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Transform Your Garden With Solar Lights

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To nurture your garden is to look after your mind and body. The yard is an extension of our home where we can meet nature halfway, experience tranquillity, and be a minute away from the noise of our daily reality. However, if you come home late, relaxing in your garden might be a hard pass without proper illumination.  

Filling your garden with blooming florets and greens may turn your little sanctuary into a "garden," but adding the best outdoor solar lights in Australia will turn it into a refuge of leisure and an idyllic space to host an event.  

Outdoor solar lights are popular and well-admired in gardens since they do not usually require wiring. Comparing them with conventional lighting, getting a solar light for an outdoor space is wise, especially if you regularly host parties where guests can marvel around your yard without tiptoeing on various electrical wires. Meanwhile, for moms with curious young ones who love to play and explore outside, this will keep them safe while making your place lit and majestic.  

These days outdoor solar lights for the garden come in many shapes and sizes, making them easy to incorporate with your current garden theme. And to place the cherry on top, outdoor solar lights last longer while providing a solid luminescence where you can save tons of money juxtaposed with a regular fixture.


What Is Solar Light?

Solar lights are in demand these days for plenty of reasons — in a good way. How do they work? These fixtures use solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Then, the electricity stored in the batteries power up these luminaires that can last for up to 12 hours, non-stop usage. Apart from it reduces your electricity consumption, it also contributes to the curtailment of global warming. Indeed, solar lights are highly-recommended and approved by mother nature itself. So you can hit not just one but three birds with one stone by switching to solar lighting. Imagine you can already minimize your monthly electricity bill, and at the same time, you can take your part in protecting mother nature while upscaling the glow of your home and its aesthetics.  

However, these lighting fixtures are often more expensive than regular lights. That is mainly why some homeowners are not moving to change their traditional light fixtures to solar ones. But what is a one-time dole-out payment if you can cut back your bills for years? It is still an excellent investment for which your home will thank you in the long run.


How To Use A Solar Light?

Using led outdoor solar lights is simple. It is a task that even your kids can do it. Here is a tip, if you can not make your teenybopper participate in the chores at home, you can assign this task to them. Do not worry, it is safe, and they will surely agree. Why? Solar lights have this geeky vibe that captivates not only the eyes of adults but also the young ones! That makes solar lights a fun decor for events and parties.  

So how to use a solar light? Easy. If you have a solar light such as the EGG Outdoor Garden LED RGB Solar Ball Lights Solar Charging IP65, there are two ways to charge this light. First, you can place it in your garden where it can directly get sunlight from the sun. Then, leave it for about 12 to 15 hours to ensure it is fully charged. The other way is to plug the power adaptor for about 6 hours for one full charge. Doing any of the two will allow the luminaire to illuminate your garden for 12 hours, even when you try to explore its colourful 16 hues of light every minute.  

Meanwhile, you have a miniature table solar light like the Portable LED ball Decorative Light, Party Lights, AC Charging, 16 RGB Color Changing 26cm. In that case, it only takes one to two hours to be fully charged and used for 10 to 12 hours since it is built with an 1800 mAh rechargeable battery.


EGG Outdoor Garden LED RGB Solar Ball Light Solar charging IP65


Why Should You Get A Solar Light For Your Garden?

There are many reasons why you should get one for your garden, and here are some:

# They Are Statement Pieces In The Garden

As mentioned earlier, the best solar lights in the garden are outlined with unique features and designs that can be the main attraction to your garden. Take the 40CM Outdoor Solar Cube RGB LED Light Solar Charging IP65 for an example. This geometrical fixture is an ice-breaker with its peculiar showstopper look shining with a brilliant sparkle sharing light with your whimsical botanical garden turning it into a mystical place of relaxation and entertainment.


# Wise Homeowners Own A Solar Light

How can you recognize yourself as a wise homeowner if you do not have at least one solar light in your abode? Savvy homeowners know the benefits they will get when investing in solar lights. It can reduce your monthly expenses while turning your typical day into a festivity with its refreshing glow.


# No More Boring Gardens

Adding different solar fixtures lets you turn a plain garden alive with solar lights. It gives off gaiety features while elevating the glow of your blooms, making them even more attractive and captivating.


# Solar Lights Are Energy-Efficient

Solar lights are energy-efficient lighting fixtures. They help us curb our daily energy consumption by converting sunlight into electricity. If you leave your solar fixtures under the sun to recharge, they will not even charge a single cent into your electricity bill since they are entirely grid-free.


# Solar Lights Are Cost-Effective

While some prefer using solar lights for their home, others despise the idea since they usually come with hefty price tags. However, we know solar lights are now available at almost the same price as regular fixtures. Even if some come with a higher cost, this will eventually get back into your account since you can save a lot from your daily electricity consumption. Just imagine leaving your light overnight to illuminate your yard. How much electricity will it cost you compared to using a solar fixture? In the long run, solar lights are cost-effective luminaires at home that will give us ease from the fluctuating cost of energy supply.


# Mother Nature Approves Solar Lights

It has been proven that solar power is a clean, renewable energy source with no harmful emissions that can damage the environment. Solar lights take advantage of the free energy we can get from the sun while lowering the release of greenhouse gases. Since we are not burning fossil fuels, we are gradually promoting environmental sustainability, that mother nature will thank us for.


# Hassle-Free Lighting For Outdoor Spaces

Unlike traditional luminaires that need professional installation, fixtures such as the 40CM Outdoor Full Moon LED RGB Ball Light Solar & AC Charging IP65 requires little to no fitting. Solar fixtures are great outdoor lighting solutions because they usually do not attach to a wire to work properly. This feature makes them an ideal party decoration since your guests can move freely without having to dodge wires scattered all around your place due to the lighting fixture.


# Level Up Your Special Events At Home

From plain and dull spotlights for casting light upon your place during an event, solar lights bring fun to a party by throwing different hues of illumination to match the night's beat. Moreover, their inane peculiar outline will serve a knockout look to your garden levelling up the style into a latter-day with a touch of conviviality. There is no need for elaborative decorations such as vivid party flags when you can turn on your solar lighting fixtures at home to boost the party's mood.


Where To Place A Solar Light?

Solar lights should be placed where they can directly receive direct sunlight to recharge in the morning to be used at night. Put them where they can be visible and will not get in the way. Hence, the garden is the best place to fix them. But where specifically around the yard? And what other spots can they sit perfectly around the house? Let us find out:

# Along The Pathway

Illuminate your pathway by adding adorable solar lights along the path of your garden or in front of your house. That will allow you to walk while adding elegance to your pathway freely.


# Adjacent To The Pool

Turn heads around your swimming pool by making it lit with solar lights. These fixtures, such as the 40CM Outdoor Full Moon LED RGB Ball Light Solar & AC Charging IP65, are waterproof and shockproof, so you do not need to worry about placing them near your pool area. If you are having a pool party any time soon, these would be your perfect decorations to keep the celebration and fun rolling.


# At The Pool

Suppose you will not be using your Pool for the occasion or a typical day at home where you want to elevate the aesthetic of your pool area; throw sphere-shaped solar lights into it (yes, directly on water). That will make your swimming pool looks like a dashing five-star pool with floating lights in different shades. Indeed, this will serve as an eye-catching masterpiece during your event.


# Around Your Patio

We often spend our time around the patio to relax, unwind, and chat with our family and friends. There is no better lighting around this area of our home other than LED solar lights. They provide bedazzling glow and are energy-efficient, so you do not have to worry about your electricity bill while spending your night on your patio's sofa. Instead, you can enjoy the night while illuminated by the moon's warm glow and your lights.


# Outdoor Dinner Table

If you have an outdoor dining table, you can place an adorable CYLINDER LED Outdoor Decorative Light RGB AC Charging with Remote Control IP65 or the Portable LED Ball Decorative Light, Party Lights, AC Charging, 16 RGB Color Changing 26CM to set a romantic dinner at night or bring elegance to your outdoor dining. It is a cordless colour-changing light that you can adjust to match the ambience of your feast. That is highly recommended if you throw a fancy and luxurious banquet at home.


# Below Your Vines

If you are growing vines around the walls of your garden, positioning solar lights beneath them will brighten up your vines at night, seemingly transforming their look into a magical one by allowing them to glow naturally.


Solar Lights That You Can Try

40CM Outdoor Full Moon LED RGB Ball Light Solar & AC Charging IP65


40CM OUTDOOR FULLMOON LED RGB Ball Light Solar & AC Charging IP65


The enigmatic beauty of this luminaire is a captivating piece designed to be water and weather-resistant, ideal as a statement piece around your garden. This fixture will set your evening activities into joyful ones with its hues in 16 respective colours, while its stunning white colour mimics the glow of the moon shining in full glory at night.


Portable LED Ball Decorative Light, Party Lights, AC Charging, 16 RGB Color Changing 26CM


Portable LED ball Decorative Light, Party lights, AC Charging, 16 RGB Color Changing 26CM


Make your outdoor dining experience cozy and full of romance with the refreshing look of this classic solar light — a piece of gem that can turn a plain banquet into a feast of festivity and warmth. You can opt for its whimsical white tone for formal dining events and switch to its different shades for lit parties.



Modern solar lights will not only save you from your monthly bills but have the power to transform the looks of your garden by bringing luminescence across the place. If you are worrying about their price, thinking they may be out of your league now, you can visit 7Pandas for a reliable source of solar lights that suits your budget. 7Pandas offers a myriad of choices for your garden, and you are guaranteed that their solar light.

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