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Why use Bluetooth Earphones?

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With handy small earphone headsets that are cordless and enable hands-free answering and talking on the phone, Bluetooth technology makes mobile phones more functional. Bluetooth wireless technology has enabled the wireless communication of numerous electrical components, and it much outperforms infrared in terms of use and practicality. Bluetooth is a high-speed, low-power wireless communication technology that allows users to connect their phones or other portable devices with little to no effort. Moreover, Bluetooth technology, unlike infrared, does not require line of sight placement to work. Bluetooth is considerably distinct from other wireless technologies from a technical standpoint. It is the world's best wireless technique, even outperforming infrared. Bluetooth is indeed difficult to beat for on-the-go communication.


TWS Bluetooth Earphone - SkyPods Pro Headphone, White - Wireless Headphones


Benefits of Bluetooth headphones

* Bluetooth Devices are Wireless 

If you look around the rest of our site, you'll see that using wireless devices has a lot of advantages and benefits. Wireless technology improves safety by removing the clutter of cables and accompanying hazardous connections and provides a slew of other benefits. When travelling with your laptop, PDA, MP3 player, and other gadgets, for example, you no longer need to bring all of your connecting wires with you.


* Bluetooth Uses Inexpensive Technology

Companies can easily incorporate Bluetooth technology, resulting in decreased overall manufacturing costs. You can go through these cost savings as a customer. As a result, you will see a reasonable price difference in the Bluetooth gadgets.


* It is Automatic

You don't have to think about establishing a connection or pressing any buttons using Bluetooth. When two or more Bluetooth devices get within 30 feet of each other, they immediately start communicating without your intervention. In addition, Bluetooth devices will create Personal Area Networks, or Piconets, once the communication begins. The best aspect is that the devices handle the entire setup process, allowing you to focus on your work.


* Standardised Protocol = Interoperability

Because Bluetooth is a standardised wireless specification, there is a high level of device interoperability. You can use various profiles and define the same in the Bluetooth specification. Manufacturers designed each Bluetooth profile to dedicate to a single function. Therefore, when a Bluetooth equipped mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset (both with the same link) communicate, both devices will understand each other without the need for the user to do anything, even if the devices are of different models/makes.


* Low to No Interference

Bluetooth devices keep other wireless devices from interfering by a) Using the spread-spectrum frequency hopping approach and b) Wireless communications with low power.


* Less Energy is Consumed

Bluetooth uses low-power communications, as previously indicated. As a result, the technique consumes little energy, requiring less battery or electrical power. That is a significant advantage for mobile devices because Bluetooth does not deplete your gadget's battery life.


* Share Voice and Data

Compatible devices can share voice and data connections using the Bluetooth protocol. A Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, for example, is likely capable of sharing audio communications with a suitable Bluetooth headset. Still, the same cell phone may also be capable of establishing a GPRS connection to the Internet. The phone can then connect to a laptop through Bluetooth. As a result, the pc can surf the Internet and send and receive email.


* Instant Personal Area Network (PAN)

It forms a PAN or piconet by connecting up to seven compatible Bluetooth devices within 30 feet of one another. A single room can have many piconets set up automatically.


* Upgradeable

Bluetooth is a standard that you can upgrade. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has tasked a development group working on Bluetooth version 2, which contains various new features and is backwards compatible with previous versions.


* The Technology is Here to Stay

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that you can use all over the world. As a result, you can expect it to last for many years. Electronics makers will be increasingly eager to make their products Bluetooth compatible as more gadgets adopt the technology. A chain reaction is unavoidable, and one has already started.


Product Available

TWS Bluetooth Earphone - SkyPods Pro Headphone, White


TWS Bluetooth Earphone - SkyPods Pro Headphone, White - Wireless Headphones


For Android and iOS smartphones, Bluetooth earphones with HD sound deliver a genuine and realistic audio experience. In addition, it provides an immersive stereo experience with spectacular sound, detailed audio, and powerful bass.


* Untethered: Without wires, you can listen to your favourite music. Over a distance of up to 10 meters, enjoy wireless freedom. Bluetooth 5.0 offers signal transmission that is both quick and stable.

* Intuitive: The headphones only need to be connected to your phone once. Once you remove the headphones from the charging cradle, your device will immediately link with the SkyPods Pro.

Improved Touch Controls: To control your music or manage calls, tap the touch areas on the headphones. With the more sensitive touch controls, you can play, stop, answer calls, change songs, and even manage the volume. You don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket to accomplish this.

Mono mode: The SkyPods Pro may also be used as a hands-free system in the automobile, thanks to the microphone included inside the earbuds. When driving, only use one earpiece for safety reasons. That also saves the other earpiece's battery. 

Battery life: The small earbuds can provide up to 5 hours of continuous listening time when fully charged, depending on the volume. They may be recharged numerous times on the go with the convenient charging box. As a result, you'll have up to 14 hours of total playtime. 

Charging: As soon as you place the headphones in the charging box, they begin to charge wirelessly. The box's battery capacity is sufficient for around three complete charges. You can charge the case without the use of a cable. You set it on the charging pad of your wireless charger, and the charging process begins instantly, thanks to Qi charging technology. 

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