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ALVA 16-Light Circular Wagon Wheel Chandelier Bronze E14 Farmhouse Light


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  • W/O BULB
  • W/T6 Edison 25W
SKU: A0570035

ALVA 16-Light Circular Wagon Wheel Chandelier Bronze E14 Farmhouse Light


Bring a touch of intimate glitz and glamour to your lighting with the ALVA 16-Light Antique Wagon Wheel Chandelier. With sixteen candelabra bulbs, you'll never again have to worry about replacing light bulbs. Each socket accommodates an E14 base bulb for energy efficiency, thanks to our adjustable rods that are also great for optimal viewing. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, dining room ceilings, or any other place in need of the graceful warmth of candlelight without the hassle. This stunning chandelier features a vintage-chic design that will elevate any room, no matter the decor style. Manufacturers designed the sleek E14 bulbs to act as perfect conversation starters by casting tasteful light with an elegant ambience. Place this stunning piece in your dining room or sitting area for hours of enjoyment!

The ALVA Chandelier offers an old-world style with a modern aesthetic. It comes in a beautiful bronze wagon wheel and can be mounted on any ceiling. The sixteen candelabra-style lights provide ample illumination, up to 20W bulbs. This farmhouse chandelier is designed for versatility, able to be adjusted to fit any room with its customisable rod length and dimmer switch. If you want to transform the way your room looks and add some style to it, there is no perfect product other than the ALVA-16 Light Antique chandelier. With many features in this luxury product, we can assure you that you will not be able to find a more beautiful ceiling light elsewhere.

The ALVA chandelier is a minimalist take on the classic candle-lit wagon wheel with its sleek metal body and oblong lights. Delicate details accent this clean design, with small hooks extruded from the centerpiece and gold underlines embellishing its black body. Owning this beautiful antique light is like being on olden times road at night with moonlight illuminating the surroundings. ALVA 16-Light Antique Wagon Wheel Chandelier Bronze E14 Farmhouse Light. You'll adore features like 16 candelabra bulbs and an adjustable rod that can accommodate all types of fixtures.


Watch on Youtube:  ALVA 16-Light Circular Wagon Wheel Chandelier Bronze E14 Farmhouse Light



Summary of Specifications:

  • Hand-forged and bent angle-iron ring, edged by upraised bulbs
  • Sheet metal wraps the sockets
  • Cast ceiling plate has a textured finish
  • Rated for sixteen 25W max. E14 candelabra bulbs
  • Tube bulbs not included
  • If brighter light is preferred, consider an LED bulb with a higher lumen output. 
  • Dimmer switch compatible
  • Can be mounted on a vaulted ceiling
  • Rods included; optional extension rod (sold separately) adds length to fixture
  • 220-240V manufactured to AU standards for AU markets
  • Certified to Dry SAA electrical standard: suitable for use indoors in dry locations not directly exposed to excessive moisture and water
  • Hardwire
  • Requires installation by a licensed electrician. 
  • Wipe with a soft, dry cloth; avoid the use of all cleaners and abrasives, as they will damage the finish



    • Chandelier Body: Diameter: 127 cm; Height: 75.7 cm
    • Minimum Height: 88.4 cm
    • Maximum Height: 261.1 cm
    • Canopy: L 13.3 cm, H 3.8 cm
    • Rods: one 10 cm, one 20 cm, one 30 cm, two 60 cm
    • Weight: 9.0 kgs.


    Durability At Its Peak

    The thing with modern contemporary chandelier lights on the market, from many brands, is that they didn't build them to last. Although these chandeliers look good, they will most probably break when interacted with after a few months of hanging. Their durability is inferior, which begs the question, are there any actual crystal chandeliers out there that will get the job done. 


    That is where the ALVA 16-Light chandeliers enter. If you are looking for something with style and looks stunning, this will suit your requirements. There is nothing on the market that looks just as good. The mix of a modern design with an antique flair gives it a unique look. The durability of this product is spotted. 


    Did we opt for solid metal construction because why not? Instead of the commonly used brass, this one is more durable than it can ever be. Users can use it for years, and it will look just as good. Whether you have it cleaned every month or keep it as is, you can rest assured that the construction of this chandelier is truly out of the world. 


    We have used a total of four light fixtures, which allow our contemporary chandeliers to retain their stability at all times. If there is an air source in the room where a user installs them, they will not sway. A lot will compromise the durability without these light fixtures. So, they are a compulsory installation part.


    Comparison with Other Lighting Options

    As this chandelier light uses sixteen bulbs, nothing can come close to the level of brightness it provides. Whether it be floor lamps or any lamps, for that matter, they will not be able to match the luminance nor the stunning design. 


    There are other things that one must take into account too. Floor lamps can take up a lot of space, especially those that need to light up a whole room. Well, a product that hangs from the ceiling is alleviating that issue. You not only have more space for your furniture but there will be less congestion too. That is something one must consider before deciding to shop for a lighting product. You also don't need to worry about placement because manufacturers designed this chandelier to go in the middle only. All you need to do is accurately measure the centre between the walls, and you are good to go. 


    Let's forget to buy chandeliers for a moment. If you decide to keep your ceiling to only ceiling fans, it will look empty and boring. No matter how much you decorate the room, whether a bedroom or a living room, the ceiling will alter the overall look. So, why not get one of the best crystal chandeliers on the market?


    Unmatched Luminance

    One common issue with chandelier lights is that there are usually too few on one. Even expensive crystal chandeliers have maximum support for eight to ten lights, which is relatively minor. That is not the case with this modern yet antique ALVA chandelier. A user can use it with a maximum of sixteen bulbs, which offerings from other brands cannot match. They add a lot to the style of the product and create a lot of light, which is more than enough to brighten up a dark room.


    Designed for All Room Sizes

    Do you love chandeliers but are afraid that they will not fit in the space you desire, such as the bedroom? This lighting product has another trick hidden up its sleeve. The rod length is entirely customizable. That is something you cannot find on other crystal chandeliers on the market. The rods have adjustable segments, which mean you can extend them as far as possible. So, whether your room is too large for the default lighting to spread across the range of the room, or it won't fit, you can adjust the size accordingly to suit your needs.


    Can be Attached with Accessories

    You read that right. There are a few other things that you can do with this lighting system. The main one that is extremely popular is compatibility with dimmer switches. You can control the brightness of the chandelier lights, allowing you to make them fuzzy or work at total luminance at all times. You can do all of this via a physical switch or remotely with a smartphone. You must note that you must buy dimmer switches separately, as they fall into the category of optional accessories.



    Like this product, and pretty much all chandeliers on our website, are relatively large. We are shipping them to you in a disassembled state. But don't worry! The assembly is pretty straightforward. When you are ready to get the product assembled, make sure that you are in a room with proper lighting to fit all parts together correctly. After you do that, all you need to do is attach the chandelier to the ceiling. 

    Did you know that you can use all of our chandeliers on vaulted ceilings, including this antique wagon one? So, if you were hesitant about ordering one, due to this reason, well, you can go ahead and place an order to make sure that your room gets the lighting it deserves.


    How To Make Chandeliers More Interesting?

    Now, that is not a feature but more of an idea of what you can do to make this ALVA chandelier more interesting. You can hang crystals and use other chandelier lights with different luminance, which will breathe some new life into it. The crystals can also work to reflect the light better, but the difference may not be noticeable. That is something many of you will appreciate once you grow tired of this design.


    Check Out More

    We, at 7Pandas, sell a whole range of different lighting equipment, all designed for indoor use. From simple lights to beautiful and complex chandeliers, both in crystal and glass configurations, all of which can be bought from our shop online. There is an assortment of glass lighting equipment too, which you will also love. 


    Alternatively, our shop is also available in a physical location, in Melbourne, located in the country of Australia. If you can visit us, then you can come at any time of the day. As a customer, we feel like we need to advise you in the best way possible. We recommend buying our chandeliers, and other products, from our shop online, because we always provide a special price for all of our customers. 


    Our lighting equipment is guaranteed to be of the highest quality available at the time. Across our entire range of products, you should take a look at the items we sell. For example, if you want lights that go with your chandelier, we have them available. You don't need to refer to other lighting stores to order them. We also offer them in packs, such as in 20, in which you save considerably more than when buying lights individually. 


    Refund Policy

    We, at 7Pandas, believe solely in customer satisfaction. Although we deal in lights and lighting equipment, there have been cases where customers need to return the product they bought. Well, we have a thirty-day money-back policy. Regardless of the lighting system you purchased, we will offer you your money back, no deductions, and no questions if it is in its original condition. 


    If the lights you receive are damaged, there must be proof that someone damaged them during transit. The same is the case with incorrect items we send, although that is highly unlikely. We take pride in our shipping procedures and our strict quality control. There is always a possibility that we might ship the wrong lights to you or oversized items, such as chandeliers or glass products, will be mishandled during shipping. That is why we will offer a replacement or a refund, depending on the product, its availability, and after confirming that someone caused the damage during shipping.

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