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Why Choose Solar Lighting For Outdoor?

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Have you ever considered your garden and thought, "What am I missing?". Of course, the flowers are blooming, the vines are growing, the lawn is green, and your outdoor sofas are clean and fresh, but still, something needs to be fixed. Something needs to be added. But what is it? Lights.  

If you think lights are only made for your interiors, try putting one on your patio or garden and see how things will elevate. Lights uplift the beauty of your garden at night by ensuring it shares illumination across the place by emphasizing all the elements in your backyard, such as the florets. Unfortunately, some homeowners shrugged off getting light fixtures for the yard to stick with their budget. Instead, they only put up lights during formal events at home. But, unbeknownst to many, there is a way to glam up the garden without hurting the pocket by putting fixtures in the form of solar lights.

Outdoor solar lights are the newest apple of the eye for owners dreaming of transforming their outdoors by prepending enigmatic lighting fixtures in their exteriors. These lights are prominent for their practical usage, but the best outdoor solar lights are designed with myriad benefits that we are yet to discover. So if you are considering getting one for your home, you are on the right track, for we are about to unravel all the advantages coupled with solar fixtures. So here is a fair warning, bank on saving tons of money from zero electric bills, and your home will get a phenomenal revamping.


Everything You Need To Know About Solar Lights

There might be many questions going around your mind right now. So with that, we have rolled down all the essential things you need to know about outdoor solar lights before deciding to get one for your home:

System Behind Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights have a different lighting system. It uses solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity and store it in batteries at night or whenever illumination is needed. In addition, some are equipped with solar panels with a photovoltaic effect that turns light into electric current.


Solar Lights Can Stay Up All Night

Most solar garden lights can stay up all night. Still, this depends on the brand you will be getting. If you get one from an unreliable source, this can be tricky. It is always best to rely on trusted brands such as 7Pandas to ensure you can use your outdoor solar lights throughout the night.


They Are Controllable

Some outdoor garden lights emit intense illumination that you can adjust depending on your preference. That comes in handy when you are having an event at night which requires robust lighting. These fixtures are built with a remote control setup that also features a set of hues to match the tone of your night or to light up your dull parties with its festive shade of colours.


They Last For Years

Solar fixtures tend to last longer compared to regular lighting. Their updated systems allow them to last for years. For instance, solar panels can last up to 20 years, while five to seven years for the batteries. However, this pivots on the brand and proper maintenance.


Solar Lights Are Water And Shock Proof

Again, this solely relies on the brand. Solar lights took their weather-proof gaming to the next level by being able to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain. So yes, solar lights are waterproof, while some are even shockproof such as the ones from 7Pandas. These features allow homeowners to place their lights near pools without hesitation.


No More Pesky Wires To Ruin Your Garden

How annoying is it to see wires scattered around your garden? With solar lights, you do not need to sore your eyes from electrical wiring as solar lights can be installed pitched to the ground without prepending wires to your nearest electrical port. Aside from the safety measures it brings, you can move freely during events without feeling like you are walking on eggshells due to the wiring, and to top the cake, no vexing cables to ruin your garden setup.




Benefits Of Using Solar Lights

Solar lights do not only sculpt the look of your exteriors but also offer vast benefits that we should know about:

1. Solar Lights Are Environment-Friendly

No better illumination can top solar lighting for being environmentally friendly. It charges its power through the sun and offers unparalleled gleams without emitting greenhouse gases. Its eco-reliable feature reduces the expansion of our carbon footprint, improving our air quality.


2. It Comes From Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a form of energy derived from natural sources, such as sunlight and wind. Using renewable energy lessens the effect of global warming and even improves public health. For example, since solar lights harness their power from the sun, it can be deduced that it is a renewable form of light and energy providing affordable electricity.


3. A Good Way To Save Money

Investing in solar lights outdoors is a great way to save money. It can provide illumination without relying on electricity. Thus, you can save tons of money by reducing your electricity consumption daily. Think about installing light fixtures for your outdoors and having them working overnight daily; it will cost you a lot. Make sure your investments, such as solar light fixtures, are worth your hard-earned money and will benefit you more than you pay.


4. Handiest Light Fixtures

Aside from being eco-friendly, solar fixtures are also known for their mobility. You can place them anywhere since they are not attached to electrical wirings; unlike other luminaires that need to be plugged in near a port, it does not limit your aesthetic need. Do you want a light under your vines? Or around the pathway? Voila! Solar lights got your design needs covered.


5. Great Protection At Night

A well-lit home keeps terrible guys away. Keep your outdoors bright by adding solar lights all around your place. Suppose some unknown visitors try to sneak in. In that case, you will visibly see them, and they will not be able to easily unplug your lights, knowing that these fixtures are cordless and usually maneuver using a remote control.


6. Safer Alternative Compared To Other Lightings

When choosing a light for your outdoors, solar illuminations are top-tier in terms of safety and protection. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your backyard is safe from overheating or wiring malfunctions caused by conventional lights made from poor installation. Thanks to the genius mind behind solar lights, they are unsusceptible to faulty issues.


7. Revamp Your Exterior

Not only are they a reliable source of fluorescent, but they are also an equally attractive paving way to paramount beautification in your garden. There is no such thing as a dull light with solar lights. On the contrary, some exude sheer beauty with their geometrical figure shapes with various colours changing every minute.


8. Low Maintenance Needed

If regular lights need to be polished at least every three months with the help of cleaning, it is the other way around for solar lights. You can clean them whenever you feel like it, or they look untidy. For their batteries, it will take you years before you need to change them.


9. They Are Cheap

That may sound controversial, but solar illuminations are cheaper in the long run than other fixtures widely available. Although some are indeed tagged with high-priced, stores now offer more affordable options such as 7Pandas but made with high-quality engineering and materials. Furthermore, even if you get an expensive solar light, you can still profit by saving money from exorbitant monthly electric bills.


Tips When Choosing Outdoor Solar Lights

Ready to choose your first solar lights? Here are some tips to guide you in your shopping:

1. Reason For Buying

Plan what kind of solar fixture you will need. Look for those with motion sensors to fix outside your home for security and safety. While for significant garden remodelling, a 40CM Outdoor Fullmoon LED RGB Ball Light Solar & AC Charging IP65 is ideal. Knowing that each design leads to different uses and functions is crucial.


2. Illumination And Charging Duration

Check the specification of the fixtures you are planning to get. Go for solar lights that run overnight or about 12 hours long with one charging. These solar lights last longer and take years before changing the batteries.


3. Solar Light Features And Accessories

Solar light is good, but fixtures with extra features are the best. They are set apart from monotonous lighting and intelligent enough to tone with the latest trends for modern luminescence. Some solar luminaires are manual and automated, easier to navigate, and set up for outdoor uses. Meanwhile, colour-changing solar lights are best for occasions as they throw festive vibes and allow you to save money on flamboyant party decorations.


How To Care For Your Solar Lights?

Whilst solar lights are low-maintenance, it does not mean we do not need to give them some care. The saying The more you care for your things, the longer they last applies to solar fixtures as well. Although we do not need to clean them occasionally, wipe them with a clean cloth whenever they become dirty. Since outdoor fixtures are prone to mud and moulds during the rainy season, always check your lights after the rain and avoid the dirt getting stuck with them as it can wreck the wirings inside the lamp. Or, if you want to save your energy from cleaning, store your solar lights inside your home or somewhere safe before the rain starts. Doing these will preserve your fixtures and illuminate your home for years.


Best Solar Lights For Home

35CM Outdoor Full Moon LED RGB Ball Light Solar Charging IP65


35CM OUTDOOR FULLMOON LED RGB Ball Light Solar Charging IP65


One of 7Pandas' best-selling solar lights, a captivating piece to bring the colours back to your garden. It is the perfect size for the outdoor fixture that can turn heads around your exterior with its bewitching beauty derived from the charm of the full moon. So if you already have a middling pool around your garden, turn it into a luxury holiday theme with this terrific illumination that embodies all the characteristics you should look for in a solar light.


Cylinder LED Outdoor Decorative Light RGB AC Charging With Remote Control IP65


CYLINDER LED Outdoor Decorative Light RGB AC Charging with Remote Control IP65


Would you like to set up a romantic feast in your garden? Then, this solar light is the one you need. It brings the A game to your dining experience, proven and tested to last for years. In addition, it is entirely water and shockproof, so you will dine at ease, even with giddy kids, without worrying about juice or wine spills.


EGG Outdoor Garden LED RGB Solar Ball Light Solar Charging IP65


EGG Outdoor Garden LED RGB Solar Ball Light Solar charging IP65


Something out of the ordinary? Switch to this peculiar solar fixture that is perfect for Easter parties and year-round. It is an unconventional colour-changing light yet draws a jaw-dropping phenomenal look with its enthralling boost of lights. It only takes a few hours to charge under the sun to illuminate your night for 12 hours.



If you are looking for ways to illuminate your outdoor spaces, using solar lights is the best choice you can make. It provides round-the-clock security at night without hurting your savings with expensive electricity bills. They even come with stunning designs and are a match made in heaven for those dealing with busy schedules daily since they are undemanding to care for.  

However, we should also keep in our notes to get solar lights only from reliable stores like 7Pandas to ensure they are safe and long-lasting. This store has long been known for providing quality lights to every home at the most affordable prices. So if you need help with your indoor or outdoor lights, do not think twice about visiting 7Pandas.

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