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Things to Consider when Choosing LED Solar Lights Outdoor

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Are you planning on switching towards using renewable energy for your home? Then, this solar powered lighting solution is for you. 

There has been a significant shift towards renewable energy over the past years. The growing environmental threat is now affecting the prices of other energy resources. Therefore, more and more people are now switching to using renewable energy like the sun's energy to combat the growing inflation rate. In this time of crisis, we need to be clever and find alternative ways to preserve our environment while taking care of our finances. Luckily, there are innovations everywhere that we can rely upon to help us in our movement toward protecting our environment practically. Let’s start this with your home. From using mainstream lights, we can opt for more environment-friendly fixtures such as Solar Lights like solar sensor lights, solar wall lights and solar lanterns. Today, homeowners and professionals are now incorporating solar lights into their homes as a prudent way of keeping their places lit and up-to-date while joining the movement of conserving nature. Solar Lights are fixtures powered by Solar energy.

Solar energy harnesses the light and heat from the direct sunlight using technologies like solar thermal electricity, solar heating, and solar photovoltaic. It is a sustainable and, in fact, the best form of renewable energy since it does not emit greenhouse into the atmosphere. This is a compelling way to reduce our energy bills, and redce the carbon footprints harmful to the environment while providing us with the needed energy for our homes. Solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable sources in commercial and business environments. People use solar energy in street lighting, for example. This energy powers a wide range of streetlights. They also use solar energy to light roadways in both private residential areas and governmental institutions.


Why Would You Prefer Solar Garden Lights to Traditional Outdoor Lighting?



Solar lighting has several benefits over traditional outdoor illumination for indoor and outdoor use. First, being solar-powered means you can charge them for free, save energy costs and recent advances in solar technology are advancing to the point where they can maintain their charge for lengthy periods with light to regular use. In addition, most current outdoor solar LED lights to contain high-efficiency photovoltaic cells (power-storing cells in solar batteries) that is energy efficient and better circuitry to enable your lights to store and use energy only when they are needed through several things like remote control and motion sensor. 

That is a crucial consideration for outdoor LED garden solar lights that people use all year, especially on short winter days when you have less time. Another benefit of solar outdoor lighting is that you would not have to worry about laying unsightly cables across your outdoor space or yard or down the side of your house to keep your lights on. Mainstream exterior lighting is good, but if you are looking for a fixture with myriad of benefits and works like magic, you should definitely go for solar outdoor lighting.


Advantages of Using Solar Garden Lights

There are a variety of reasons why you should choose these solar garden lights over standard lighting. Even though both of these fixtures are the same in terms of their usage, solar lights have other distinct quality traits that set them apart from the standard lighting fixtures you see in the market these days. That being said, the following are some of the most important advantages of solar lighting for homes and other facilities:  


We cannot emphasise enough how beneficial these light systems are to the environment. The solar panels do not require any power from the grid as the solar batteries are charged by the sun throughout the day and successfully illuminate the area at night. Since solar lights are powered by solar energy, it is safe to assume that these fixtures likewise do not emit greenhouse gasses and lessen the carbon footprints in the atmosphere. So if we are to argue about environmental-friendly devices, this should top the chart. It can even mitigate climate change and improve the quality of the air we breathe.


A Higher LEED Score

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, also known as LEED, is a form of green building rating widely used worldwide. It is a way to provide a framework for efficient, healthy, and economical green buildings. For commercial structures, LEED certification is much more crucial. This rating assesses whether or not the structure is a green structure with cost-effective environmental efficiency. In addition, it increases visibility by getting assistance from outdoor lighting installations.


Low-Cost Maintenance

The reason why most people do not rely on solar lights is that they are relatively expensive. If truth be told, it is, in fact, correct but not totally right. The initial cost of purchase or installation is costly compared with conventional lights. However, these solar lights require little to no upkeep since they have rechargeable batteries and their power source is mainly the sun's rays. They are the best and the most cost-effective option to illuminate areas that don't have electrical wiring in place, such as the dark corners of your outdoor space or around your garden. They are an excellent investment that you will only spend on the beginning, but these fixtures can pay up for themselves over time since they last long and do not necessitate much maintenance. But if you are on a really tight budget and do not want to dole out hefty cash for installation alone, there are now solar garden lights such as the 40CM Outdoor Solar Cube RGB LED Light Solar Charging IP65 that you can set up all by yourself. YES, that is right. You can install this ice cube-shaped light fixture all by yourself since it comes with a manual on how to do it without a professional's help. The edgy look of this solar light will bring fun and excitement to your outdoor parties. Another cool feature of this light is its ability to shift from different colors with 16 vibrant hues to choose from. How cool is that? It is waterproof and built to last for a long time so that you can place it anywhere around your backyard, even near the pool area. This Solar Cube Light is an excellent choice for thrifty living.


The Cost-Effective Electricity

What is spending for installation if you will get free lights for years? With solar lights, you will not pay for any electricity whenever you use them since they are generated by solar power. These lights' illumination is directly from the sun without using any of your power sources at home. Therefore, solar lights are best for parties where you need to illuminate your whole property without spending too much on your electricity bill. Just like the 40CM Outdoor FullMoon LED RGB Ball Light Solar & AC Charging IP65. We will discuss this fixture even better below this article but for now, let us talk about its efficiency. This solar light is a party-favorite piece of lighting because, just like the beautiful moon that illuminates the world, this will bring radiance to your party with its brightly colored luminescence. So if you want to spend on something other than your electricity bill during your events, get this one instead. It allows you to enjoy 12 hours of illumination by just letting it outside for 12 to 15 hours to get enough energy from the sun. It even comes with fun colors, so you do not need to bring other lighting fixtures, such as a spotlight, to add colors to your night.


Solar Illumination for the Outdoors

Outdoor lighting has exploded in popularity in recent years. If you would like to cast light upon your home throughout the night, go for solar-powered fixtures. Modern solar lights now exude contemporary design to glam your outdoors while brightening your whole space for free. You can use solar energy, which is abundant in open places, to power solar LED. As a result, fully charged solar lamps, solar bulbs, and solar poles can last 10-12 hours such as the modern and classy 35CM Outdoor FullMoon LED RGB Ball Light Solar Charging IP65 that can last for up to 12 hours casting a refreshing shade of lights in 16 colors that you can maneuver using its remote control. This should be the perfect lighting when throwing a party since it can last for hours, producing gorgeous ample lighting all over your place to keep the fun rolling.

Fits All Your Needs

We should not limit the use of solar fixtures. There are now countless designs available in the market and online that you can place not only outside your home but also in your dining setting, such as the romantic CUBOID IP65 Outdoor RGB LED Party Light AC Charging with Remote Control. It is a delicate piece to break the ice at night with its classy look and a relaxing vibe from its soft light. This modern fixture can accompany you whenever you want to set a romantic or fancy date at home. Or, if you would like to change the color of your night, let’s say, turn it to a more intimate color, you can alter the tone using its remote control to adjust the gleam just how you want it.

Light Saver

There are unexpected instances where electricity can fail us. When this happens, you can light a match or a candle to shed some illumination, but it will not give you enough brightness that solar-powered lights can provide. So when the grid fails or the power cuts, you will not fumble in the dark thanks to this genius lighting. Even when the power cuts while having a sumptuous dinner, the adorable Portable LED Ball Decorative Light Party Lights, AC Charging 16 RGB Color Changing 26CM will escort you. Make you feel as if you only have a fine dining experience at your place, with its warmth and radiance glowing smoothly around your dinner table. As the name suggests, you can even carry this light after your meal in your room since it is portable and versatile. An adorable bedside lampshade, perhaps.

If you do not like the moon vibe and want to be edgier, you can also try the Portable LED Cube Decorative Light, Party Lights, AC Charging, 16 RGM Color Changing 26CM fixture. It is almost identical to the first solar light, but this one has more crisp lines and symmetrical features.

100% Incredibly Safe

Modern solar lighting fixtures are not attached to any external wiring, making them extra safe. Apart from relieving you from pesky wires and cords, you do not need to worry about being strangled or tripping on wires, especially if you live with your kids or pets at home. We should also note that most 7Pandas solar-powered lights are worthy of praise since they are waterproof and shockproof. These features allow you to add these fixtures anywhere around your property, whether near the poolside or patio; no one will likely get electrocuted or cause an emergency since they are perfectly safe. But wait, there is more! The crowning stroke of these fixtures is that they do not constitute overheating. You can leave them shining all night long without the threat of fire caused by overheating. Indeed, everything is cool, even under the sun.

Protection at Night

Solar security and path lights keep the bad guys away at night. If people would like to enter your home, you will visibly see them instantly or your neighbors because of these lighting fixtures. These are cordless fixtures that unwanted guests can not just unplug to dim your area. Having solar lights scattered around your property will help you see your surroundings, even if it is pitch black outside. This is the kind of protection where you do not need to pay to feel secure at night.


Consider the Following Factors When Purchasing Solar Powered Garden Lights:

Considering getting your very first solar street and graden lights? Here are some things to think about while selecting the best solar outdoor lights:  

1. What is the difference between HID and LED lights?

High Intensity Discharge or HID is a form of gas-discharge light and the oldest type of electrical light. These are the types of lighting used over large areas that require immense illumination. Traditionally, people use high-intensity discharge (HID) lights to illuminate most roadways. The most popular HID metal halide lamps have an arc tube (burner), an outer envelope (bulb), and a gas. The ballast provides voltage to the ceramic or quartz arc tube, ionising the gas (typically argon, mercury, or metal halide salts). Materials in the arc tube evaporate as the temperature and pressure inside the bulb rise, generating light and UV radiation. These lights are incredibly bright, but they must be replaced every few years and waste energy usage. These are not realistic solar alternatives. Comparing the two in terms of their longevity, LEDs have an extremely long lifespan that can last up to 100,000 hours or more compared to a typical HID bulb that can only last 10,000 to a maximum of 25,000 hours lighting. In addition, although the two displays cosmic lighting, LEDs are slightly brighter and do not emit glare as some HID light releases.


2. Lighting Effectiveness

Lumens per watt (lm/w) is a unit of measurement for lighting efficacy. This grade is significant since it indicates the amount of light produced versus the amount of energy consumed. The supplied power (watts) divides the total light output (lumens). Solar lights with a high brightness output are not always the greatest, and you should consider how well the luminaire focuses its light.


3. Levels of Illumination

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES - An International Standard) provides suggested light levels for various lighting applications that you might look into to understand more about it. Manufacturers give the recommended levels in foot-candles (FC), the standard unit for measuring light falling on surfaces. You can use a handheld light detector to obtain measurements. Manufacturers consider a 4:1 (bright/dark) ratio a decent minimum between the brightest and darkest areas, while a 3:1 ratio is preferable. 

Foot-candles are more critical than lumens since they indicate how much light reaches the ground for street lights. Colour temperature, which professionals measure in degrees kelvin, is also something you should consider.


4. Storage via Solar and Batteries

Do you wonder how the solar garden lights work? The solar ball light absorbs sunlight through photovoltaic cells, stores it in a battery, and then power your lighting needs. Look for a solar panel and battery system with a high milliampere-hour (mAh) capacity and long battery life. While looking at the luminaire energy draw, check the solar panel to battery ratio. Ascertain that the board can charge the battery and have adequate capacity to power the light for several hours. For example, we have the 30 CM Outdoor FullMoon RGB LED Ball Light Solar Charging IP65. This is an exceptional Luna-inspired ball of light that produces 16 different colors that you can operate using its remote control. You can fully charge this light for 12 to 15 hours under the sun or use a plug to set it for 5 hours, and you will enjoy up to 12 hours of lighting. To save from excessive electricity, place it in your backyard or garden to receive a direct hit from the sunlight to recharge its batteries. Let it stay outdoors as it is built-to-last and UV resistant, so the sun's scorching heat will not damage it.


Available Products

7Pandas Lighting & Home Appliance Store sells the best-selling LED Full Moon Solar Garden Light. Keep checking back to see if we have added any new outdoor solar lights to our selection. Our Full Moon and Cube LED Outdoor Solar Light is available in 16 RGB colours, and you may use it in various modes. The ideal solution for outdoor party lighting or garden décor to add to the ambience in the evening. These lovely and long-lasting LED lights will brighten up your garden, front yard, and backyards. The products available are:


40CM OUTDOOR FULLMOON LED RGB Ball Light Solar & AC Charging IP65



You can give the perfect atmosphere in your garden with this exciting lighter ball. The LED RGB ball light is water and weather resistant and is the ideal garden decor you need to use. It also comes with a remote control that you can use to eliminate the property from anywhere in your house. By adding the school lights, you will also add a special touch to your décor, which is likely to get much attention. It is UV resistant and will fit inside any tree trunk or hang from ribbons. Overall, this is the perfect solar lighting that you require for your garden.  


EGG Outdoor LED RGB Solar Ball Light Solar & AC Charging with Remote Control IP65, and many more:



This LED Solar Light is the perfect solution when looking for durable and reliable sources of illumination. It is a sturdy and colourful egg that will provide bright colours for more than 12 hours if fully charged. It is waterproof as well as shockproof, and hence there is not much to trouble you. You can use it anywhere, from camping sites to porch sites. It will also have a positive impact on the power bill as this does not require constant replacement. It comes with remote control and a charger as well as a light sensor to detect the day lights and controls the light switches. That is perfect for your garden and will add the aesthetic that is missing from your décor.



Hence, with the help of the above considerations and the variety of products available, you can select the perfect outdoor solar lights in Australia for your use, and, indeed, you will not regret the purchase made. Solar lights are a significant long-term investment. They allow us to save money from electricity while conserving the environment by limiting greenhouse gasses and carbon footprints. Solar powered garden lights will also help us sleep soundly at night, knowing our property is properly illuminated. Plus, our family is safe from wires and even the threat of fire. Given all the benefits they provide, they are definitely worth the price you pay. But, unfortunately, some people choose to be blind to these facts simply because they feel that the cost of these lighting fixtures is out of their league. However, at 7Pandas we believe that great lighting should not be expensive. So, do not hesitate to check out 7Pandas for affordable yet elegant solar light fixtures. We offer magnificent and highly reliable lighting fixtures that suit the budget. These are the ideal product that will help in adding the perfect aesthetic to your garden.


[Last updated on February 20, 2023]

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