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Concrete Exterior Wall Light

If you are still wondering where to place wall lights, professionals and homeowners with a penchant for style and sophistication are now adding outdoor led wall lights to their exteriors for subtle illumination at night while adding accents to plain and dull walls.

A home with boring walls may look drab sometimes, especially for industrial-themed houses without proper illumination. These are the type of homes where adding pendant lighting may be tricky since it may not go with the house's overall look. Instead, adding wall lighting such as the LED Cement Exterior Rectangle Wall Light is ideal. This lighting fixture with a cement-like finish in warm white tone is suitable for spaces where you cannot hang a light, but the place needs a flare of coruscating glow. Design-wise, this fixture is adjustable so you can control the flow of light passing up and below its edges. It is graded IP65 and designed only for indoor and outdoor use.

Speaking of which, always keep in mind the style and material used in making the wall light you are planning to buy to know where you can rightfully place it. Fixtures such as the LED Cement Exterior Rectangle Wall Light are made for both indoor and outdoor use since the materials crafted in making this light fixture are designed to withstand any weather condition and corrosion, which is the common dilemma among outdoor lights. The LED Cement Exterior Rectangle Wall Light is similar to the LED Cement Exterior Cubic Wall Light. As the name suggests, this fixture resembles a cube and a minute version of the light mentioned earlier. A great addition to more intimate spaces and solemn walls. 

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