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Electric Multipurpose Grinder Machine for dry and wet Grinding


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Function: Dry Grinding only

  • Dry Grinding only
  • Dry + Wet Grinding
SKU: A0301005

Electric Multipurpose Grinder Machine for dry and wet Grinding

Summary of Specifications:

  • 240V /50Hz 200W.
  • Stainless steel housing and bowl.
  • Stainless steel food-grade blade.
  • Detachable grinding bowl
  • 85g ground coffee jug capacity.
  • It can work with dry and wet food (2-blade bowl for dry grinding and 4-blade blow for grinding)

      Professional grade grinder with a powerful electric motor for today's demanding kitchen, this multipurpose grinder machine from 7Pandas is perfect for all your cooking needs. Whether you're looking to grind up fresh spices, berries, coffee beans, or other ingredients, it's got the power and speed to help you get what you need without breaking a sweat. With stainless steel blades and an efficient design that minimizes the effort-to-result ratio, we've put together the perfect kitchen tool that will be sure to last through any possible challenge on its way to becoming your new favourite appliance! The persuasive electric motor makes quick work of everything you need to get done quickly in the kitchen. Powerful yet safe stainless steel blades are the key to the operation, so let this grinder machine keep your food starting strong by doing all of the hard liftings.

      You know how you always struggle with chopping, slicing and mincing? You never get it to work out well or don't have enough time? Grinding your food is easier than ever with this electric multipurpose grinder. The detachable grinding bowl makes the machine easy to clean and you can even adjust it for dry or wet ingredients, so that's a plus! Stainless steel housing and blades mean no worries about rust and the quality stainless steel blade blend will be sure to help you create perfect foods at last. Well that's what this electric-powered grinder can do for you. Get it perfect every single time! The stainless steel housing and bowl-splash guard allow users with heavy-duty work without worrying about material fatigue or wear down, reducing the product's life span. As well as taking care of our customer's needs, this grinder also provide customers with options when it comes time to grind any type of food needed back at home. All of the features make our new multipurpose electric grinder one of the most efficient kitchen tools around today!


      What is the food that this machine could grind?

      1. Coffee Bean
      2. Nuts
      3. Salt
      4. Spices
      5. Corns

      The grinding time for all kinds of coffee powder.

      1.  5s   -  French Press
      2. 15s  -  Aero Press
      3. 20s  -  Moka Pot
      4. 30s  -  Espresso

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