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Things To Look for Before Buying A Ceiling Fan

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Ceiling fans are such appliances that people cannot even think of living without. Every household has a minimum of two or more ceiling fans. These fans can be connected to the regular AC supply and run on a 24V internal DC motor. These fans consume the power of 28W at the highest speed and 6W at the lowest because it runs on BLDC technology. The blades and the body are made of aluminum alloy that prevents it from rusting. These fans are capable of working on an input voltage range of 140V to 285V. Moreover, the compact motor boosts the blade speed, which results in better and broader air delivery.

The selection of a conventional ceiling fan is also dependent on the customer's need. For instance, the dimensions of the installation room is to be considered while buying the fan. The average temperature of their resident city plays a factor. Further, specific niche requirement also plays a factor in determining the choice of a fan.

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Let's Look at some of the factors. Firstly, the fan's motor should make conversably less noise; if not, then using the same can became a headache because of the unbearable motor noise. They shall have inverter stabilization technology, which may help the fan transition quickly to a different power source in case of a power cut. Several blades shall also be considered, as now there are other options besides three-blade fans. It shall be noted that a 52 Inch fan is the industry standard, which are sufficient for rooms with average size. The general cost of operating fans depends upon the electricity expense of the place, but generally, on an annual basis, they use electricity worth INR 2000.


Modern or Contemporary Fans

Technology is becoming essential for almost anything used daily that includes lightings and other materials. Modern fans nowadays do more than cooling homes and office areas. These fittings offer various technology-driven materials that help in conserving energy and thus make life way more efficient.

Technology that builds an intelligent home has penetrated home lighting and décor, and many of other current day’s ceiling fans fit in this technology. Moreover, these modern fans ensure to solve the purpose as planned by giving enhanced flow of air and aesthetic value. These modern fans are developed with smart engineering and technology, which has substantially impacted the competence of all small fans.

When selecting a modern fan for one's space, plenty of top-selling options are available in the market to pick from. There are many large commercial fans for commercial areas that pack a classy style with substantial CFM ratings. Many best-selling industrial fans have been designed to cool spaces with magnanimous square footage efficiently in areas such as warehouses and workshops.

Selecting a modern fan depends mainly on the size of the future installation space. Generally, rooms that are more than square footage can lodge smart fans with broader and longer blades that have high CFM (cubic feet per minute) output. For residential houses subjugated by any industrial décor, there are various top-selling to select from. In these sorts of fans that come with an attached light, the connected light's viability is also to be checked, whether it is long-lasting, whether it is replaceable, and does it come in other colors.

The selection of these fans shall complement the ambiance of the room. Certain colors like grey, white and brown, which are of neutral color scheme, are recommended to blend in the environment easily. Moreover, neutral colors also pop up with a unique subtle touch while under the attached lantern's light, if any. If we look into some specific factor, an individual shall look at three main things while purchasing a modern fan, the number of the blades, size of the fan, speed. The fan size with the blade pitch shall be decided based on the total footage of your room. The number of blades is highly subjective, and it depends upon the purchaser. The fan's speed shall be chosen carefully as this determines the efficiency and the air output of the fan.


Timber Ceiling Fans

As the name suggests, these fans are generally produced using wood. Moreover, even fans made out of plastic give the fan a timber look that falls into this category. Essentially, if looking at the fan's design, they are generally used by purchasers who would want a more aesthetically pleasing fan. For the same reason, the price of these fans are also way more than your conventional fans. Before buying this type of fan, the purchasers shall look into a variety of things.

Most importantly, the quality and type of the wood, in most cases these are made from some of the other forms of hardwood, but still, a quality check of the wood should be done beforehand. A low-quality timbre fan will, firstly, not have an excellent wooden finish. Secondly, it shall not be able to withstand any moisture. Thirdly, the wood of the same might get rotten in a short time. Thus checking the quality shall be the paramount consideration of the buyer as it directly affects the fan's longevity.

General selection parameters like size, speed, and several blades apply to this category also. Moreover, the individual must keep the color of their room in check with brown, as most timber fans are brown such as our DARWIN 164cm / 65 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan and this color doesn’t compliment every other neutral color. The noise produced by these sorts of fans shall also be considered, as these fans are generally advertised as being the quietest due to their elite material. Lastly, if you are buying these for your homes, you should be careful as these are generally high maintenance. They are more common in restaurants and elite clubs as they enhance the aesthetic outlook of the place.


These are some essential things that you must consider when buying ceiling fans including indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, modern fans, and contemporary things. Make sure to consider all the points mentioned above so that you are completely sure of the product that you are purchasing.

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