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Tips and Tricks on Planning An Outdoor Party

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We all love a good outdoor party -- I mean, who doesn’t? 

When you decide to plan an outdoor party, consider having it outdoors! It is always fun to be out in the open air, especially during summer days, and just enjoy the company. Good food, good weather, and an ideal decor set will surely make things work. 

When you think of the location, it doesn’t necessarily need fancy settings or expensive decors to make it work. What’s important is keeping it simple and fun -- all you need is a good company, some food, and great decor that can often be on the inexpensive side! With a nicely setup area, you will surely bring out the best in your guests! 

Let us guide you through some simple tips and tricks on planning an outdoor party: 

Gather a List 

What’s a party without its people! In order to start planning an outdoor party, you should make a list (of your guests and what you need to do in order to achieve the perfect party of yours!) 

Your list should most likely include the following: 

  • Guest List
  • Grocery/ Shopping List
  • Tasks you should get done before the big day 
  • Music 
  • Games

… and anything else needed to make your party come alive! 

Shade and Lighting 

If you choose to host the party during the day, one important consideration is having tents or some shades because it can get very sunny! In this case, your guests might be too busy sweating to enjoy the party! Perhaps, you can also invest in outdoor fans to ensure proper ventilation. 

In most cases, if you choose to have an outdoor party during the evening, lighting can make a huge difference. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bright as long as your guests can see clearly to make careful, considered moves. 

One good balance between bright and fun would be our Solar Garden Lights that comes in 16 RGB colors and modes. Not only is it incredibly fun and colorful, it can certainly bring about a fresh, new twist to your party! It can actively set the mood for a good party time. 

This LED light-up glow decorative ball is also cordless, waterproof, and shockproof, so if you have a pool, you do not have to worry! Place it however and wherever you like to give it an instant glow!

Moreover, the solar graden lights also comes with: 

  • Remote control for easy switches in settings in the room.
  • Set the light to one color and let it switch automatically for a nice surprise! 

There are more other things you should also consider when choosing solar garden lights. There is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in some LED-lights that can be used in different settings even on a normal day! 


Decor is important to set the tone and theme of the party -- think of a theme that will surprise your guest as well as bring light to the party! 

We suggest you go all out with decorations as it can truly spice up the environment. The location is certainly not the most important element, but rather the different decorations you pull together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors -- all is good! 

Menu Considerations 

Planning a menu doesn’t have to be extremely fancy, or a daunting task, even. It can be fun! Offer a variety of dishes with a range of dietary option just so everyone can have a fair share. 


Planning an outdoor party might seem like a daunting task, but it certainly does not have to be! You can have fun while setting this whole outdoor party! Hopefully our simple tips and tricks help you organize your party a little clearer and this can give you a better picture of an ideal outdoor party setting. 

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