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Modern Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a necessity for any home or work environment. Besides being cheaper and more energy-efficient than air conditioners, they offer more versatility and choice than a regular air conditioner. In addition, ceiling fans are suitable for a variety of both indoor and outdoor environments.

With air conditioning running, a ceiling fan can additionally complement the atmosphere by circulating the otherwise stagnant air of the room. On days when it is not too warm for air conditioning, utilising a modern ceiling fan in your home can help you conserve a lot of energy, subsequently allowing you to cut down electricity bills.

View the 7Pandas Australia guide on choosing the perfect modern ceiling fan that suits your needs. With various designs and options, we can help you select the ideal ceiling fan from our range.

Whether for your outdoor veranda or a small room, we have options ranging from regular, sturdy ceiling fans to ceiling fans with lights for a minimal room finish with direct overhead lighting and minimal blade spin disruptions over the ceiling lights.


Ceiling Fans Melbourne

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7Pandas Australia stocks ceiling fans in our Melbourne ceiling fans warehouse to ensure fast delivery Australia nationwide. Order today from our store and receive your ceiling fans. 


How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Your Home?

There are some essential things that you must consider when buying new fans. You can read the customer reviews or professionally conducted reviews of different ceiling fans for a start. Understanding the basic terminology related to ceiling fans is important for choosing the fan with the specifications that best fit its use. We typically utilise a few words and phrases when referring to fans. Some of the most important are listed here.

Energy Star
Ceiling fans with the Energy Star label save up to 40% more energy than non-Energy Star ceiling fans. An Energy Star-rated fan can help you save up on vast amounts of extra costs in your bills in the long run.

The amperage of a fan will assist you in understanding the electric load of a particular fan. You can choose between models with low or high amps, depending on your budget. Most fans usually have very low amperage. Keep a note that fans with lower amperage are slower than fans with higher amperage.

Air Volume (CFM)
CFM is a unit of measurement for the total volume of airflow produced by a fan at full speed. The higher the CFM, the higher the airflow of the fan. For bigger rooms, you might need to choose fans with higher CFM.

Blades/ Wings
The blades or wings of the fan are the part that circulates the cool air by spinning. Most fans have three wings or four wings. A variety of different materials of blades are available to cater to both your indoor and outdoor needs. In addition, you can often choose blade shape, design, and colour to match the aesthetics of your home.

We, at 7Pandas Australia, offer fans with blades in a variety of materials, including wooden.

Blade Pitch
The angle at which a single blade is attached is the blade pitch. Blade pitch is measured in degrees and is the same for all the blades of a fan. Knowing this information will help you in determining how efficient the fan is at moving air.

Motor Sizes
Motor sizes will help you determine how strong your fan is. Depending on the space, you may need a fan with bigger motors for good airflow. This value is usually given in watts. However, fans with bigger motors will add up in the cost of the electricity bill.

Rotations per Minute
The total number of rotations of the ceiling fan per minute is known as rotations per minute or RPM. This is the speed of the fan. RPM values will often be given in minimum and maximum numbers to indicate the lowest and highest RPM according to the fan's speed. Compare different models to see which one suits you.

Remote Controls
Modern ceiling fans come with the option to be remote-controlled. You may easily regulate the fan's speed and direction of spin, as well as its lights, with this option. Check if the model you are buying has the remote control option or not.


Where Can You Install a Ceiling Fan?

Now that you know the basic terminology related to ceiling fans, you might be wondering where you can install a certain fan. The answer is simple. Ceiling fans circulate the air in both indoor and outdoor environments, working best in most occupied areas. Living rooms, kitchens, lobbies, and offices are some of the examples.

As long as there is a ceiling mount for fans and a sturdy ceiling, you can install a fan at any location. Modern fans, especially outdoors ones, come with two different settings for the spin direction for summer and winter. The fan pulls the cool air up by rotating the blades counterclockwise in summers while rotating clockwise in winters to bring the hot air down for regulating the atmosphere of your rooms.

As a result, ceiling fans are a versatile solution for all rooms of your house in any season. There is a vast difference in indoor and outdoor ceilings materials because of the disparity between indoor and outdoor weather.

For example, you might live in a tropical area where the outdoors are hot and humid. Fans usually have more flexibility in materials and designs. On the other hand, outdoor variants are more robustly constructed to withstand the more tropical weather and the long-term consequences of harsh weather.  You can consult us through our live chat service to understand whether a certain model is more appropriate for indoor or outdoor usage.


Budgeting Your Purchase

You can easily choose your desired DC ceiling fan from the 7Pandas Australia collection based on your price range. We take care of your shipping and delivery in most major cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney, to name a few.

Once you have chosen a particular amount of money to buy new or replace old ceiling fans, you can easily choose the fan that best fits your desired price on our page. We offer various discounts on many of our quality ceiling fans even after offering them at the best available price in Australia.


Which Fan Size Will Fit Your Space the Best?

You need to measure your room where you want to install ceiling fans, so that model you choose works well for your use. You need to account for one meter between the fan blade and the wall of the room. Large ceiling fans are suited for spacious rooms. For example, a 150cm ceiling fan should fit a room at least 350 x 350cm. Also, measure the height of the ceilings.

It would be best always to choose your fans, considering whether the room has low ceilings or high ceilings. The fan should be at least 2.3m above the height of the room. 


Do You Need A Ceiling Fan with Lights?

You can pair your ceiling fans with a variety of matching lights to match the overall ambience of your room. Many ceiling fans today come with attached lights for not only added design but extra functionality. Unlike the ceiling lights of the rooms, these lights will have no disruption from the fan's spinning blades.

Fans come with a range of various types of lights, which we will describe in more detail below.

You can choose from classic to contemporary lights to compliment the look of your fan and your space. Selecting the right sort of bulb ensures ease of use, proper colour temperature, and visual appeal.

  • LED lights offer the most energy-efficient solution to lighting. They consume less power than traditional lights and last much longer (over 25,000 hours in some cases). Because of their long-lasting nature, ceiling fan with light are ideal for a location where changing the light bulb may be difficult, such as fans installed on very high ceilings. Although they save money over the long term, LED lights are more expensive than other options like fluorescent or halogen. Most LED lights have the option to be dimmed according to your need.
  • Halogen types of bulbs consume 15% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. Halogen lights create the most heat temperature-wise. They also tend to produce a warmer, more welcoming light appropriate for living rooms or dining rooms. All halogen lights are dimmable with the appropriate dimming control.
  • Fluorescent bulbs use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) and use 75% less energy than incandescent lights. Fluorescent light bulbs have a longer lifespan than halogen bulbs, but not as long as LEDs. CFL bulbs are typically not dimmable, so it is not advised to use them as the sole lighting source for multi-use rooms. CFL bulbs are also not recommended for fixtures where the bulb is exposed due to their visual nature.


Understanding the Efficiency and Airflow

Many modern fans come with four or five or even more blades. It is regularly assumed that the more blades, the more air moved, but more blades create drag. Three blades, such as what you see on giant wind turbines, are most efficient, but four or five blades are quieter and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For the best airflow, you need to look out for the sizes of the ceiling fan. Here’s an easy reference to keep in mind:

  • Living rooms or large bedrooms: 56 to 60 inches
  • Bedrooms or small living rooms: 44 to 56 inches
  • Balconies or smaller bedrooms: Less than 44 inches


Choosing the Style, Finish, and Control Options

The motor finish is to consider when you prefer a match with your cabinet hardware or wall colour. Another great tip for you is considering the blade finishing matching or complementing the flooring, furniture, and paint colour.

7Pandas Australia stocks a wide range of the latest, modern, contemporary stylish design ceiling fans. Our ceiling fans with light are one of our top-selling ranges of ceiling fans, aside from our timber ceiling fans.

Our Ceiling Fan Melbourne, Australia warehouse holds the inventory to provide fast shipping and delivery to our customers at the best price. You can check out customer reviews to get an idea of our excellent customer services or reach out to us through live chat if you have any queries.


Control Options

At 7Pandas Australia, we offer fans the following control options. The reviews prove how good our fans are. Most of our customer reviews suggest a 4 star or higher rating in reviews of different available models. You can choose the option which suits your usage the best.

  • Remote fan control: Perfect choice for convenience and high ceilings
  • Wall Control: Perfect for families with kids and multi-purpose rooms
  • Reverse rotation: Perfect for seasonal changes and climate control
  • A pull chain: Suitable for the guestrooms and a low profile fans


Picking the Right Size, Color, and Finish

You can choose various designs and colours to suit your style at a price that suits you. You can select models with and without lights as well. Our ceiling fans come in various colours and finishes available at our website and warehouse.


Choose the ceiling fan of your choice the add to cart option to finalise your purchase.  Once you add it to the cart, you can finalise your purchase and get it ready. So whether you are in the market for a new fan or just want to learn more about these popular appliances, read on for our complete guide to ceiling fans

We provide shipping and delivery to most Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

7Pandas Australia have sold modern ceiling fans for the past 10 years servicing many happy Australian customers and businesses. Our modern ceiling fans have the latest designs, technology and we regularly check to ensure our prices are competitive.

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