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A Beginner's Guide To Coffee Grinders

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Coffee beans you grind freshly before brewing them provide a completely different taste and aroma than pre-ground coffee. Coffee is a great beverage you can drink at any time of the day to feel active and stress-free. However, freshly ground coffee adds to the freshness and gives you a unique taste that can improve your day. 

If you are a coffee specialist, you must be aware of coffee grinders. Various types of coffee grinders are available in the market, depending on the quality and the kind of coffee you consume. However, the information might overwhelm you if you are new in the market. Hence, this blog here will help you achieve proper knowledge regarding coffee grinder machines.


What is a Coffee Grinder Machine?

A coffee grinder machine is a device that can grind whole coffee beans into ground coffee. Depending on the coffee you will consume, you can grind them as per your suitable size. You can manually operate the device, but an automatic coffee machine with grinder is also available on the market. Both provide the same function; however, using the latter is more convenient. 

The best automatic coffee machine with grinder is a vital device since it helps extract the taste and aroma of the coffee from the beans, allowing you to brew high-quality coffee with a fantastic taste. In addition, using a grinder prevents your coffee ground's exposure to air and moisture; hence, the coffee's original bittersweet taste and refreshing aroma remain.


Electric Coffee Grinder Machine 200w Spice Grinder With Stainless Steel Blade Detachable Grinding Cup


Types of Coffee Grinders

The technology is constantly evolving; hence, different types of grinders coffee machine offer unique features. Therefore, check out the factors you should consider when buying a good coffee grinder. Two of the most common and best coffee grinders Australia include:

* Blade Grinders

Individuals who are new to the world of coffee will find blend grinders suitable. These grinders are highly convenient for use and affordable compared to the other types. However, these do not come under the classification of being the best automatic coffee machine with grinders since they offer poor-quality coffee. In addition, you cannot adjust the ground size, and the heat is also high. Therefore, blade grinders are not among the desired coffee grinders in the market.


* Burr Grinders

The burr grinders are among the most popular coffee grinders and can be identified as the best coffee grinder in Australia. They are expensive compared to the blend grinders but are far superior. You get the benefit of controlling your ground size, and the factor of excess heating is also not available. Professionals also recognise these best automatic coffee machine with grinder as hand grinders, consisting of two moving burrs between which the beans are crushed and grounded. Two types of burr grinders exist conical and flat burr grinders.


* Electric Grinder

Electric grinders refer to the automatic coffee machine with grinder. They are ideal during those times when you are in a hurry. However, an electric grinder can be expensive due to its variant features and fast grinding. So, it is best to make a hefty investment if you are interested in buying an electric coffee grinder since it will help you purchase the best.


Differences Between Blade and Burr Grinders

The difference between the grinders depends on the desires of the consumers. For example, if you want an affordable and easy-to-use grinder, then a blade grinder is the best option. On the other hand, if your selection is a high-quality grinder that offers unique features and grinds high-quality coffee as per your taste, then choosing the burr grinder is the correct decision. Therefore, there are certain factors based on which professionals differentiate the grinders:

Point of difference 

Blade grinders 

Burr grinders 

Grinding size and taste 

The coffee beans grounded in a blade grinder are consistently less. Their taste is also affected since the coffee grounds are of different sizes.

The coffee bean grounds are consistent and retain the taste and aroma of fresh coffee. The ground particles are of even size, and hence the taste is not affected. 

Heat and Convenience 

Blade grinders use excessive heat for grinding, which might affect the taste of coffee. However, they are easier to use and hence are convenient for beginners. 

Burr grinders do not use excess heat for the grinding process. Instead, they utilise a minimum amount of heat and are more suitable. However, learning how to use them can be slightly inconvenient. 

Affordability and Durability 

They are pretty affordable but less durable comparatively. 

These grinders are comparatively expensive but provide long-term durability. 

Speed and Control 

The speed of grinding is fast, but it lacks control. Controlling or adjusting the grinding size is also not possible. 

They are slow at grinding the beans, which is a good sign. You can also control the size of the bean particles as per your preference.


Available Products

12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Machine with Auto-Grinding

12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Machine With Auto-Grinding


It refers to a conical burr coffee machine with a grinder that provides two to twelve cups of coffee. You can adjust the strength and thickness of the coffee and use the warm auto function to keep your coffee warm even after the brewing.


Electric Burr Best Coffee Grinder Australia 31 Precise Grinding Levels with Anti-Static Ground Container LCD

Electric Burr Best Coffee Grinder Australia 31 Precise Grinding Levels with Anti-Static Ground Container LCD display


It is the best automatic coffee machine with grinder that has a 240V/50Hz 165W motor. With this machine, you can easily make 10 cups of coffee within seconds. It has a 275 grams bean holder and can store up to 100 grams of coffee in its jug.

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