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Contemporary Lighting Style

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Most people assume that contemporary and modern are essentially interchangeable terms regarding lighting design. In reality, they may or may not be! However, most of the time, you will find that designers, artists and others have specific distinctions between the styles based on certain elements or characteristics that can fit a house or a commercial space. 

Because the styles of the two items are similar, a shopping guide that goes into detail on both is complicated. That is because descriptions in such areas as contemporary lighting, modern furniture, and mid-century modern art are relative and therefore require much explanation to be understood by all. However, this guide will benefit anyone in learning fundamental differences between types of lights, some aspects of history related to lighting products, and several variations in our modern and contemporary lighting products. 

While we are not the first to tackle this topic, the confusion surrounding lighting styles is genuine. Therefore, we have created a guide to help make sense of the difference. In addition, you will learn about the main characteristics of each style and some of our top products of contemporary and modern lighting collection which genuinely represent them--after all, these are two very different styles!


What is Contemporary Lighting?

"Contemporary design" is a design style that focuses on growth, metaphorical or literal. It is typically linear but also focuses on new life and "adding new layers". Simply put, it celebrates change and embraces what is happening at that moment, unlike "modern styles." 

Contemporary is a term that gets thrown around quite often. You can also think of it as architectural, something born in the 1970s and ever-changing. The terminology "contemporary" captures all designs produced to match current trends. For this reason, professionals label light fixtures that offer unique styles to create something memorable and appealing as contemporary. So, here is the motto: while all contemporary designs pull from modern chandelier styles, modern style is more era-exclusive than contemporarily so!

Characteristics of Contemporary Lighting

  • It uses shapes and patterns of glass and metal in contemporary chandeliers.
  • Reflections of past trends or current movements that many have combined into one design to be considered fashionable.
  • It is a combination of elements from different periods.
  • It has curved lines, often slight yet elegant in design expression.
  • Unique forms executed with an emphasis on comfort, including cushion or swaying support for sitting on furniture or places to recline upon.
  • The dynamic design includes bridges and tilting building exteriors, washing machine elevators, movement-themed vehicles, and specially designed workspaces that allow for moving select side walls around the entire work surface to rearrange modular sections for different activities/work functions.
  • Transitional expressions.


ROSEE Large Modern Chandelier Glass Ball Type Solid Copper E27 lamp base


What Do You Understand by Modern Lighting?

Simple interior design style is new, fresh, and minimalistic. However, anyone can also see it as a branch from the tree of a static structure. Modern lights designs tend to have clean lines with only one or two colours, allowing for simplicity and unity in their look. The Modern Chandelier Style in Australia was born in the early 20th century. However, its popularity peaked around the 1950s to the 1960s. 

The mid-century Modern style is often called a modern design chandelier because of the furniture created during this time. Designers designed most pieces from this era to have wooden legs, backs, and embellishments like pops of funky colours. Modern designs should be distinct from retro designs; many often see retro ones as more artistic and colourful with more fun pops.

Characteristics of Modern Lighting

  • Patterns often include right angles or otherwise reflect qualities that are intentional and considered to be "in the style" of the period they are in. 
  • These patterns usually take advantage of natural materials, such as wood and stone, and intentional symmetry during a specific period. 
  • Designs can pull from a specific era, embracing brief periods within the early to mid-1900s when the structure was expansive and influential.


What is the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Lighting?

Lighting is among the most critical aspects of design, and it changes rapidly. We created this lighting guide as an in-depth resource to help you understand the differences between modern chandelier lights and contemporary styles. We defined these two styles based on our line of lighting products and collections and our universal definition. 

With a blend of minimalist design elements, different materials, clean lines, solid colours, sharp angles and intentional symmetry differentiate modern design. In contrast, contemporary design features unique geometric shapes and patterns and curved lines.


What are Modern-Contemporary Lighting Designs?

Designers and consumers debate it, but there needs to be a clear divide between modern and contemporary styles. These styles share many common characteristics that often seem to be why many see them as indistinguishable. 

Since contemporary design incorporates styles from ever-evolving periods, it can be challenging to tell what works and what does not. However, the similarities are advantageous because we can use these standard style elements in various units and spaces.


Available Products

Allyson 800mm Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier 10*E14


Allyson 800mm Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier 10*E14


The Allyson 800mm Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier is a beautifully designed chandelier that will add a touch of luxury to any home. It features an iron frame construction, fitted with a spaced band of rectangular crystal glass prisms secured at the top and bottom with bold metal mounts. This chandelier features 10 x E14 bulbs and an 8mm-gauge chain, making it perfect for use indoors in dry locations. It is also suitable for use on a vaulted ceiling. The 240V chandelier is manufactured to AU standards for Australian markets and requires installation by a licensed electrician. Order this modern chandelier today!


ANGELO Contemporary Style Elegant Pendant Light 3*G9 Base Aged Brass Black


ANGELO Contemporary Style Elegant Pendant Light 3*G9 Base Aged Brass Black


Now you can instantly upgrade the look of your home with ANGELO Contemporary Style Elegant Pendant Light. Beautifully designed, this pendant light can be used as a decorative accent piece to create an elegant ambience or as functional lighting that brings natural warmth and light into darker areas for added utility. Featuring G9 light bulbs that produce 240V/50Hz, this pendant lamp has infinite possibilities for ambient lighting in any house room. The pendant lamp fits with a round shade-shaped cylindrical black glass liner wrapped in an aged brass metal frame with adjustable height chains to suit most area heights. 

This pendant light has an attractive yet sophisticated tone and will provide the perfect elegant glow in any home or office room. Besides giving an ample amount of light, this product is also vital! The ANGELO Contemporary Style Elegant Pendant Light is only 55cm long and accommodates 3 x G9 light bulbs at 12cm in diameter to give you a max. 3 x 40W power rating - 8 times more potent than other products on the market.

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