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Using Pendant Lights To Enhance Your Home Decor

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When it comes to design elements for your home decor, there is nothing better than a well selected and carefully positioned pendant light to help punctuate and enhance your home. Other than being an amazing option for any room in your home, pendant lights also add in that little bit of character and flair which turns your space into something so much more beautiful. In fact, if your design elements can be compared with punctuations, then the pendant lights are like the full stops and exclamation marks which represent a complete flourish of the space.

From providing visibility to your kitchen space, or for a much needed glow-up of your bedroom, pendant lighting will help to enhance and illuminate your space, while incorporating a style that is uniquely yours. Today, we’re looking at some of the options you can choose to utilize on the versatility of pendant lighting in your home, and how to use it to add character to your interior design style

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Cast unique patterns along your hallways

Most pendant lights cast their light downwards, but some are designed to illuminate your space a bit more. The Rosee 1-Light pendant is a great example of this, made from a golden finish with a rounded glass sphere cover in which light is emitted. 


This works especially well when you place it in a narrow space or corridor where the light is allowed to bounce off the walls to give an impression of additional volume to the space. This also works great with darker-colored walls, as the light patterns cast will be even more dramatic. 


Focus light on dining areas

Dining areas are a great spot to make a huge design statement. The Mort 1-Light Pendant, with its large light shade works spectacularly when you position it over the dining table. This allows you to focus much needed light on your dining, which is great if you have guests over to make a statement. 

Plus, larger pendant lights like these can be hung lower, which reduces the chances of people walking past and bumping their heads. 


Play with color contrasts


Mixing up the color contrast of your pendant light and your background is a fantastic way to keep things fresh. For example, if you have a monochrome backdrop, you might want to use a brightly colored pendant light, like the Beam 1-Light Pendant, which offers a vibrant amber glass shade to contrast and give off a stronger look. If you want to have something softer, try the Gus 1-light pendant, which offers a mid-tone pastel shade for a lighter contrast. 


Use shapes to capture attention

If you’re looking to give your guests a visual treat, you should encourage them to go through your entire decor by giving them an interesting point to focus on, especially on high. This means that you should be using interesting pendant lights to draw their attention, such as the Peny 1-Light Pendant, with its distinctive conical glass shade or the Sphere Rounded 1-Light Pendant to complement your design space. 


Make sure that the nature of your pendant’s design works well with your furniture; glass typically works well with organic materials. 


Sparkle with shiny surfaces

It’s important to consider the surface of your walls and how they will be affected by a pendant’s light when it’s turned on. The Victor 1-Light Pendant has a glass shade which provides a more well-rounded light source to create a dramatic atmosphere, especially in double-height spaces over entrances and voids. 


This can also work as a striking decorative display where the light from exposed bulbs bounce and reflect off the wall surfaces. 


Go double for symmetry


Symmetry is something that most people aspire for in their home decors, and this includes pendant lights. For the best symmetry, you can line up around 2-4 pendants in a row over a dining table. The Smooth 1-Light Pendant is an ideal choice here, as the drum design of the pendant will help to balance the length of the table for a perfectly symmetrical look. However, you should also consider the height and size of your dining table, to make sure that it doesn’t cause a discord instead. 


Asymmetrical arrangements


If you prefer a more non-symmetrical design, you may want to consider getting pendants with different sizes and heights to create a unique design. The Macy 1-Light Pendant works well for asymmetrical design arrangements due to its varying sizes. You can adjust the volume, scale and location so that you can directly provide lighting. Usually, three-pendant designs are great when you choose a small, medium and large size, hung at varying heights. This works great if your ceiling space is difficult to hang direct light fixtures. 


Use clusters for intimate lighting

In open spaces or voids, low-hanging pendant lights can be a great way to create intimacy. Lower the pendants, like the Gus 1-Light Pendant, over an armchair in a corner instead of opting for a floor or wall lamp.


A low-hung pendant next to a comfy armchair makes a great space to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.


Mix with other decor

Large artworks hung in living or dining rooms often snatch the visual from pendants found in the same room. Make sure that your pendant lights come in a color that complements, not clashes with colors already featured in your artwork. This is also true for any other design piece in your room. 


Set up open spaces

If your home decor utilizes on open spaces, you should consider adding some pendant lights to help create a focal point. The Parma 1-Light Pendant provides great visual flair, and complements an open space well. The thing you should consider is the sightlines and views from any space in the room, so that you can make sure your pendant lights look great and impactful when seen from any angle. 

In conclusion, while it may take you a little bit more time to get used to using pendant lights to illuminate and enhance your home decor, you can be sure that pendant lights will work well as a statement piece that pulls the whole aesthetic of your space together. Be sure to play around with heights and locations to determine the best composition possible for your space.

What did you think about our article? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below! If you haven’t already done so, take a look at our store for all your lighting needs at the most affordable prices.

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