modern chandelier will beautify your home and accentuate the region with its dazzling lightning.

However, choosing stunning chandeliers can be tedious and tricky, especially when looking for ceiling lighting fixtures, floor lamps, wall lights, wall sconces or any pendant light. Not only are there endless types and different styles of the designer chandelier to choose from to fit the style of your room, but each type of chandelier comes in various finishes and styles, making it harder for you to make up your mind. 

If you're looking for excellent quality crystal chandelier lighting fixtures, 7Pandas offers a wide range and a new collection of popular modern crystal chandeliers online. From contemporary chandelier lights to fit the aesthetic of your modern interiors from the living room to provincial, traditional, and vintage styles, which will go well with any classically designed space. We stock a wide range of all these different styles in materials such as crystal, wood, timber, brass, nickel, etc. With vast categories of chandelier styles and finishes available, we have one of the best collections of chandelier lights.


Living Room Crystal Chandelier


The testament to our high-quality crystal chandeliers is the K9 glass. The same glass creates items like prisms and optical lenses in pendant light. As a result, the crystals in our crystal chandeliers are more apparent. The high clarity is due to the high refractive index of K9 glass, which holds its ground in the crystal chandelier industry for the best high-end and stunning chandeliers. Add to it that K9 Crystals are more durable and sturdy than regular glass crystals. 

Our Melbourne-based chandelier warehouse is situated in Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia. However, we offer quick and easy shipping and delivery nationwide of Chandeliers in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and other cities. We guarantee to ship your new crystal chandelier in perfect condition no matter where you are ordering from in Australia.

If you are confused about choosing the category of modern chandelier lights and any pendant light you want, use our chandelier buying guide to select the perfect chandelier for you! We have a wide range of crystal, modern, farmhouse, timber, staircase, and alabaster chandeliers. So whether you want a glimmering crystal chandelier with a brass finish or a rusty vintage chandelier that will go well with wooden accents in your room, we have the information to help you decide.


Chandelier Lighting Options

When it comes to chandelier lighting, there are various options available. Typically, chandeliers have multiple arms that hold light bulbs. The number of arms and the type of bulbs used can vary depending on the size and style of the chandelier. Some chandeliers come with lampshades, while others have exposed bulbs for a modern, minimalist look.


Modern and Contemporary Chandeliers

At 7Pandas, we offer a range of modern and contemporary chandeliers that are perfect for any home. Our chandeliers come in various styles, sizes, and materials, so you will surely find the perfect fit for your space. From sleek, chrome finishes to whimsical crystal designs - we have something to suit every taste. A staircase chandelier can add drama and elegance to an entrance hall, while a smaller chandelier in a bedroom provides a touch of luxury.


Buying a Chandelier Online

Buying a chandelier online can be a convenient and stress-free experience. You can browse through our selection of chandeliers from the comfort of your own home to find the right style that suits your needs. We offer a secure online payment system, and our chandeliers come with a warranty to give you peace of mind. We can also offer delivery options to Perth and throughout Australia.


7Pandas Simple Modern Chandelier Lights Buying Guide 2023


Luxurious Dining Chandelier


You need to know several things before buying your first chandelier for any living space in your home. Deciding on a room, whether a staircase or kitchen farmhouse chandelier, taking measurements to choose the right size of the chandelier, and deciding on a proper fix are only some of the things you need to know to choose a chandelier. So let's start with a complete step-by-step guide for choosing a chandelier


Where Do You Want to Place Your Chandelier Lights?

Do you want a staircase chandelier, a crystal chandelier for the living room or a modern farmhouse chandelier for the kitchen? First, decide where you want to fix the chandelier. Is it in the foyer or centre of your living room? After deciding on a room, analyse the style of your room. That includes the overall colour scheme, the furniture style, the ambience of the décor, art deco, etc. Some people choose a chandelier that blends in with the room's colours, while others prefer a statement piece that stands out. 

For example, if you have white walls and brown leather furniture, you could go for deep golden or brass crystal chandeliers to blend in with your room or choose a sizeable blue chandelier that stands out from the surrounding furniture. You could also match the stunning modern chandeliers with the aesthetic of your entire house! Of course, all of this comes down to your budget and taste.


What Size Of Chandelier Should You Buy?

Chandeliers come in different sizes, so choosing the appropriate size for your room can be tricky. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks for selecting the right-sized chandelier. 


Diameter of the Chandelier 

An easy trick to deciding your chandelier's product width or diameter is measuring the room's length and width in feet. For example, your room is 10 feet long and 14 feet wide. Then add both values to get a number that will be the most proportionate diameter of the chandelier in your room in inches. 

That means a chandelier with a 24-inch diameter will perfectly match your room. This trick will not work if you want to install a large chandelier in only a stylish focal point or area of a larger space. Only take the estimated measurements in the centre where you want to install the ambient lighting. 


Vertical Size of the Chandelier

To get an idea of the appropriate vertical size of the chandelier, measure the height of your room in feet. Then multiply this value by 3 to get the ideal vertical size for your chandelier. For example, the space you want to use for a chandelier has a 10-foot ceiling. Therefore, a 30-inch chandelier world looks the best in that particular room.


What Should Be the Height of Your Chandelier? 

The height of the chandelier or the overhead lighting from the floor of your room depends on the ceiling height itself. Usually, a chandelier should at least be six and a half feet above the ground, but a 7 to 8 feet height is preferred for safety. The last thing you want is someone tall bumping into your chandelier by mistake! 

Of course, the vertical size of the chandelier would be more for rooms with higher ceilings, so adjust the height from the floor accordingly. You may also set the height of the chandelier based on the location itself. For example, some dining room chandeliers are only as high as 5 feet from the floor because they reach the centre of the table, so there is no risk.


What Key Things About a Chandelier Should You Keep In Mind?


Chandelier Above Table


The lighting design and style of the chandelier is the essential aspect of the fixture. After all, you want to install a chandelier that wows anyone who looks at it anytime. There are several points to note about the chandelier's design and style.

• Chandeliers are generally separated into different shapes and styles based on their material, finish, and lighting style. 7Pandas offers some of the most popular chandeliers available online today at various price points. 

You can choose from our popular contemporary style chandeliers, which will give a modern cosy feel to your room, or go for a more classic vintage style chandelier that goes well with wooden interiors. In addition, we have an extensive range of traditional and provincial designs which will look particularly well in a countryside or cottage-centric home. The colour options are endless, from matte black to shiny chrome. 

• From 1, 6, and 8 ceiling lights design up to 16, 18, and 32 lights designs, we have chandeliers of all kinds in our catalogue ready for shipping. Depending on your taste and size, you can choose the chandelier according to your decorative preference. 

• There are different finishes and materials from which chandelier lights come. For a more rustic vibe, you can choose aged brass or copper options for your beautiful spaces. The rural farmhouse option would also fit this specific feel quite well. On the other hand, bronze and chrome offer a relatively modern and contemporary look. 

You can even opt for a natural timber or wood chandelier finish for kitchens or dining rooms. The classic crystal chandeliers fit any environment the best and add a rather premium look to any room. You can go for any style you like and prefer from our extensive range of chandelier lights.

• One thing to remember while choosing the chandelier's style is the chandelier's visual weight. No, this is not the mass of the chandelier; it is the feeling it gives when you look at it. An overwhelming design of a chandelier in a simplistic or even an already overcrowded room, for example, might throw off the balance of the room's interior design and make it feel stuffy and congested.


How Much Does A Chandelier Cost? 

Price is also one of the more critical aspects to consider when buying a chandelier. At 7Pandas, we have chandeliers in all price ranges so that you can enhance the look of your room even on a budget. In addition, you can sort and filter our catalogue to search for the products that best suit your needs in your preferred budget. 

Overall, the chandelier price is determined by the materials used, the finish, and the types of lights included, such as LED lighting in LED chandeliers. In addition, there can be additional costs for installation, protection, or modifications. 

Of course, the number of crystal lights on the chandeliers also affects their price. However, even at a lower price, we offer some of the best fixtures with unbeatable quality. In addition, the build quality of all our chandeliers is sturdy regardless of the cost. You can rest assured that you are getting one of the best chandeliers Australia has got.


The Maintenance of a Chandelier

Most chandeliers are pretty easy to clean. The only essential service is changing the bulbs when they stop working. That is rare because chandeliers are mostly only turned on for special occasions. You can change the colour of the chandeliers to switch up the ambience of your room or to pair it with new décor. 

Some people often add or create modifications or get their chandeliers repainted after a while. Still, with our premium finishes that go well with any lighting, this will not be a likely scenario.


Why Buy Your Chandelier from 7Pandas?

Now that you have an idea about choosing the best chandelier Australia has to offer, you might wonder why you should specifically buy chandelier lights today and products from our catalogue. Here are some of the reasons you should consider 7Pandas for your next chandelier purchase or any items such as ceiling fans, for that matter: 

• We have many categories of popular chandelier lights in our catalogue, which allows you to find the perfect one for your room or any other area in almost any price range of your budget. 

• All 7Pandas products are carefully chosen with a quality control test. We ensure each product's safety, ensuring that it is certified and approved according to Australian standards. 

• We use Auspost as our leading logistic partner. Shipping and delivering service of orders throughout Australia-wide is therefore fast, taking a maximum of 10 days.

• Our return and refund service also gives flexibility to the customer. All customers will get a full refund with only a 15% stocking fee reduction, which is the initial shipping cost after they send the product back to our warehouse. 

7Pandas is an Australian brand owned and operated by Australians with excellent customer service. As a result, the regular price is fair for the quality of chandeliers in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and there is no need to worry about hidden charges or import duties; register as a new user at 7Pandas and get the best prices with exclusive deals.


Our Chandelier Services

At 7Pandas, we offer more than just chandelier products. We can also offer expert advice on chandelier installation, maintenance, and cleaning. Our team of professionals can help you determine the right size and style of chandelier for your space. We can also provide custom solutions for those looking for a unique design that fits their individual style.



At 7Pandas, we believe that a chandelier is not just a light fixture, it's a statement piece that can transform the aesthetic of your space. From contemporary to classic designs, we've got you covered. We pride ourselves on our range of products and services, and we're always here to help you find the perfect chandelier for your home. Whether you're looking for a chandelier online in Perth or want more information about our services, contact us today!



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