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How To Choose a Ceiling Fan For Your Outdoor Patio? Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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Do you also find relaxation and joy on your patio? Whether big or small, a deck is our relaxing retreat at home. It serves as an extension of our home that does not feel like a part of our house but transcends you to a peaceful sanctuary without actually leaving your place. Your patio should blend nature and recreation; it is an entertainment area where you can spend hours talking without minding the time. You may need to revamp if you cannot get that feeling when you are on your patio. Just tiny ones, such as adding elements to it or a chic-looking ceiling fan, will do the trick to elevate your home.

There are many things to consider when choosing a ceiling fan, especially if you are looking for one with optimal functions. Choosing the right outdoor ceiling fans for your outdoor patio can come with great advantages when done right. They can help to elevate the overall comfort levels of your patio area, and help to keep bugs away. With the many outdoor ceiling fans in the market, it might be difficult to come to a conclusion on which outdoor fan you should pick. However, hopefully this guide can give you a sense of how you can effectively choose a ceiling fan that best suits your outdoor patio.


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Size of The Space

The first thing to consider when choosing a ceiling fan for your outdoor patio is the size of your outdoor space. Outdoor ceiling fans come in various shapes and sizes, hence, you want to make sure that you have enough space to circulate air throughout the whole patio space. As much as possible, refrain from using a small fan unless the size of your patio requires you to do so. Smaller fans usually have shorter blades that will only cover a certain amount of space. Just imagine sitting on your deck during summer. Does a small ceiling fan suffice? Think again.

Depending on the ventilation you are looking for (if the area is mildly windy or more closed-in and compact, you can more effectively choose a fan that fits your space and ambience. If you are having trouble determining what size of ceiling fits your patio, find inspiration from these:

* Positioning Your Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    Where do you plan on putting your ceiling fan? The location plays a vital role in knowing the size of your fan. If it is directly above the most used area of your patio, like around your conversation sofa, a standard 52" will be adequate. However, if your deck is divided into two areas, you should consider getting a larger fan for refreshing ventilation and airflow. Please look at these ceilings so you will get an idea on what ceiling fan you choose to depend on its size.

    PERTH 132cm / 52 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan Walnut in Hand Painted is a standard-size ceiling fan boosting a 52-inch diameter. It gives a peculiar rustic vibe with its hand-painted walnut finish. Yes, you read it correctly. This fan is totally hand painted for that majestic look for your patio. While providing a cool breeze at 198rpm speed, you can easily adjust using its intelligent Remote Control. If you look closely at the blades, you will notice the bedazzling uniqueness of these blades resembling an old piece of wood, ideal for a country home. Although it is a standard issue size fan, you be amazed at how it can freshen up your space with the cool air it gives that will complement any weather.

    On the other hand, if you find the PERTH Ceiling Fan's design intriguingly alluring and want something similar to it but a bit bigger, check out the NEWCASTLE 158cm / 62 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan Walnut in Hand Painted LED Light Kit 4000K. It is wider compared to the first ceiling and will definitely ask you to bid poor ventilation goodbye with the delightful fresh breeze it gives. This stunning ceiling fan covers wider airing and comes with a remote control for smooth programming. And the same with PERTH, NEWCASTLE Ceiling Fan's blades are also meticulously handcrafted and made by the best manufacturers to leverage the look of your patio with its idiosyncratic beau.

    * Ceiling Fan Should Be Proportionate to the Size of Your Patio

      Take into consideration that your ceiling fan should be proportionate to your place. This idea will not only make your area aesthetically mesmerizing, but alsoallow the ceiling fan to blend into your patio naturally. Apart from ensuring that your blades are not too adjacent to the edges to avoid the air from bouncing back from the walls, there is a way most professionals use to determine the size of the ceiling fan proportionate to your area. In choosing the accurate size of fan for your patio, get the square footage of your space and match that to the diameter of your ceiling fan. For instance, if your area is between 225 to 400 square feet, a 50 to 54-inch ceiling fan will be the best fit for your place.

      The HAWAII 132cm / 52-inch 4 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan with LED light 4000K White is exactly what you need for your patio. It will keep your head cool during the summer with its modern and polished four blades, more than enough to keep your space fresh and breezy. Since it has a new and gleaming white shade, it is easy to incorporate it into the decors around your patio. And the best thing about this fan? It is a ceiling fan equipped with glowing LED lights! So you just hit two birds with one stone with this jaw-dropping fan. With the help of the HAWAII Ceiling Fan, you no longer need to think about where you can attach your fixture to illuminate your patio at night because it can do the trick for you with its LED 12W 4000K that will deliver a captivating luminescence to keep your patio glowing at night. It is an impressive piece to give your deck a summer daydream transformation.


      Go for Sturdy Materials 

      When investing in a ceiling fan, give the specification a thorough review to ensure you do not waste your money on a mediocre class. Ceiling fan material is particularly important because you want to make sure that it lasts the stand of time throughout the year. Especially because it is placed in an outdoor proximity, choosing a material that best suits the weather and environment is essential. 

      Many of the indoor fans in the market are not well equipped to sustain factors such as strong wind, humidity, moisture, and dirt. We would highly recommend getting a stainless steel ceiling fan for the most cost-effective option and is potentially the most affordable out of the lot. However, fan blades usually made from metal produce unwanted noises as they spin compared to other materials such as timber. A blade made from wood is more durable and makes less noise compared to other blades. Hence, most homeowners choose wood over plastic and metal blades like the DARWIN 164cm / 65 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Timber Ceiling Fan Natural Solid Wood. It boasts a whopping 65 inches blade span that will provide cool air throughout your surroundings. The blades are made from robust solid timber, sure to last for years without deterioration. Aside from its captivating, enigmatic look with a rustic vibe, it comes with a remote control to adjust the flow of the air depending on your needs. Do its features draw you already? Just wait until you hear its reverse mode feature! This feature allows the fan to move in a clockwise motion to push warm air, which is ideal for reducing your electricity bill by as much as 15 percent during winter!

      These days, stores like 7Pandas created an innovative solution to keep ceiling fans with a metal blade silent — an incredible way to get outdoor ceiling fans while knowing you get the best quality. One of our best sellers includes the HONOLULU 132cm / 52 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan with LED Light 4000k Black. Its modern and classic look gives a refreshing twist to a present-day backyard. The staggering 52 inches blade quiet operation delivers an air speed flow to freshen up your outdoors with a luxurious cooling effect. Indeed, it is one of the most affordable ceiling fans you can get, made from the best quality materials.
      *You can also get HONOLULU 132cm / 52 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan with LED Light 4000k Black in the shade of white.



      Redefine Your Style

      Depending on the environment you wish to create in your outdoor patio, this might give you a sense of how you can incorporate different designs and shapes to elevate your outdoor patio. 

      Here are some things you can consider when deciding on the style: 

      * The General Mood and Vibe of the Area

      Look at your patio. How will you describe the vibe in it? When choosing the style of a ceiling fan, you do more than just pick one from the brochure and paste it on your ceiling. That is not how we do it. Instead, think about the mood around your patio and look for a fan that will compliment the vibe. For example, if you have a rustic patio, go for a ceiling fan made from wood. Or, if you have a summery ambience, select a ceiling fan with a brighter tone to set the mood right.


      * Color Scheme and Patterns

      Having a uniform pattern for your patio creates a classy look, and it provides a vision of a clean aesthetic. So choose a ceiling fan that will blend perfectly with your scheme to keep things elegant while elevating the style of your patio. Although more often than not, patios typically dwell on green shades, if yours is infused with bright colours, a ceiling fan in the tone of white such as the SAN DIEGO 132cm / 52 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan with LED Light 4000K White will be a great option. Its impeccable design has the right mixture of modernity and clean aesthetic, suitable for your patio.


      * Outdoor Ceiling Fan Version and Type

      We also need to take into consideration the fan version and type of ceiling fan you are getting. A modern patio requires a modern ceiling fan to match the look. Have a keen examination of the specification to ensure that the ceiling fan is built with the new foundation and can keep up with the latest trends in cooling your home. To give you an example, the CAIRNS 132cm / 52 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan LED Light Kit 24W 4000K White is one of the top-notch leading modern ceiling fans these days. Made from a strong ABS material and a single-voltage reversible design to help you in reducing your energy consumption while exuding a chic look for your patio. It even comes with a trouble-free touch remote control for easy control. These are just some of the traits you need to consider when choosing a modern ceiling fan for your patio. It speaks to both convenience and design.

      * Theme

      Stick with your theme. Add elements that are designed specifically for the aesthetic you are trying to create. If you are trying to make a rustic patio, some of the aspects that are always present apart from the greens are wood, heavy stone and actual brick. You can add an accent by adding a wood ceiling fan to complement the vibe.


      Outdoor Fan Size

      The difference between outdoor and indoor ceiling fans is that outdoor ceiling fans are typically not bounded by walls. Typically, it is harder to ensure that the cooling effect is retained throughout the room, but instead, the wind can only be felt directly below the ceiling fan.

      In this case, to ensure that ventilation is felt throughout the room, there are certain factors to consider such as the fan size. If you prefer the area to be much cooler, you can also invest in having two or more fans in your outdoor patio. Searching for the correct fan size can be daunting since it will determine the flow of the air around your patio. Small outdoor ceiling fans go well with compact spaces. If you have a considerable patio, you can go overboard and pick an overly large fan to accommodate the whole area and allow the fresh breeze to swift the air.



      Different Types of Outdoor Fan Blades

      It is also good to know the different fan blade types to find out which suits your lifestyle and avoid experiencing any hassle in the future. The movement of air depends on the weight of the blade. On top of that, it will also contribute to the noise the ceiling fan will create. To give you an idea, here are some commonly used fan blades for your reference.  

      * Plastic Ceiling Fan Blades

      Plastic Ceiling Fan Blades are the most commonly used ceiling fan blades since they are affordable and come with great benefits. These days, most manufacturers opt for an ABS polymer as their blades since these plastics are lightweight and trouble-free to mold. In addition, it also needs a lower motor capacity and makes installation constraints fewer. Meanwhile, homeowners these days are drawn by the beauty of these ceiling fan blades since they are relatively easy to clean and less easily succumb to adverse climate conditions.

      CAIRNS 132cm / 52 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan LED Light kit 24W 4000K White is an example of a ceiling fan made from ABS. It is a therapeutic decor for your patio to beat the heat during the summer with its sleek three-piece blade with a single-voltage reversible design. Given its monochromatic chic outline, a lustrous white finish will complement the elements present around your patio. In addition to its features, the CAIRNS Ceiling Fan comes with a touch remote control to adjust the temperature depending on your needs — may it be cold or warm, the decision is yours to choose.

      * Timber Ceiling Fan Blades

      Timber Ceiling Fan Blades are known for their firmness and long life span. If you are going to invest in a ceiling fan that is sure to last a lifetime, then this is an excellent choice for you to try. These blades are almost silent, providing you with a relaxing retreat as you enjoy the fresh breeze it gives. In terms of aesthetic design, timber ceiling fan blades look fancier and grandeur because of their texture and marked beauty.

      The DARWIN 164cm / 65 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Timber Ceiling Fan Natural Solid Wood is a fan made out of solid wood. Its spellbinding look is ideal for the patio and your living spaces and intimate corners at home. Apart from being an attention grabber piece of modern ceiling fan, the blade's contemporary contour creates an exceptional airflow to cool down your place instantly. From your outdated ceiling fan, it is time to level up your styling game with the help of this DARWIN Ceiling Fan.

      If you are looking for a timber ceiling fan with wider blades, then you should check out the MACKAY 132cm / 52 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan Walnut in Hand Painted. This beautiful hand-painted ceiling fan is an alluring piece to give your patio a modern revamp. Its walnut finish gives a rustic countryside perfect for mixing with your plants and wooden sofa around your patio. You can also magnificently select one preconfigured speed setting so you do not need to program your fan each time you will use it. Hence, it saves time and allows you to relax as soon as you sit around your outdoor area.

      * Metal Ceiling Fan Blades

      Last but definitely not least, metal blade outdoor fans are one of the favourite types most homeowners prefer. This is because the metal blade cut through the air bringing a strong airflow. However, conventional metal blades can be noisier, so they are typically not recommended for bedroom areas. Gladly, 7Pandas found a way to keep metal blades completely soundless!

      Some of our outdoor ceiling fans made from metal that are completely noiseless are the HAWAII 132cm / 52 inch 4 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan with LED Light 4000K Black and the HONOLULU 132cm / 52 inch 3 Blade DC Modern ceiling fan with LED Light 4000K Black. They are available in black and white to match your patio's ambience. And the best part about these fans? They come with a built-in LED light to keep your patio glowing at night and save you the trouble of finding a way to prepend a luminaire to your patio without ruining its classy look.



      Your patio needs some caring too. If you want to relax and unwind, investing in a ceiling fan will be worth every penny you spend as you are creating a relaxing retreat in the comfort of your house. Having a ceiling fan in your outdoor patio can be a lot of work, but if you come across the perfect one, it can drastically make your space a lot more livable. Adding a ceiling fan to your home can be daunting since there are a lot of things that we need to take into consideration. But fret not; with the guide we have listed above, you will surely ace your ceiling fan shopping. To make things easier for you, do not hesitate to check out the outdoor fans we have included in this article to ensure you get the best fan your patio and outdoor area needs.

      And if you are looking for a trusted partner for your ceiling fan and illumination needs, look no further than 7Pandas! We provide only the best services to cater for your home needs. grab the chance to give your home a refreshing makeover with 7Pandas!

      To get an extensive list of the ceiling fans in the market, check out 7Pandas for our extensive collection of ceiling fans.


      [Last updated on February 23, 2023]

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