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How to Find The Best Ceiling Fan?

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Ceiling Fan Types

You can divide the modern ceiling fans into alternating current and direct current. Various options employ various materials, sizes, and blades within these two categories, and some include a built-in light. That is beneficial if you have a single fitting in the roof and wish to add a fan. The most frequent form of ceiling fan in an existing installation is one with an alternating current (AC) motor. They're also cheaper.


Direct current (DC) motor fans are becoming increasingly prevalent, and they provide even more efficiency, cutting operating expenses. Compared to conventional AC versions, which only have three-speed settings, DC models offer more flexibility over airflow (up to seven). Because the DC motor contains an integrated converter, it is compatible with standard AC electrical systems. Thus installing a DC ceiling fan in your house is simple. You cannot directly connect a DC-powered ceiling fan, in reality, to a DC power source.


How to find the right size of fan for your room?


DARWIN 164cm / 65 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan Natural Soild wood


The first step is to determine the size of your space and your ideal operating speed range. If these do not match, the fan will not meet your needs. Your best bet is to measure your length, write down the dimensions, and then upload them to the retailer's website. Most include a sizing guide that suggests the best models based on the size of your space. A 52-inch (132-cm) fan is the standard size. If it has more than three speeds, it should provide enough airflow to keep your bed sheets from blowing off.

A 48-inch (122cm) fan is a better alternative if your space is on the smaller side. Even if you choose a three-speed model, the smaller size may offer you a greater chance of attaining the air movement you want. 

More fans exceeding 54 inches (137 cm) are appropriate for five × five metres or larger spaces. They can not only flow air about the area. However, their dimensions are also ideal for the room to look beautiful. 

They have extended open areas with a rectangular form. On the other hand, it will benefit from numerous 52-inch versions, giving a more consistent airflow across the space. Huge fans like this are likely to be run at their lowest in any event.


How noisy are the ceiling fans?


HAWAII 132cm / 52 inch 4 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan with LED light 4000K White


Ripple control impulses supplied through the power supply generate humming or buzzing sounds in ceiling fans. They do this to switch devices such as hot water systems on and off for off-peak tariff switching. 

That is a well-known issue that the fan's warranty is unlikely to cover. Your electrical provider may be able (or even obligated) to resolve the issue. It will help you reach out to them first to see what they can do.

It's no pleasure having to choose between a hot and a noisy room. If you have the opportunity to hear the fan in action before purchasing it, take advantage of it! Check the noise level with the fan on 'low,' especially if it's for a bedroom, and on 'high,' if it's for a living area. 

The noise of the fan, on the other hand, isn't something that most of us find bothersome. It's the clicking or knocking noises.


What differences do materials make when choosing a ceiling fan?

The materials you select are mostly a matter of personal preference. Over several years of testing by ceiling fans warehouse owners, we have found no material (plastic, wood, aluminium, or stainless steel) superior in noise or airflow. 

They all operate similarly; the motor's quality and the blade's design, size, and shape dictate the primary variances in performance. The number of blades is also not an issue since versions with two, three, and four give good performance. 

Fans with wooden or plastic blades are quieter than fans with metal blades throughout years of testing, making them more acceptable for sleeping.


Product Available:

DARWIN 164cm / 65 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan Natural Solid wood:


DARWIN 164cm / 65 inch 3 Blade DC Modern Ceiling Fan Natural Soild wood


This DARWIN 3 Blade Ceiling Fan has a sleek design with a contemporary flair, which you need precisely in a ceiling fan. You're sure to earn many remarks on how fashionable you are with its eye-catching wood finish! The 65-inch blade is ideal for cooling even significant areas. If you've been searching for an excuse to replace your old ceiling fans, look no further—this beauty appears to be the perfect finishing touch for your newly constructed house! The DARWIN 3 Blade 65-inch Ceiling Fan features a sleek modern design with enough edge to set it out from the pack. This timber ceiling fan can efficiently cool any room with three blades while remaining stylish. The fan blade's modern form generates superb airflow, and the eye-catching wood finish is guaranteed to draw attention. Our designer ceiling fans are ideal for everyone who appreciates aesthetic simplicity and high-class style, thanks to simple controls that allow you to tailor your experience. 

When it comes to the fan noises, you might not hear any sound if you install the fan correctly. In your daily life, you will not hear many sounds of the fan firstly. However, the fans can make noises over a period if you don't opt for the excellent quality. If the problem exists, you can contact our 7Pandas store and inform them about the noise. If the fan is within the warranty period, our officials will replace it.

Ceiling fans may take over a room, so design plays a significant role in your selection, depending on your décor and preferences.



Several well-designed ceiling fans may improve the appearance of space — a retro-style ceiling fan may fit your home far more than an oversized, wall-mounted air conditioner. Hence, with the above considerations and facts about ceiling fans, you are sure to make the right choice. The product mentioned is one of the best and will tick all your boxes when looking for a ceiling fan for your home.


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