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WINER Modern Interior Designer Glass Wall Light E27

$89.99 – $209.99
Matt blackAged brassPolished chromeAntique brass

What is Interior Wall Lights?

Interior wall lights or wall sconces are a choice to create and transform a more energetic and inviting interior environment. The architect Le Corbusier was the first to use the term of wall light, and who first designed the "wall lights"—wide spaces between each row of apartments—in the 1920s. These indoor wall lights provide focused, wash or narrow beams of light that you can use to highlight the art or architectural elements, to add ambient atmosphere or illuminate an interior pathway with attractive hues resembling natural lighting. The wall sconces unique design provides extra illumination for a hallway, a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchens, laundry rooms and any other types of rooms. Interior wall lights come in a range of shapes and sizes, from minimalist linear models that add a splash of design in a domestic or commercial environment to models that cover surfaces with dazzling LED discs.


How do Interior Wall Lights work?

Interior wall lights use LEDs and tiny mirrors to reflect and spread light throughout your home. The small mirrors catch the light and then diffuse it into a softer glow that is pleasing to anyone's eyes. The wall lights can be installed every few feet across the length of any room in your house and dimmed separately.


Why should you get Wall Lighting?

Interior wall sconces are a terrific energy-saving way to light any asset or property, no matter how small or big is it. A user can use the wall sconces for residential buildings like houses, villas or apartments, commercial establishments like business offices, stores, retail spaces and more. You can put them in any interior wall or ceiling and mount them in ceiling fans or ceiling lamps. Their sturdy shape can be a source of inspiration, and their functionality and durability warrant their long-lasting life. Wall lighting sconces have a stylish and contemporary design that can quickly reflect the aesthetics of any space in any place. You can also use the wall lights with the proper IP rating in combination with other similar light fittings and styles to achieve continuity throughout any space. 


Lighting for Interior Design & Wall Lights Styles: Which Style Works Best?

With thousands of light fixtures to choose from, it's helpful to narrow down and filter your choices by selecting a design style. Which style works best in your home? Read on to find out.



Farmhouse wall lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. The most dominant materials are metal, wood, and glass. In true farmhouse style, the natural wood colour is preferred, but some variations would still work like orange or bronze in keeping with a rustic look. 


Modern Lighting

Versatile and enlivening, modern pendant lighting illuminates your space and provides a distinctive, unique style. Pendant lights are available in many shapes and sizes and a wide range of styles, from rustic pendants lights to sleek and modern. Pendant lighting is a great way to enhance the personality of any room. In general, these are the characteristics of general lighting: solid and neutral colours angled assemblage which often incorporates distinct right angles, intentional symmetry, with natural materials such as wood and stone.


Transitional Lights

Transitional fixtures are simple yet sophisticated, minimalist yet practical. Neutral colours are very commonly used, though wood (in light and dark washes) is also a hallmark of a transitional form. Use a few different neutral tones together to craft a beautifully transitional room. 



Classic light fittings with a timeless elegance that won't go out of fashion. It certainly does not mean old fashioned lighting; a better way to think of classic light fittings is that they will stand the test of time and not go out of fashion - simply the best lighting of its type. They all have a timeless elegance that is perfect for both traditional and modern interiors. 



Cottage lighting features antique finishes like white, iron, and wood. The goal is to combine charm, a hint of vintage, and eclectic wall light designs to create a cozy aesthetic. Embrace cottage chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and lamps to create the perfect look.



It is a design trend that celebrates the sturdy and straightforward aesthetic of old factories and industrial spaces. Lighting within these spaces was built using strong, unfinished, and long-lasting materials. By incorporating these incomplete elements into more intentional designs, the wall light style evolved into a look that is eye-catching and simple. While some fixtures can look edgy, industrial lighting pairs well with many other interior types, including modern, country and nautical. 

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