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What Is A Wall Sconce Lighting?

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Whether you are looking for ways to illuminate your home or add an accent to your plain and boring walls, interior wall lights are a great choice. Interior wall lights are known for their various uses. In fact, they are so versatile that they can be used for all the three types of lighting, such as ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. These lights are also ideal for adding extra lighting, creating an ambient vibe in a space, or serving as a decorative component. People often use wall lights in bedrooms, kitchens, and corridors. However, the long, gloomy corridor might rapidly resemble a runway if you put on too many lights. A more natural layout is to stagger these wall sconces so that they do not line up across the corridor. Then, of course, you can use fewer or more fixtures to make a statement.

Should you get a wall light? Why or why not? The simple answer to your question is YES. You definitely need a wall light. This type of lighting may not serve as a general illumination source for your house, but it can still help elevate your home's features. A great layering of lighting creates a soothing ambiance and balance at home. Modern wall lamps have this startling effect, especially when matched with decor such as a painting that automatically creates a piece of art into a focal point in your home. But even without being accompanied by a decorative element, wall sconces can stand up for themselves. Their demure beauty attracts attention while providing unparalleled radiance to the corners of your house. Surprisingly, there are now wall lights that are designed for outdoor use. This will help homeowners cast light upon their drab exteriors while prepending luxury and class on its walls. So the next time you think about having a wall light, you should. They are an excellent home investment for aesthetic purposes and better luminescence.


What Do You Understand about Interior Wall Lights?

Most people also refer to wall sconces when we talk about wall lights. These two are like peas in a pod, almost identical in terms of looks and meaning — basically, a mounted light fixture placed on a wall. But if we will dig into their technical details, we will discover that interior wall lights differ from wall sconces based on the light they create where one is usually covered, typically by glass or aluminum. Nevertheless, most professionals these days club both light fixtures together since they are almost identical. It is not easy to distinguish at a time which is which. A wall light, often known as a sconce, is a form of ceiling light attached to a wall in a way that only utilizes the wall for support where you typically locate the light. It does not have a ground basis. They can provide basic room illumination, but their primary use is ornamental. As a result, wall lighting fixtures will necessitate the installation of an electrical box. A sconce can be a conventional torch, candle, or gaslight mounted similar to a modern electric light source. Modern fixtures are more commonly referred to as interior wall lights or similar phrases, especially if manufacturers completely encase the light source in a glass.

Many trends that originated some years ago are still a part of our contemporary society. Wall lamps are classic decor elements. Their design has weathered the test of time. Moreover, you can now see their wall fittings in elegant cafes, modern houses, and guesthouses.

There is no denying that outdoor wall lights are a timeless trend, regardless of when they first appeared. However, just because wall lights have been around for a long does not mean they are out of date. On the contrary, they have been and will continue to be an excellent choice for illuminating any environment while adding elegance and creative individuality. Wall lights are a terrific addition to any house design, conventional or contemporary, to brighten up your living area.



Using Interior Wall Lights to Brighten Your Home

While you may allow your ideas to run wild when deciding where to put exterior or interior wall lights, the consensus opinion and participatory design suggest that designers should utilize particular types of wall sconces for specific reasons. You can use light to accentuate a hanging portrait, painting, or piece of art. If your reason is mainly for leveling up your walls, you can choose a fixture such as the Kalicia 9W LED Wall Light Warm White Brushed Nickel. As we have mentioned earlier, some lamps do not need to be paired with other decors because they can stand out independently. So look at this wall light with a unique design that appears to resemble a piece of a hardened crystal uniquely curved that produces a glowing flare of light is such an effortless fashion piece. But the best way to use a wall light is by placing it in a dark corner or long narrow space to highlight walkways within your home or fill the place with ample lighting. These fixtures effectively save space since they are mounted on walls and yield ambiance. Additionally, since most of these sconces are controlled via a dimmer switch, they are effortless to use when setting up the mood of a room. At 7Pandas, we have these kinds of lights in the form of Tulim 1-Light Wall Light Long Stem Crystal Glass Shade Aged Brass G9 and the Terra Interior Wall Light Clear Glass Shade Aged Brass E27, apt for illuminating hallways without casting aside your soft spot for glamour and style.

Similarly, some people often select up-lighting sconces as the primary or secondary illumination source in driveways, porches, stairways, or entryways, such as by adding a fixture like the Osaka Japanese Style Outdoor Exterior Wall Sconce Light Glass Back E27 IP44 or the IKO Traditional Outdoor Exterior Wall Sconce Glass Matt Black E27 IP44. These lights' clean lines and intelligent features will upscale your outdoor walls while allowing adequate lighting. As you can see, each design showcases minimalist outlining yet is modestly beautiful in every way. These are the perfect lighting for your outdoors since they provide a significant amount of illumination and are constructed from sturdy materials that can withstand not only fluctuating weather conditions but also corrosion and dust particles. This is why these wall lights are now prominent in modern houses.


How and Where to Use Wall Sconces?

One of the primary benefits of wall lights is that they may fit into spaces where the above bulbs cannot. As a result, wall lights are an excellent option for uneven lighting distribution, brightening up concealed regions such as bay windows and either side of chimney breasts.

There is a golden rule that professionals alike follow when placing wall lights. Generally, wall lights should be placed around 152 cm to 170 cm above floor level, about 5 feet to 5.5 feet. Meanwhile, those planning to put multiple wall lights at once should be set around 25 to 300 cm apart to avoid looking congested and odious. Aiming for the top of the wall light to sit at eye level is also advisable. The reason for that is to avoid experiencing glare from the exposed bulb. To make your wall lights look even better, do not only focus on the sconce's design and outlines but also make it a point to place them on a surface with a dark shade. This will provide a contrast between light and dark and balance the room's complexion. It will transform the mood of the room into a more intimate and relaxing place.

Certain areas around your home require different types of wall lights too. For instance, placing a wall light around your kitchen is an excellent decision. However, make sure to pick a lamp with a direct spotlight effect so you can get the right amount of luminescence you need when cooking. Meanwhile, for living room wall sconces, you need to go for a translucent lamp that will impart a diffuse light to work out on the portion of light you need in a room, especially if it is spacious. In your bedroom, wall lights are a fantastic alternative to bedside lamps. In addition to leaving enough space on your bedside table, it also adds class and elegance. Unfortunately, not all wall lights are ideal as bedside lights. Instead, go for fixtures such as the Possino Modern Interior Design Blown Glass Wall Light Black Aged Brass G9 Base. It brings a touch of luxury to your intimate corner, where the opulent blown glass shade in black or aged brass casts a warm and inviting glow over your room. On top of that, it features delicate soft, light hues to bring comfort and relaxation at night.

Furthermore, wall lights are an exquisite lighting option that adds flair. Wall lights may provide character and style to an area while being less invasive, making them ideal for squeezing into locations where space is restricted. 


What Does Wall Wash Lighting Mean?

Wall Wash is an effect used to bring illumination to an entire surface from top to bottom in a smooth graded wash to hide imperfections by eliminating shadows. You can create this effect by mounting lights on the ceiling. This way, the beam of the lights falls on the wall at a wide angle. Positioning a light at least 2.5 to 3 feet away will allow you to wash 8 to 9 feet of vertical wall space with light. It brings emphasis to the wall and can be used to highlight a doorway, fireplace, or artwork. The light reflected by matte surface walls may make a space look brighter while providing a pleasant, diffuse light throughout the room. To maximize efficiency, paint the walls white or a light tint. Wall washing may make small places look more prominent, such as corridors or narrow rooms. Putting fixtures at regular intervals in or on the ceiling or the floor accomplishes wall cleaning.

The distance between the fixtures and the wall determines the brightness of the surface. You can adjust the spacing so that the wall gets lighted equally, or it can be illuminated in a regular pattern to give a scalloped look. Install the fixtures close enough to the wall so that individuals sitting nearby do not get direct glare.

A perfect example of a Wall Wash lighting fixture would be the Pillar 3-Light Adjustable Spotlights Outdoor Wall Light Garage Stainless steel IP44 GU10 base. Although technically, it is made for outdoors, its design matches the needed illumination for the wall wash effect. Pillar Light Fixture provides a beautiful spotlight effect with its sleek and modern design. Such a great piece of luminescence for highlighting paintings or wall frames. Or the Cubic200 LED 6W 3000K Warmwhite Aluminum Modern Design Wall Light. Another ideal design for creating a wall wash effect that will bring life to your walls. It is available in white, black, or aluminum to match the existing decor of your home. The stylish outline of this wall light produces radiance on its top and bottom layers. Apart from the wall wash technique, it also exudes luxury to any setting, especially for your bedroom or office space.

Doing the wall wash technique is relatively easy, but you can do it better if you can find the correct fixture for it, such as using the above-mentioned wall light fixtures. Just make sure to follow the distance applicable to create this effect to ensure that yours will look just how you imagined it to be.


Why Do I Need Wall Lights?

Wall lights come in various forms and serve a variety of functions. Moreover, wall lighting can provide vital illumination for safety, highlight architectural elements and artwork, offer task lighting, or function as décor on its own. Wall lights exist in a huge range of shapes and sizes, Ip rating, and they serve a multitude of purposes. You can utilize wall lighting to provide necessary illumination for safety, highlight architectural aspects and artwork, provide task lighting, or serve as decorative lighting on its own.

There are different types of wall lights to choose from, and they can be instrumental in various ways such as for safety. Speaking of which, the Vector LED flood Light Outdoor Security Lights 100W 500K Matt Black IP65 is a wall light that adds more security than style to your home. It is an inexpensive way to provide protection to your property as it covers a wide range of illumination that will shelter your surroundings. In fact, Vector Outdoor Security Light can illuminate up to 16 meters distance so you can see accurately across an ample space.

Since we know that Wall lights operate by casting light behind the wall. Then appropriate fixtures and fittings conceal this light, which designers designed to hide the lighting source altogether, eliminating the need for additional wiring. Wall lamps emit light from the top, which is typically white. You can suspend these fixtures from the ceiling and sit flush with painted walls or mount them directly onto them. However, there are now wall lights designed to camouflage to walls like the Concrete Industrial Style LED 9W 3000K Interior Wall Light IP20. A unique wall fixture in sand white and brown wood finish blends perfectly with modern walls. Moreover, it produces sophisticated and evenly distributed lighting, so you do not need to spend time covering your light behind walls or looking for decorations to conceal it since some homeowners would like to stick with their design at home. While for your exteriors, you can opt for the LED Cement Exterior Cubic Wall Light 240V 10W 800Im Warmwhite 3000K - IP655. It illustrates a modern look that can also conceal itself on your walls with its cement grey finish. This is a classy example of energy-efficient outdoor wall light with minimalist designs that match the exterior of any home.

Some wall sconces can also include a light sensor that turns on when you approach and off when you pass away to save energy. Different wall lamps are ideal for various applications, so choosing one that fits your home is essential. With the right approach to lighting, you can get the most out of your home's design while reducing energy costs and helping to protect the environment.


Available Products

MONTE Contemporary Style Interior Tubular wall Light Aged Brass E27



The MONTE wall light has you covered in both aesthetic and functionality. It has a gorgeous aged brass structure that would look fantastic in any setting, matching both classic and modern designs (depending on the finish option).

Lamping powers this wall light, and it has a single 60W maximum bulb as standard. Custom-made wall lights will throw a pleasant, gentle glow in your preferred location, illuminating your house. For the right warmth, it is made of steel and wrapped with copper. Light up any space in your home without the hassle of untidy cables or complicated instructions!


Specifications Summary

  • The lamp is made of steel and has a transparent glass shade.
  • hade made of clear glass.
  • Compatible with dimmer switches.
  • Hardwired.
  • Indoors, in dry settings that are not immediately exposed to excessive dampness and wetness.


CANOVA Contemporary Interior Wall Light Aged Brass E14



A sophisticated wall light in Aged Brass gives the home a luxurious touch of elegance with its flameless candle-like light placed in crystal clear glass. CANOVA is the kind of wall light that can tone any interior design from Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, and even Scandinavian homes. A truly one-of-a-kind work of illumination designed to provide superior brightness without taking up a lot of space, thanks to its petite design.

Canova 1-Light Fixture provides a glance of sophistication with its opulent design. This wall light is intelligently built with a dimmer switch to adjust the ambiance around your home, particularly at night, so you can experience your desired brightness while modifying it whenever you need supplementary illumination.


Specifications Summary

  • Made from steel with a clear glass shade
  • Rated for one 60W bulb max. E14 base bulbs
  • Dimmer switch compatible
  • Hardwired
  • Easy to maintain, clean it without the use of all cleaners and abrasives as these may damage the finish of the fixture
  • Ideal for indoor use in dry locations not directly exposed to excessive moisture and water
  • 240V manufactured to AUS standards for Australia



Whatever you prefer to call Wall Lights or Wall Sconces, these lights are undoubtedly game changers in the world of fixtures. These are excellent choices, whether for elevating your home's beauty or adding additional lighting. Wall lights have many uses, and they are not only made to brighten up minute spaces, but they can also be of service to all the three types of lighting, such as ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. And always remember that for a dramatic effect, we can always opt for the wall wash method.

We hope that we were able to help you in widening your perception of wall lights and how you can use them at home. With the guide we have listed above, you will certainly now have an idea of how to give your home a glorious revamp using wall sconces. If this is your first time trying wall lights, it can be overwhelming and will make you tense at times, but with the proper knowledge, you will get along with these fixtures just fine. It is also good to note that these lights come in many forms to fit your needs at home.

At 7Pandas, we offer a variety of interior wall lights for your interiors, whether for your living room, kitchen, hallways, or bedrooms at a better price. While we also have exterior wall lights for your garage, porches, and entryways, some even come with motion sensors for extra protection or to lighten up your pathway as you enter your home at night. For all your lighting needs, we at 7Pandas have always got you covered with the latest products in lighting. Do not hesitate to browse our site to see which fixtures would be perfect for your home plus our deals for new subscribers, and take advantage of our wide sale to score the best deals for your newest wall sconces at home. The prices value are excluding shipping, we are shipping Australia nationwide!

[Last updated on February 20, 2023]

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