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Inspirational Pendant Light Ideas to beautify your Kitchen Island

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Pendant Lighting is used for adding light as well as uplifting the look of your space. It brings a certain aesthetic to your home and gives it a modern or rustic look based on the theme you choose. You can do a lot with pendant lights as there are varied options available when it comes to the size, colour and look. 

Lighting is known to play a great role in any space of your home, both in style and in terms of how it helps in bringing light to the room. Your kitchen island is an important space and you can choose to have a little fun with the lighting there. Numerous pendant light styles are waiting to transform your kitchen island. 

As pendants are available in various shapes, sizes and styles that one can choose from, they are perfect for grabbing the much-required attention. They fit perfect even when the light is shut, as it gives a great look. 

They’re the best pendant lights for kitchen. Whether you choose to have a lantern-like look or the contemporary vibe, there’s an option for everyone. It’ll bring your kitchen the much-needed upgrade that it has been waiting for. You can visit our lighting store Melbourne to select the best one as per your needs and preferences.

10 Pendant light ideas to beautify your kitchen island:


Light Modern Glass Pendant Light Clear Shade: 

Smoked grey glass pendant light is the simplest yet aesthetic look you can go for. The light modern glass pendant light is of clear glass shade, with one light and is made of metal. It comes with black finishing and is an excellent addition to your home. You can fit three pendant lights adjacent to each other on top of your kitchen island for a simple yet elegant look. 

Beam 1- Light Pendant: 

You can play with color in your kitchen Island to lift the look. Based on your background color, you can select a pendant light that will freshen up the look. Beam 1-Light Pendant offers a vibrant shade that can go well with a monochrome background to help the area stand out. 

Rosee 1- Light Pendant: 

A rounded glass sphere covers the light; with golden finishing, these white pendant lights is specially curated to help illuminate your space better. This pendant lighting does not face downward, which makes it different from the rest. It works well in narrow spaces as the light is bounced off, looking for additional space. These pendant lights over island looks very classy and will work great with dark-shaded walls, giving a flamboyant and decadent look.

Mort 1- Light Modern Pendant Light Black and White: 

This pendant light made of timber and steel will give the perfect rusty look that your kitchen island needs. Available in two sizes, this design comes with one light and a black finish that will complement well with your kitchen island. It comes in white as well to add that elegance to your space. 

Nico 1- Light Modern Pendant Light: 

Imagine an elegant and aesthetic matte black light in a cone shape hanging over your wooden kitchen island. It looks like a farmhouse kitchen. They give out a timeless charm. Their ambient light helps in giving out the best vibes during a family dinner. 

Sphere 1- Light Modern Glass Pendant Light: 

Available in two sizes, this spherical pendant light comes with a Satin Nickel finishing and will be a great choice for your kitchen island. It gives the perfect minimalistic look while keeping things simple yet eye-catching. It works as a gorgeous kitchenette and will be a fantastic choice.

PARMA 1- Light Industry Pendant Light Aged Copper: 

Made of copper and steel, these pendant lights (now sitting in our Melbourne warehouse) can cater to your need of having the perfect rustic kitchen look. The rustic look is trendy in today’s kitchen island designs; you can achieve the look you desire with the right light. A series of these pendant lights for kitchen will perfectly illuminate the space! 

Fortune 1- Light Retro Glass Pendant Light Antique: 

With its antique finishing, these white pendant lights will be a great addition to a modern farmhouse kitchen. It will provide a fresh look with its transparent shade and also give the right amount of illumination. It is famous for its warmth and simplicity and would be a great addition to your home. This pendant lighting comes in another color, that is ‘smoke,’ it gives a very rustic look. If you have a wooden themed kitchen island, you can choose this shade as it will help lift the vibes of your space.

Gabby 1- Light Modern Glass Pendant Light: 

With a black finish, this pendant light is made of metal. It is the choice of most homeowners as it brightens up your space at all times. The glass windows of your kitchen island will let the natural daylight come in, and then a simple look of your glass pendant will add up to the freshness of your space, making it the best place to enjoy a great meal with family.

Victor 1- Light Pendant: 

With its well-rounded source of light, this pendant light helps create a dramatic effect over your kitchen island area. It also helps add the decorative factor to your space as the light exposure from the bulbs reflects on the wall. This pendant lighting will give your space the much-needed classy look that it is waiting for. 


You can highlight these pendant lights over island. The proper lighting can help in transforming your kitchen area into something spectacular. Pendant Lighting will be a great addition to your home. However, one will have to be careful while choosing the right pendant light that matches the theme and space available. There are multiple options to choose from, though choosing the pendant light can even make or break the aesthetic of your kitchen island area.

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