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20 Bar Espresso Capsule Coffee Machine with Foaming Milk Frother 2 Cups


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SKU: A0301001

COFFEE MAN 20 Bar 2-in-1 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine with Milk Frother, 2 Cups

Summary of Specifications: 
  • 240V /50Hz 1050W
  • Water tank capacity: 650ml
  • Milk tank capacity: 450ml
  • 20 Bar high-pressure extraction
  • Heating prep time only 40 seconds
  • Food-grade easy view removable water tank
  • Provide velvety and rich texture espresso
  • Can brew big cups & small cups of coffee automatically
  • Coffee temperature can be up to 72-84°C
  • The heat efficiency of the brewing system can be above 90%
  • Come with a flow meter for controlling the flow precisely and the tolerance of coffee, the output is ±5ml
  • Come with NTC for controlling temperature and the tolerance of temperature is ±5°C
  • Equipped with electronic IMD control panel
  • Adopt motor-driven technology for frothing milk
  • Nespresso capsule is supported

No one messes with our coffee. This is the sleekest, most reliable capsule coffee machine in the market. We understands the importance of taking care in designing a machine that makes every cup perfect, and that’s what sets our 20 Bar Espresso Capsule Coffee Machine apart from other machines. Our patented foam technology guarantees that your cappuccino or latte doesn’t come out looking like an orange peel iced latté from the cafe. Plus, you can use any single-serve capsules to create your perfect cup of genuine espresso, mocha macchiato, caramel frappe, cinnamon dulce de leche hot drink...the options are endless! The high-pressure setting of the espresso machine delivers a deep, rich taste in every cup of coffee.

This compact coffee machine with a steamer and frother supports up to 20 bar pressure for excellent tasting espresso. With the automatic cappuccino system, you can create your favourite Italian drink in minutes. You can make authentic espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos to suit your taste in the comfort of your kitchen! The automatic cappuccino system creates professional-quality drinks with just one button push. The compact size makes this coffee machine easy to store, perfect for home or office use. We engineered this compact espresso maker with an innovative steamer and frother- meaning simple preparation of hot cocoa, tea, or other beverages is possible too! Our careful attention to engineering doesn’t stop there either- that's why we included an impressive 20 bar pressure for high-quality espresso extraction without sacrificing flavour or time needed to taste perfection.



  • Capacity: 0.65L
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Wattage: 1050W 

Users’ Tips:

  1. Please check the dimensions before you purchase.
  2. Capsule collection tray and drip tray shall be put in place during normal use, otherwise water spillover will occur.
  3. The amount of coffee powder should not exceed the Max line. The powder should be compacted, otherwise, it may affect the taste of the coffee or cause leakage problems.
  4. The environment temperature of operating or storing shall be more than 0℃。
  5. For a better milk foam effect, it is recommended to fill the pitcher with milk and insert the frothing nozzle into milk about 1 cm.
  6. Remove the detachable tank and fill it with desired water, the water level should not exceed the” MAX” mark in the tank.
  7. Please use this product according to the operating instructions.
  8. Please brew espresso at the correct mode, otherwise it will affect the quality and crema.
  9. Do not use outdoors or for commercial purpose.

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