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Creating a Classic Rusty Styled Home with Lighting

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Going for a rustic decorating style can provide you with numerous options. You can go for more of a woodsy feel or something more vintage. While being rustic, the right interior with the right lighting can make the home look elegant and simple. The color scheme for a rustic look usually is either grey or white, with shades of green and brown that will help give it the rustic look you want. 

The lighting you choose for your space will decide the kind of look you want your home to be giving out. Therefore, choosing the right lighting will help you create the classic rusty style home that you are going for: 

How to choose the right rustic light fixture for your home?

Rustic Chandeliers: 

Chandeliers bring elegance and style to any room. The right chandelier will help you make all the difference. Firstly, the rustic chandelier should be such that it complements the room. Secondly. it need not take all the attention. Thirdly, it will give the home a cozy lodge-like look. Finally, you can use a chandelier in the rustic living room or bedroom. These chandeliers are usually made of rustic metal and wood, giving out the perfect amount of warmth required. 

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Rustic Pendant Lighting: 

Choosing the right pendant lighting can make a huge difference in your space. There are numerous options available when choosing pendant lighting, from bell-shaped to spherical-shaped lights. You can choose whichever pendant lighting suits your space the best. They come in different colors and designs. There are heritage pendant lights, industrial-inspiring pendant lights, and vintage pendant lights available that give out the right rustic vibe for your home. 

Rustic Lamps: 

Lamps are a great tool that can add the right texture, balance, and color to your room. It will add additional warmth as well as light to the area. The right size while choosing the lamp will bring you the look that you desire for. It should complement well with the table in terms of size and look. Making the right choice will decide to choose a lamp worth it.

Lighting options available: 

Bonito Model

You can now bring glamour home with this traditional style chandelier made of timber and wood frame, giving an elegant and refreshing look. By choosing the right space for this piece, you can elevate the look of your room and give it the rusty theme. 

Available in shades of Nature Wood and Dark brown as well, this chandelier will help in complementing the shade and theme of your home. These chandeliers give a futuristic look to your home. Available in different sizes, they can cater to most of your needs. It is stylish and gives a classic look. You can choose chandeliers that can fit up to 6 bulbs depending on the space and size you choose. Manufacturers make it with the best quality and it has a long-lasting life. The natural woody texture will surely help you achieve the rustic look that you desire for your home. 

Parma-1 Light Industry Pendant Light Aged Copper: 

Made of copper and steel, this pendant lighting gives out the perfect rustic vibe that you are looking for. It is covered in black and has a solid copper finishing. This pendant light will look elegant and classy over your study area and will give out warmth.

Waterloo 1- Light Industry Pendant Light Aged Brass:

This pendant lighting with a brass finish will be a great addition to your home. It is made of metal and gives out a very subtle yet attractive look. The pendants will complement well with solid color walls, mainly grey, to give out that rusty vibe. It is perfect for your dining room and will attract much-needed attention. It will not be too much or too little; this pendant lighting will create the perfect balance that you are looking for.  

Bologna 1- Light Wall Lamp Aged Copper:

This fixture is very retro and will give a very modern and airy look. It has a copper finishing and has industrial detailing. These lamps will look amazing in your garden area and help carry the rustic theme to the exterior. It can even be used in front of the main doors, giving it a very rich look. 

Up and Down Exterior Wall Light:

This fixture is made with a cylindrical shape and simplified design. Made of pure copper and handcrafted solid brass, it will fit best for house décor and on the backyards. This wall light has a Lacquered Burnished Brass finishing that helps in preserving the color. It works great with LED lighting and will be a great addition to your home as it will also help give the home a rusty look because of its design and shade. 

Florence 1- Light Wall Lamp Aged Copper:

This wall lamp works as an eye-catching light fixture and is industrial-inspired. It is bell-shaped and made of classic aged solid copper. The classic copper finishing with the bell shape makes it attractive and gives it a rustic look. It will look the best on brick – themed walls and will give a very vintage look. This lamp will be the perfect addition as it will give the traditional rusty vibe.


Overall, there is a large selection of lights that you can choose from, especially when it comes to rustic lighting. From rustic Chandeliers to rustic Pendant lighting and rustic lamps, there is a huge variety that comes with the best design and quality. You can discover rustic lighting for all your spaces, including bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and backyards. Lighting will play an important role in all the areas of your home, it might seem like a small part of the house, but it will have a strong effect on your home as the design and size will have to complement the theme of your home. Hence, one should think wisely and do proper research before making this choice.

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