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Lighting It Right: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Decorative Table Lamp

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When decorating any home, the tiniest of details will make the most difference. While the style, colour and theme define the room, the lighting will set the tone. It will also create the mood of your choice. The lighting can completely change the room's vibe and transform it into a cosy and inviting hub. Table lamps Melbourne are full of charm and function very smartly. When used correctly, a table lamp can bring colour, a contrast to any room while also illuminating the same. However, for the table lamp to transform your space, you must consider many things before buying a light that suits your home. 

Finding the right location:

The first step is to determine where you want the table lamp to be situated. By doing so, you can estimate the exact height and distance from the chair next to it or the bed. Buying the light and then considering the measurements is not the best idea. It might work if you are lucky. However, the lamp would usually be too short, tall, or even bright for the room. A bedside lamp need not be as luminous as the one on the side table for the living room. Hence, the right spot for a suitable light is significant to consider before actually purchasing one.


Choosing a plan is trickier than expected. Space determines the height of the lamp that is picked it will sit in and the surroundings. For example, if the bedside table is tall, a shorter lamp will be needed and vice versa. The general idea is to choose a lamp where the bottom of the light is at eye level from where one is seated.

Style of the lamp: 

A table lamp has a style office on and off in the shade, which determines the lamp's overall appearance. However, the body of the light makes a huge difference. You can also choose to use the table lamp in a contrasting style which will help give the room a radiant look.

Colour of the lamp: 

Table lamps provide you with an opportunity to add colour to your space. There are sparkling copper lamps that give out an industrial vibe or lamps that are the golden colour that provides a metallic glitter available to help transform your space. 


The shade of the lamp and its size is also essential when selecting a table lamp. A table lamp should not be chosen based on the silent pattern; you have to consider the proportions of the shed and the ergonomics according to the lamp's body. The lampshade should have a diameter that is 2 inches less than the measurement of the body, and the drum shade is one of the safest choices out there. The illumination of the lamp will depend on the base of the shade. The narrower the base, the lesser will be the illuminated area.

Detailing of the Lamp: 

Table lamps usually change the shades quickly, while some may have spider fitting and others could have an unfitting or a clip-on. This is important to note before purchasing the lampshade. The bulbs also have various choices, and the majority prefer LED lighting as it helps cut down the power bill. However, not all table lamps necessarily support this switch; hence, it’s better to check out the details before purchasing.

Matching with the room: 

The table lamp chosen should blend with the style of the room and add to the other layers of lighting that are already existing. There are different types of lighting, such as recess lights, that help set a general mood. For highlighting specific architectural features, you can use accent lighting. To give it a unique look, you can mix two different tablelands to provide the room with visual symmetry. 

Best decorative lights online in Australia that will help you set the tone for your rooms.

Seabrook 1-Light Industry wood base E27 Copper Table Lamp:

table lamp will elevate the existing décor with the fantastic industrial look it gives to any room. Because of its look, you can spot it in any position throughout the house, and it will illuminate the space and make it look stylish. It comes with a flex and plug and is constructed with a wooden base.

EMIKO–Light contemporary Table Lamp Wood Base: 

This table lamp will help in bringing a lot of illumination to your space. It is a modern light fixture that is perfect for giving an industrial and airy vibe that will elevate the existing decor of your home. Moreover, it is constructed with high-quality timber and a white cloth shade filter and will work well in any setting. Furthermore, it has a sleek and clean design that will make and stand out in any room. It is best for indoor living as it has a two-meter-long cable that includes flex mounting that helps to secure the light. 

Full Moon LED Night Light, AC Charging: 

This LED wall is weather resistant and is excellent décor for outdoors, and will change the colour in whatever way you like. It has 12 hours of charge time and 16 colour options that you can choose from. It is perfect if you don’t need cables as it also operates on solar power. Get light can come into use for various occasions, including dinner, birthdays, and holidays, and it will also act as a security light in areas that lack rays. The full moon LED Bluetooth table lamp comes with a remote control that can help you control its properties from anywhere, making it a versatile product.


With the help of the above considerations and the variety of choices available, it will become easier for you to make the right choice when it comes to choosing a table lamp. By understanding which light will suit your face the best, you will not regret the decision that you make.


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